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The Art of Place Branding


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The presentation from the annual conference Marketing in Real Estate Dynamic Marketing 2015: “From development to management” organized by PROESTATE, “The Russian Guild of Property Managers and Developers”. The conference was aimed at top-managers of marketing departments, PR specialists, sales managers, working in the sphere of development and real estate (residential, commercial, suburban).The event took place on 27-28 November at the Art-Centre Exposed.

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The Art of Place Branding

  1. 1. The Art of Place Branding Creating Places where people want to be - Achieving successful destination brands for living, work, rest & play November 2014
  2. 2. The Art of Place Making - Creating Places Where People Want To Be Achieving successful destinations for living, work, rest and play. This presentation is intended for those interested in latest trends and for professionals facing the challenges in the effective branding, marketing and design of real estate. It focuses on residential placemaking, offices and workplaces, shopping and business centres. Following a brief comment about nation branding, I use London as an example of city branding. I then review the city’s historical context and give examples of latest residential developments in terms of their branding and marketing strategies. How different districts and neighbourhoods are engaging their residents and visitors are included. The challenges of changing consumer audience needs and aspirations, the internet empowered consumer and the implications of social media are discussed. Latest office, business centre and workplace design trends are reviewed. Recent Moscow case study examples are included - Oasis, Algorithm and Integral business centres, Group M workplace concepts together with an HSBC international initiative which aims at creating effectively branded environments to engage and motivate the users across their offices worldwide. Shopping centres, as destination brands, increasingly rely on social media as a key marketing strategy and must ensure they can deliver a wide range of visit experiences. Examples of social media are included. Latest UK and Moscow centres are shown to illustrate effective brand development, marketing and design. Oz, Kaleidoscope, Smolenskiy Passage, Festival and Riviera shopping centre concept examples demonstrate destination brand development approaches for new and existing centres. The final section will refer directly to the challenges in the Russian market in creating new residential communities. The majority of new housing developments seen around Moscow, for example, generally lack any attempt to achieve a successful place brand and a positive sense of identity. I provide some thoughts in the form of a checklist for developers and architects involved in the design and management of successful residential development. The spaces between buildings and their planning and design treatment are a critical component in creating places and spaces where people want to be. Extracts from work by SCG London on a concept for Meshcherskiy Park, Moscow, demonstrate how a unique sense of place can be achieved. The example of Rublevo-Arkhangelskoe, the development of a mini city near to Moscow for 40,000 residents shows some key principles in defining and creating an effectively differentiated place branding communications strategy and concept.
  3. 3. Creating Places where people want to be Place Branding... nations...cities... Audiences London Real Estate Marketing Challenge Offices and Business Centres Shopping Centres Creating Communities
  4. 4. Who we are... Ť
  5. 5. .-.-đŤ'.Ť#Ť1#ĎĎĎ ĖŤ -3#1-3(.-+Ť2313#%(!Ť 1-(-%Ť Ť -Ť#2(%-Ť!.-24+3-!8 ĖŤ#Ť6.1*Ť(-Ť3'#Ť1#3(+ďŤǫ--!(+ďŤ Ť 1#+Ť#233#Ť-Ť!.1/.13#Ť2#!3.12 2 Ǚȩ -3#1-3(.-+ȩ2313#%(!ȩ 1-(-%ȩ and design consultancy Ǚȩ#ȩ6.1*ȩ(-ȩ3'#ȩ1#3(+ǒȩʰ--!(+ǒȩ real estate and corporate sectors M.Video Maintaining leading brand status Over the past 5 years, we have worked with on many different aspects of their brand Projects include retail concept development and external and internal image/communications Detailed brand audit and research analysis Various strategic and creative projects with different departments, including senior management, marketing and HR Brand identity, sub branding, advertising, brand culture, marketing and communications. Comprehensive manual documenting defining the use and application of the brand across all key channels and relevant media.
  6. 6. Ť
  7. 7. .-.-đŤ'.Ť#Ť.1*Ť.1ĎĎĎŤ Example 1: The latin logotype in horizontal format reversed white-out of background colour Example 2: The latin logotype in horizontal format within the exclusion area (freespace) Yeni GLOBEX BANK logosu Eski GLOBEX BANK logosu
  8. 8. What we do - Real estate 23/04/2008 19:10:24 49 Galactica Park_Brochure_April 2008.indd 49 23/04/2008 19:10:35
  9. 9. Creating Places where people want to be Commercial success is based on achieving positive differentiation in a competitive market Branding is managing your image and reputation to create an added value perception to differentiate …. a place, venue, product, offer, service and people
  10. 10. Place branding Creating Places Where People Want To Be: Nation...Region...City...District...Address...Centre...Workplace...Home
  11. 11. Nation Branding Audience Challenge : Engaging diverse international and local audiences Commercial... political... social... stake holders... vested interests... individuals...
