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Scis january 2012 pta newsletter


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Scis january 2012 pta newsletter

  1. 1. CLEAR CREEK COMMUNITY COUNCIL OFOF PTAS CLEAR CREEK COMMUNITY COUNCIL PTAS SPACE CENTER INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL PTA SPACE CENTER INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL PTA 17400 17400 SATURN LANE, HOUSTON, TX 77058 SATURN LANE, HOUSTON, TX 77058 SYNC UP WITH SPACE CENTER Volume 21 Issue 5 January 2012 A Message from the PTA PresidentWelcome to 2012 Cardinals! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and are ready for a new semester atSCI. I know the PTA is ready to go so make sure you read through this newslettercarefully. We have a lot of exciting events in the works for both students and par-ents. OnThursday, January 12th at 6pm in the commons, the PTA will present "All IWish I had Known BEFORE my Child Went to High School." This is a wonderful Every child, one voiceprogram full of information for all SCI students and parents. We hope you are allable to join us that evening. Inside this issue: On January 13th, our Academic Recognition committee will oversee lunchoutside for all students who received all As and Bs on their past 9 weeks reportcard. Congratulations to those Cardinals on your wonderful grades and we hopeyou all enjoy having lunch outside with your friends! I would also like to mention that Adelaides Boutique will be sponsoring abenefit shopping day for the SCI PTA on February 24th. A flyer is enclosed in thisnewsletter. Please check it out and mark your calendars now. The more shopperswe get this day...the more the PTA can do for our students! PTA President / Principal 1 Thank you all for your continued support and I wish everyone a successfuland prosperous 2012. PTA News 2-4Kelli Bailey Band News 5-6 Cardinal Sports Page 7-14 A Message from the Principal Deadlines, Dates, 15 Come one, come all – SCIS Rachel’s Challenge Parent Event will beheld on 1/18/12 from 7:30-8:30 p.m., in the SCIS Commons! For more informa-tion please see www.rachelschallenge .org/. In order to minimize students having multiple tests on any given day, wewill test as follows for this 3rd 9-Weeks: Weekly View Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri English Soc Stud Science Science Math Math Electives English Electives Soc StudHappy 2012!Susan Carpenter
  2. 2. Page 2 Sync Up With Space Center SCIS PTA presents a program for parents and guardians of intermediate school students: “…Things I wish someone had told me BEFORE I sent my kid to high school…” Date: Thursday, January 12, 2012 Time: PTA Meeting starts at 6:00pm; Program begins around 6:30pm. Location: SCIS Commons Format: Panel discussion followed by ‘Q & A’ ses- sion. Panelists include high school administrators and parents of current high school students. Contact Maria Schoppa at for more information or for topics/concerns you would like to have included in this presen- tation.
