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Chris Chaplin, Customer Service and Logistics Director at Premier Foods - Novus (Supply Chain Talent)


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Chris Chaplin, Customer Service and Logistics Director at Premier Foods spoke at the SCL Event UK 2013

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Chris Chaplin, Customer Service and Logistics Director at Premier Foods - Novus (Supply Chain Talent)

  1. 1. SCLCeltic Manor7th February 2013
  2. 2. Agenda• Introduction to the Scheme• Why Business should get involved• Scheme Details• Q & A Session
  3. 3. Introductions to the Novus Trust• Andy Kaye – CEO, BiS Henderson• Chris Chaplin – Customer Service & Logistics Director, Grocery, Premier Foods• Chris Kingshott – MD, Manufacturing Division, Wincanton• Neil McConchie – MD, Lloyd Fraser• Paul Brooks – Sales & Marketing Director, Unipart Logistics, Chairman, Skills for Logistics• Steve Agg – CEO, Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport
  4. 4. Background• Why are we here?
  5. 5. Developments in the Industry• Logistics and Supply Chain is no Longer about Trucks and Sheds• Customer demand for more choice and better value is driving the globalisation of supply chain management• Retailers and manufacturers are competing in a market where product availability and time from order to delivery (as well as price) are a major factor in product choice• The growth of social media its transforming how we communicate both socially and at work……• Logistics and Supply Chain management has matured to become a sophisticated, intellectual and vibrant Industry underpinned by technologyTherefore…………………….• The skills, capabilities and intellectual capacities of managers within the Industry is having to develop to keep pace with the change
  6. 6. Attracting new Talent to the IndustrySome Themes•95% of the candidates we speak to say they got into the industry “By Accident”•There are limited obvious, structured entry points into the industry at any level•A recent (highly technical) survey conducted at a logistics event revealed less than2% of the attendees were under 40•The industry is still dominated by males (though this is changing)•There is clearly an issue in attracting bright young talent•We need to break the Trucks and Sheds image and market how the industry canprovide real exciting and progressive career opportunities to all
  7. 7. Our Vision• Increase the quantity and quality of graduate talent entering the Industry to bridge the future skills gap• Increase the profile of Logistics and Supply Chain as a real career of choice for the brightest and best• Create an Industry led “Centre of Excellence” for Logistics and Supply Chain development and learning in the UK• Create an alumni of Logistics and Supply Chain talent for the future
  8. 8. • Novus – The to 3 Universities capable of accommodating 300 A 4 year logistics degree hosted by up Blue Print students per year• Course content years 1 and 2 : Supply Chain management, finance, statistics, organisational structure and methods , sociology and psychology, transport network design , warehouse design, inventory management, Supply Chain IT, HR management• Industry relevant additional modules to supplement the course content e.g. Leadership, Project management, Inventory, e-commerce fulfilment• Industry Placement Year 3• Year 4 final year industry related thesis and final exams• Sponsored by industry with up to 50 companies paying a joining fee of £5000• Sponsoring companies to provide : mentors, summer work after the first year, Industrial placements in the 3rd year, case studies, project work, specific course content and a guaranteed graduate jobs at the end of the degree to those students achieving the agreed criteria
  9. 9. Where we are today?• Established a Steering Group• Selected the University of Huddersfield to host the Pilot course : Sept 2013• Set up a Charitable Trust with CILT to administer the Scheme• Agreed Branding and Communication strategy for formal launch• Agreed a Memorandum of Understanding document between the Trust and sponsors companies• Have 10 Companies signed up to the Scheme• Have significant expressions of interest from a further 20 companies
  10. 10. Benefits to Founder Sponsors• The opportunity to influence policy and the strategic direction of the initiative throughout the pilot and the initial review in June 2014• The chance to make your graduate intake process productive more quickly through better and earlier engagement with the graduate population and closer identification of potential talent• The opportunity to improve your graduate retention rate through mentoring and earlier engagement between your organisation and the graduate population and achieving “better fit”• The chance to input into the course content to ensure specific skills needs are addressed through the inclusion of specific course modules
  11. 11. Scheme Details• Graduate Selection Process• Working with the University to ensure that the Scheme is publicised to attract ‘the best of the best’• Ensure that the Scheme participants meet the ‘leadership’ criteria, as well as the ‘academic’ criteria• Make the selection process more aligned to industry, as well as academia• But we need help in defining what the member companies would like to see
  12. 12. Scheme Details• Course Materials• Supplement the academic curriculum• Case Studies – worked real industry examples, with support to aid the learning process – ‘Dragons Den’• Mentoring – taking responsibility to provide support and guidance to the undergraduate from not just a learning perspective, but from a career guidance and welfare• Specific course content – such as Leadership skills modules, master classes, industrial visits• Paid placements – not just the year 3 placements, but summer/winter vacation – great opportunity for the student But also for the member companies
  13. 13. • Scheme Details Qualifying Criteria• Min 2:1 excluding re-sits• Recommendation from Business mentor• Satisfactory sign off from Third year placement• Satisfactory sign off from personal academic tutor• Conditions• Flexibility in UK location• Position may be with any Sponsor company• NB:- This does not exclude any member company engaging a student who does not meet the qualifying criteria
  14. 14. Scheme Details• Creating the Alumni• The Vision is not about getting a graduate a first role – but about Logistics and Supply Chain careers• The Alumni is there to support the ongoing learning and growth of all Graduates of the Novus Trust
  15. 15. Trust and Governance Structure• Not for Profit organisation• Administered as a Charitable Trust through the CILT• Governed by a Board of Trustees – initially the Founding Members (ie You)• Major Responsibility • Publicising and Marketing the Novus Trust within the Industry • Monitor the University of Huddersfield performance • Monitoring the Sponsor Companies and ensure delivery of the Objectives & Vision • Establishing the scheme with additional educational establishments • Managing student welfare post Graduation • Administering the Alumni
  16. 16. MoU• Simple document/agreement• Protects the Trust and the member Companies
  17. 17. Q & A’s