  12. 12. City branding Competition for attention and preference in a globalised world Enhanced status - a destination - a place where people want to live, work and visit Challenge: Destination brand management Differentiation Coherence Clarity of image Meeting expectations of different target groups: international tourists, residents, and potential investors
  13. 13. City branding
  14. 14. London... brand perceptions A megacity that defies simple definition ”When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” Samuel Johnson “There’s nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere.” Vivienne Westwood A worldwide hub - “the capital of capitals” “I’m leaving because the weather is too good. I hate London when it’s not raining.” Groucho Marx If you’re curious, London’s an amazing place. David Bailey London is a roost for every bird - a modern Babylon Benjamin Disraeli London has become the libel capital of the world. Richard Dawkins London is a fantastic creator of jobs. Boris Johnson London has the greatest serious music that you can hear any day of the week in the world David Attenborough
  15. 15. London...Brand Icons Architecture A mix of globally recognised architectural landmarks Full of contrasts - old/modern, traditional/radical
  16. 16. London...Brand Icons Human...Transport...Communication...Heritage A diverse, quirky mix Modern... innovative...reinvented...timeless... cliched...obselete...
  17. 17. London...Brand Icons Human...transport...communication...
  18. 18. London...Brand Attributes History... geography. A sprawling cluster of joined up villages contributes to its unique diversity of character London in 1746
  19. 19. London...Brand Attributes History... New zones - Places 1943 Social and Functional Analysis of London
  20. 20. London...Brand Attributes Neighbourhoods? Many outer London boroughs are artificially branded neighbourhoods. They don’t pass the “I come from...” test - the sense of place
  21. 21. London...Brand Attributes? The outskirts - names not places! Outer London Boroughs identity crisis? Rebranding/reinventing themselves in attempt to differentiate and create stronger sense of place
  22. 22. London...Development The Mayor’s London Plan Regeneration Intensification Coordination
  23. 23. Audiences ... Consumers... Citizens Changing needs and Aspirations
  24. 24. The changing consumer Staying Relevant!
  25. 25. Different customer generations... ...changing perceptions priorities
  26. 26. ĖŤ Tech-savvy ĖŤ Grasp new concepts quickly ĖŤ Enjoy change ĖŤ Like personalisation customisation ĖŤ Seek stimulation, get bored easily ĖŤ Social, connected, consultative ĖŤ Caring, motivated by their mission ĖŤ Want to make the world a better place ĖŤ Major influence on baby boomers “By 2015 Millenials will be 75% of workforce and will influence 74% of buying decisions” - Deloitte Key InfluenceŤ#-#13(.-
  27. 27. London Consumers...Citizens Population Drift and Diversity Diversity of incomes, lifestyles, culture, needs, aspirations Capital’s population is changing not only in its size but also in its composition, distribution and quality of life. Locations, concentrations and movement of different groups constantly evolving Upwardly mobile movement to suburbs: ethnic group movements to outer boroughs, suburbs and towns; young people moving into inner diverse areas... Poverty rates in outer london have risen, in inner London they have fallen
  28. 28. London Real Estate Marketing Challenges Creating visions Projecting a lifestyle Selling a sense of place ….
  29. 29. Real Estate Marketing - London Property Mania
  30. 30. Property TV Shows “Media Property Porn”
  31. 31. Real Estate Marketing - London Property Media
  32. 32. Previous buildings Creating A Vision Replacing post-war buildings
  33. 33. Selling Design... Lifestyle Architectural Branding Aligning architecture and brand together
  34. 34. Place Branding - Creating a traditional sense of place. ”New heritage” Our intention is that the idea behind Royal Wharf is groundbreaking, rather than any particular building. While much development along the Thames has tended to be somewhat skin deep, our plans for Royal Wharf go much further: it’s not that a river runs through it, but a high street, and off the high street, side streets, with the occasional mews. If this sounds famil-iar, it’s because we’ve taken our inspiration from the way London developed historically, providing the growing population, especially families, with a rich mixture of buildings, with many different functions, but with an organic rather than a planned feel. Our ambition is that Royal Wharf will come to be seen as a model development for future urban regeneration.
  35. 35. Place Branding - “More London” Creating a totally new sense of place
  36. 36. Place Branding - “More London” Creating new city spaces
  37. 37. Place Branding - Using location geography
  38. 38. London’s highest residential apart-ments. Rising 500ft above a global financial district: a view that few will share and a heightened sense of being even less will experience. Look down on one of the world’s most power-ful business centres. Look across the whole of London. Look up to no one. Place Branding - Aspirational messages
  39. 39. Place Branding - Art and Architecture The Greenwich Peninsular Marketing Hub Art Gallery Conceived as part of the on-going regeneration of Greenwich Peninsula, NOW Gallery will sit within the hub as a free, permanent public art space. Its exhibitions will show for three months each, featuring commissions from well-known and upcoming artists and designers.