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  9. 9. Page 9 Sync Up With Space Center The Cardinal Sports Page Space Center Boys Basketball Schedule 2011-2012 Date Location for 7th grade games Location for 8th grade games January 6-7 7A @ San Jacinto Tournament 8B @ San Jacinto Tournament January 6-7 7B District Tournament@ Brookside January 9th & 11th Bayside Space Center January 18th (Wednesday) Seabrook Space Center January 23rd & 25th Space Center BrooksideJanuary 30th & February 1st Clear Creek Space Center February 6th & 8th Space Center Victory Lakes February 9 & 11 8A District Tournament @ Creekside February 9 & 11 8B District Tournament @ Westbrook * 7th grade games are Monday and 8th grade games are Wednesday except where noted. Congratulations to 7A Boys Basketball for placing 2nd in District Tournament
  10. 10. Page 10 Sync Up With Space Center The Cardinal Sports Page Lady Cardinals Basketball Schedule 2011-2012 JANUARY 6 th & 7 th 7B @ Seabrook Intermediate (District) JANUARY 12th vs. Bayside 8th away 7th home JANUARY 13 TH & 14 TH 7B & 8B Space Center Intermediate JANUARY 19th vs. Seabrook 8th away 7th home JANUARY 20th & 21st 7A @ League City Intermediate (District) JANUARY 26th vs. Brookside 8th home 7th away FEBRUARY 2 nd vs. Clear Creek 8th away 7th home FEBRUARY 6 th vs. Victory Lakes 8th home 7th away FEBRUARY 9 th & 11th * 8A @ Bayside Intermediate (District) * 8B @ Clear Lake Intermediate (District) *B Team games begin at 5pm, and A Team games will follow. Cross Country 2012 Schedule January 17 BIS, SIS, SCIS, VLIS, CCIS January 24 BIS, CLIS, SCIS, WIS, SIS January 31 LCIS, SIS, SCIS, WIS, BSIS February 7 CIS, LCIS, SCIS, WIS, CCIS District CC Meet @ Walter Hall Park (4pm) February 14 hosted by SCIS and BIS and High School Coaches Boys and Girls race at the same time. Meet begins @ 4:45pm
  11. 11. Page 11 Sync Up With Space Center 2011-2012 Lady Cardinal Basketball Team 7th Grade Argue Belt Bruno Buchanan Dearmond Donnelly Grimmett Hanley Hartweck Holmes Kainer Mack Marshall Millar Moreno Osborne Paul Penley Scogin Silveira Tackaberry Vanderford Sweeney Wolken Team Managers Bezecny Denman Dorman Hunter Coaches Jennifer Walter Shannon Coppock
  12. 12. Page 12 Sync Up With Space Center 2012 Lady Cardinal Tennis Team 8th Grade 7th Grade Anna Baker Hannah Argue Bailey Breaux Lauren Bezecny Emily Bui Abbey Dorman Kari Bush Angela First Katherine Curtis Emily Forester Nadeen Gonna Heather Hammen Neha Grover Dana Lee Madelyn Schmidt Jennifer Mejia Kimberly Smith Sophia Moreno Kathryn Tanzberger Tracy Ortega Anna Schemerly Michelle Tackaberry Coach Jennifer Stevenson
  13. 13. Page 13 Sync Up With Space Center 2012 Intermediate Tennis Schedule Wednesday February 15th – 1st official practice BOYS GIRLS Thurs. March 1 BAY vs CC, LC vs SC BAY vs CC, LC vs SC Tues. March 6 LC vs WB, SC vs SB LC vs WB, SC vs SB Tues. March 20 WB vs BAY, BS vs VL, SC vs CC WB vs BAY, BS vs VL, SC vs CC Tues. March 27 CC vs LC vs VL, SC vs CL vs CS CC vs LC vs VL, SC vs CL vs CS Thurs. April 5 SB vs BAY vs LC, BS vs WB vs SC SB vs BAY vs LC, BS vs WB vs SC BOLD is the Home team and Underline team is the first team to play the home team for Tri-matches Monday April 9 th – Make-Up / Weather Day for Regular Season Thursday April 12 th and Friday April 13th – District Tournament Monday April 16th – Make-Up / Weather Day for District Tournament District matches will begin at 4:00pm on both Thursday and Friday.
