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SCHOLAR Conference 2012 - ESOL Workshop - Mark and Susan


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Taking ESOL Higher students further: Previewing SCHOLAR online learning materials

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SCHOLAR Conference 2012 - ESOL Workshop - Mark and Susan

  1. 1. The SCHOLAR ProgrammeHeriot-Watt UniversityTaking ES OL Hig hers tudents further:Previewing S CHOLA Ronline learning materialsSusan Paton and Mark WatsonSCHOLAR Conference 2012 Heriot-Watt University Tartan
  2. 2. Susan Paton ESOL Lecturer (Anniesland College) Mark Watson Curriculum Leader: ESOL and Languages (Ayr College)20+ years’ ESOL teaching experience in FE/HE and Language Schools in Scotland The SCHOLAR ESOL authors are part of adedicated team of teachers, subject specialists, educational designers, learning technologists, graphic artists, publishers and administrators. Heriot-Watt University Tartan
  3. 3. Today’s Presentation •SQA Higher ESOL explained •The Content: Bringing SQA ESOL and SCHOLAR together •Q & A If you’re wondering…“Is this relevant to me?” If you and your students use technology… Or if you teach ESOL, EAL, EAP… then YES!!! Heriot-Watt University Tartan
  4. 4. What is SQA HIGHER ESOL? SCQF Level 6 (‘A Level’/EQF Level 4) ELT Equivalent to IELTS 6.0-6.5 Developed to formally assess and award high level ESOL learners in the Scottish Curriculum English Language standard for Scottish universities 2 from 3 units: General English Study based Work based And an external examination Heriot-Watt University Tartan
  5. 5. SCHOLAR + SQA HIGHER ESOL = ??? 120 hour course Created to address a lack of:•Specific practice assessments in SQA format; •Tailored and contextualised materialsSCHOLAR Higher ESOL is flexible in delivery: Classroom based & tutor led, individual by distance learning/as homework, paper-based (PDF) option Heriot-Watt University Tartan
  6. 6. INTERACTIVITIES•Reading: Personal Identity: Family•Listening: Social Environment: Entertainment•Study Related Contexts: Reading Development•Reading Techniques: Predicting Book Titles &Skim Reading Extracts Heriot-Watt University Tartan
  7. 7. INTERACTIVITIES•Study Related Contexts: Writing Techniques•Text Analysis: Genre Analysis & Topic Sentences•PASS IT tests: Current Affairs: Media (Listening) Social Environment: Transport and Travel (Reading) Heriot-Watt University Tartan
  8. 8. One topic from the SQA Higher ESOL course can be accessed here: SCHOLAR sample website ‘TRY SCHOLAR’ Other academic subjects also have sample topics. Heriot-Watt University Tartan
  9. 9. Contacts:Mark Watson Paton order SCHOLAR for your institution: SCHOLAR Business ManagerAgnes Cosgrove Thank you for coming along today. Enjoy the rest of the conference! Any questions….? Heriot-Watt University Tartan