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SCHOLAR Conference 2011 - Showcase SCHOLAR - Languages


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Improving classroom practice using online materials

Published in: Education
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SCHOLAR Conference 2011 - Showcase SCHOLAR - Languages

  1. 1. SCHOLAR and Modern Languages<br />Using SCHOLAR to support teaching and learning in French, German and Spanish<br />
  2. 2. Keys to success with SCHOLAR<br />Demonstrate the uses of SCHOLAR to your class<br />Encourage the use of the discussion board<br />Use it as part of your lessons, to increase familiarity<br />Work through some tasks with the whole class, getting them to agree answers: useful to teach specific skills<br />Set specific tasks as homework/study time, to ensure pupils engage with the site<br />Use all the listening material!<br />Link what you are teaching with follow up activities<br />
  3. 3. Keys to success with SCHOLAR<br /><ul><li>Use reporting initially to check how much use your class is making of SCHOLAR
  4. 4. Set some work to be done under test conditions and marked as preparation for NABS and external assessment
  5. 5. Use the reporting facility as part of your tracking and monitoring of pupil progress
  6. 6. Use material which will help pupils develop their skills for particular NABs or other tasks
  7. 7. Make real use of SCHOLAR for differentiation and bi-level classes</li>