  14. 14. Page 14 Sync Up With Space Center 2012 Intermediate Track Schedule Feb-16 1st OFFICIAL TRACK PRACTICE Date Schools Site Feb-29 (Boys) All boys for a relay only meet BIS SPRINGS (Girls) All girls for a relay only meet WIS CREEK March 7 (Boys) BIS, SIS, SCIS, CCIS, VLIS SPRINGS (Boys) CLIS, CIS, LCIS, WIS, BSIS FALLS (Girls) BSIS, SIS, SCIS, CCIS, VLIS CREEK (Girls) CLIS, CIS, LCIS, WIS, BIS LAKE March 21 (Boys) CIS, LCIS, SIS, VLIS, CCIS CREEK (Boys) BIS, CLIS, SCIS, WIS, BSIS FALLS (Girls) CIS, LCIS, SIS, VLIS, CCIS SPRINGS (Girls) BIS, CLIS, SCIS, WIS, BSIS BROOK March 28 (Boys) LCIS, CLIS, CIS, VLIS, CCIS SPRINGS (Boys) BIS, SIS, SCIS, WIS, BSIS LAKE (Girls) LCIS, BSIS, CIS, VLIS, CCIS CREEK (Girls) BIS, SIS, SCIS, WIS,CLIS FALLS April 4 (Boys) BIS, CLIS, CIS, VLIS, CCIS BROOK (Boys) LCIS, SIS, SCIS, WIS, BSIS LAKE (Girls) BIS, CLIS, CIS, VLIS, CCIS SPRINGS (Girls) LCIS, SIS, SCIS, WIS, BSIS FALLS Underline school host the meet Meets start at 4:45 pm District Meet will be April 16th, 18th, & 19th pending 24 5A Meet & 24 4A Meet District Pre -lims and Field Events. Girls @Brook, Boys @ Lake District Meet Finals @ Clear Brook April 16th field event finals, running prelims and 3200M finals. Top 8 running participants from April 16 th qualify to the District finals on the 18th . Host Schools for District Westbrook boys and Brookside girls programs will host district meet
  15. 15. Clear Creek Community Council of PTAS Future Newsletter Deadlines: Space Center Intermediate School PTA 17400 Saturn Lane, Houston, TX 77058 If you would like to submit an article for a future newsletter, please email the article Sync Up With Space Center to T.Q. Bui at NewsletterEdi- is published monthly by SCIS PTA. Here are the tentative deadlines: 2011— 2012 Editor: Tu-Quynh (T.Q.) Bui 1/29 for February Issue 2/26 for March Issue Be sure to visit our SCI PTA website Be sure to visit our SCI PTA website 3/31 for April Issue 4/29 for May for updates and information for updates and information 5/27 for End-of-School Issue throughout the school year! throughout the school year! Some Important Dates for the 2011-2012 School Year January Events: 3rd Theater Show (4:30-9:30pm) 2nd Winter Break 4th Solo & Ensemble Contests (4:30-9pm) 3rd Student Holiday/Teacher In-Service 7th Symphonic Band Recording Concert (7-8pm) 4th Begin of 3rd NW 8-11 Texas Music Educators Association convention 12th-13th Orchestra "I play for Ice Cream" tests and clinic in San Antonio (band directors). 14th Region Orchestra Clinic and Concert @ CFHS 10th Early Release Day 16th Student Holiday/Teacher In-Service 13th Ice Cream Float Party (4-5pm) 18th Rachels Challenge Parent Night in Commons 16th 7th/8th Band Solo & Ensemble Contest (4-9pm) 20th Orchestra’s Midnight Madness 18th Orchestra Barnes & Noble Performance & Book Fair February Events 20th Student Holiday/Teacher In-Service 2nd Coffee Talk with Dr. Smith in Library (8-9am) 24th Beginner Band Spring Mini Camp and Fun Activi- 2nd Band Ensemble Concert and Dinner (7th/8th ties (4-10:30pm) grade) - 6-8:30pm 28th Beginner Band Ensemble Contest (4:30-7:30pm) Best Wishes for a Happy Birthday go to…January: February: March: 1 – Melissa Maxwell; Bridget Rob- 3 – Carolyn Barksdale; Tom Erwin 2 – Donald McCandless inson 4 – Shanna Aranda; Patricia Swift 4 – Mayra Barnet 6 - Nancy Fiegel 8 – Lisa Hendricks 5 – Toni Longino10 – Lisa Hicks; Laura Ozinga 10 – Matt Walz 7 – Andrea Winters15 – Shalimar Rice 14 – Allison Hunter; Renda Pelton 17 – Roxanne Casas; Tessa Ross21 – Jim Pellowski; Tim Rogers 18 – Renelle Singleton 20 – Pam Grimes23 – Diane Busch 19 – Kirt Larsen 22 – Katherine Mays24 – Jennifer Kidwell 25 – Denise Hall 23 – Stephanie DeForke; Marsha27 – Shannon Coppock; Debra 27 – Bick Gibbs Johnson O’Hara 28 – Peggy Buse; Jennifer Forg; 25 – Rhonda Fish28 – Susan Elder Linda Lugo