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2014 6th grade course selection


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SCIS 5th Grade Parent Night

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2014 6th grade course selection

  1. 1. Space Center Intermediate School Sixth Grade Course Selection
  2. 2. COURSE REGISTRATION PROCESS To aid in the registration process each student will receive: Educational Planning Guide (EPG) and Course Registration Card
  3. 3. Course Registration Card
  4. 4. Course Registration Card
  5. 5. Class Requirements • • • • Language Arts Mathematics Science Social Studies • Health/Fitness or Leadership Development • Elective
  6. 6. Course Registration Card • Select level of coursework • Choose Math 6th Grade or Math 6th Grade PreAP • Choose one of the required Health Fitness Courses • Rank elective courses in order of preference
  7. 7. Health/Fitness REQUIRED FOR ALL SIXTH GRADE STUDENTS Choose one • ___ Girls Health/Fitness • ___ Boys Health/Fitness • ___ Leadership Dev. Corp (LDC)
  8. 8. PE Waivers • To maintain compliance with the Texas Education Code (19 TAC Chapter 74) and provide training opportunities for Olympic quality athletes, Clear Creek ISD offers students a waiver process for Off-Campus PE Programs. The belief behind this waiver program is to provide the opportunity to protect the academic success of an elite Olympic caliber athlete and to avoid possible injury in the regular PE class that may compromise his/her continued participation in their off-campus program. • Students interested in participating in alternate PE programs must apply each year for a PE waiver • PE Waiver applications are available online and due to the district office by April 25th 2014.
  9. 9. Schedule Change Requests After the first 10 school days, schedule change requests will only be considered for the following reasons: – Student has already taken and passed the course. – Student does not have the pre-requisite(s) for the class. – Student has been dismissed from a program where approval must be granted for placement. – Student does not have a full schedule. – Data entry error (class listed twice, free period, etc.) has occurred.
  10. 10. Level Changes Course level changes will be considered at the end of the first six weeks and at the end of the first nine weeks of each course. Level changes for full year courses are considered during the fall semester only. To be considered for a lower level class: – Parent Conference is required – Student must have attended tutorials – Completed homework assignments If these conditions are met, and the student is earning less than a grade of 75, that student will be considered for a change. Final approval will depend upon space availability in the regular class.
  11. 11. Parent and Student Signature acknowledges: • I would like my child to be placed in a PreAP classes and/or • I have read and understand the Pre-Advanced Placement Program Design (found on page 3 of the Intermediate Planning Guide given to the students with their course selection information) and/or • I have read and understand the Schedule Change and Course Level Change Procedures and/or • I understand that requesting to change one OMEGA/PreAP/GT course is equivalent to requesting the remaining program courses also be changed and/or • I understand that my student may be placed in a skills building class if the performance level on STAAR is not Satisfactory.
  12. 12. Verification of Classes • Verification of Classes will be sent to your current elementary school the week of March 24th. • Please check over the courses you have selected, make any corrections if needed, and sign the verification sheet. This is your last opportunity to make changes to the courses your child will take in 6th grade. • Schedules will be created to match requests as much as possible. • Courses selected and verified become binding May 2nd.
  13. 13. Due Date for Registration Forms Completed course registration forms are due to your current 5th grade teacher by Friday, February 14th . Students who do not turn in a card will have their courses selected by a counselor.
  14. 14. Space Center Intermediate We are so glad you are coming to SCIS! This presentation will be available on our Twitter site: