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SCHOLAR Conference 2012 - ESOL / Business Workshop - Rachel


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Who is SCHOLAR for?

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SCHOLAR Conference 2012 - ESOL / Business Workshop - Rachel

  1. 1. Who is SCHOLAR for? Rachel TsaiSt George’s School for Girls
  2. 2. For teachers1. Classroom Presentation and Class Exercises• Materials: ready-made, varied, interactive, self-correcting• Tests• Differentiated individual or group work• Set as Cover Work2. Homework• Set as Homework – log in, know if and when they do it!3. Progress reports & assessment• Progress Reports for class and individual students in detail, printable• Tests built-in• Automatic Recording of Test Marks - printable  Parents’ evenings/reports
  3. 3. For students• Independent Learning - for study & revision• Homework – do it online, variety of activity• Precisely the right topics for SQA qualifications• Help - Grammar Guide – (repeated errors  automatic referral to Grammar)• Help - Discussion Board – peer support, share good practice & info.
  4. 4. What works for me?The Exam practices:• 3 sets for each Reading, Listening, and Writing• Each set has 4 in R, 3 in L and 1 in W, similar to the Int2 exam style• Reading - most useful, pitch at the right level for Int 2 exam• Listening – quite useful, good level for Int2
  5. 5. A demo of the Exam practices
  6. 6. What doesn’t work for me• Exam practice for writing. The level of the writing is too difficult for a non-native speaker of Chinese and the answer is too rigid ( i.e. only one answer)
  7. 7. What do students think of it?What for? Practicing for examsMost useful : Reading, similar to past papersLeast useful: Listening
  8. 8. Wish list• 1. Pitch at the right level - writing• 2. Listening - multiple choice answers would be better• 3. Listening - audio track - repeated three times• 4. Add speaking practice if technically possible• 5. Add Higher and Advanced Higher materials
  9. 9. Any questions?