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Scis Pta Membership Reminder For School Dist


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Scis Pta Membership Reminder For School Dist

  1. 1. Join the 2009-2010 Space Center Intermediate School PTA Membership Dues are $8.00 Per Person THANK YOU to over 300 people that have already joined the SCIS PTA! We appreciate your support! If you would still like to be a member of PTA, please use this form and join today! One of the many benefits of membership in the SCIS PTA includes staying informed by receiving the electronic newsletter, “SYNC UP WITH SPACE CENTER” via your email! Membership is open to parents, grandparents, neighbors, friends, and businesses. Anyone over age 14 can join! Full Names of Those Joining the PTA: Name:________________________________ Name: ________________________________ Address:______________________________ Address:______________________________ ____________________________________ ______________________________________ Email:________________________________ Email: ________________________________ [ ] Check if Life Member [ ] Check if Life Member Student(s) Name(s): 1. ____________________________________ 2.___________________________________ Grade: _________________________________ Grade:_______________________________ 4th Period Teacher: _______________________ 4th Period Teacher:_____________________ Dues: $8.00 per person Number joining: __________ Amount Paid: $ __________ Please make checks payable to SCIS PTA, place in envelope with this form, and return to your child’s 4th period teacher. THANK YOU!