  40. 40. Community Branding - For “OWLS” Creating a sense of place and involvement A Housing Association that has become a £300 ORDINARY WORKING LONDONERS million housing company bringing together, with partners, a £1 billion regeneration project on an area of land the same size as the Olympic Site and almost opposite it. The HARCA are a registered social landlord owning and managing around 8490 homes in East London.
  41. 41. Offices... Business Centres The changing workplace - new market dynamics - employer brand challenge
  42. 42. Building Brands... Multi Level Public Porosity... Mixed Occupancy The Shard ‘Cheesegrater’ ‘Walkie talkie’ “Vertical City” “Sky Garden”
  43. 43. Offices come in all shapes and sizes! - ‘Life is work, work is life’
  44. 44. Offices #6Ť1-!'Ť.-!#/32 come in all shapes and sizes! - Work, rest, play lounges... hubs... mini branches... financial spas... cafes... chill out zones... community centres... play areas... supermodern... high fashion... retro... traditional... relaxing... stimulating... styled like shops... homes... conservatories... airports... nightclubs... libraries... boutiques...
  45. 45. The Consumer Driven Office A new office consumer… TMT sector New occupiers… young millenials ‘Studios’ not offices Blurring of work and play work is life…life is work - Want funky locations…place that has buzz… squares, parks, restaurants, retail, hang-outs - Want authenticity…character…history - Want facilities…cycles and showers… - Want ‘value’ – flexible space, contract options, lower ‘different’ specifications
  46. 46. The Consumer Driven Office - Tea Building London The New ‘A’ Class Images courtesy of Derwent London
  47. 47. Business Centre Brands - Creating Tenant Communities Algorithm Business Centre Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Aenean massa. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
  48. 48. Business Centre Brands - Creating Tenant Communities Oasis Business Centre Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Aenean massa. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
  49. 49. Business Centre Brands - Creating Tenant Communities Integral, Moscow Integral Office workplace Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Aenean massa. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
  50. 50. Group M - Differentiated Worlds Group M - Differentiated “Worlds” • Group M • MEC • Maxus • Mindshare • Mediacom 5 levels... 9,500 sq metres “Legenda Tsvetnogo” Business Centre, Moscow
  51. 51. GGrroouupp MM - -D iffKHeHGreTGnPtiVaKCtVeGdF M/oQsUcEoQwY ACgIeGnPcEy[ WYQorTMkRpNlCaEcGeUs
  52. 52. GBBreeoffuooprr eMe a - n A Bdfe tafeofrrtee arn..d. aBftrear.n..d engagement
  53. 53. 15 2800 15 2800 4.1G 4.2G 4.3G 4.4G 4.45G 4.45G 4.3G 4.5G 4.6G 4.8G 4.7G 4.9G 4.10G 4.1G 4.1G 4.11G 4.12G 4.13G 4.15G 4.21G 4.27G 4.27G 4.33G 4.34G 4.20G 4.25G 4.24G 4.26G 4.26G 4.29G 4.30G 4.39G 4.41G 4.32G 4.31G 4.37G 4.35G 4.38G 4.42G 4.43G 4.44G 4.40G 4.36G 4.28G 4.21G 4.21G 4.22G 4.23G 4.16G 4.17G 4.16G 4.19G 4.19G 4.18G 4.14G
  54. 54. New Values... New Environments HSBC
  55. 55. HSBC Ť - New values - new environment · Branded oce workplaces · To engage... to motivate... · 750 oces in 87 countries · Strategic global graphics concept to reflect values and attributes: open, dependable, connected · A unified look and feel adapted to suit market and cultural mindsets · For head and general oces, data centres, call centres New values – new environment
  56. 56. HSBCŤ - New values - new environment
  57. 57. Shopping Centres Where people want to be... again and again
  58. 58. Shopping centres are destination brands Shopping centres are destination brands Brand Equity = Image and Reputation = Capital Value Your brand is an asset... that needs to nurtured and managed The Challenge: To achieve a synergy of branding,marketing and visitor experience Positive Differentation... Delivering the Promise... Optimising Resources
  59. 59. Social Media Challenge “A brand is the sum of all conversations happening around the brand”
  60. 60. ‘Traditional’ media - ‘push’ marketing TV, radio, billboard, newspaper and magazine advertising, direct mail, brochures and leaflets Problems: Expensive High external costs - ad creation, media buying, printing etc One way process - passive consumers Outward bound only Difficult to track results
  61. 61. ‘Talking at’ consumers, not interactive “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” John Wanamaker (1838 - 1922) US Departments Stores owner ‘Father of Advertising’ ‘Traditional’ marketing MESSAGES AWARENESS INTEREST DESIRE ACTION
  62. 62. ‘New’ media - interactive marketing Traditional channels are no longer the primary marketing media They often act as an awareness enhancement tool for online marketing Traditional Media Online Media Focused Messages Centre Brand Blogging Social bookmarks Photosharing Forums Social networking Video campaigns Push Pull
  63. 63. #WINTERWONDERFUL Turning Followers, L ikers and Instagrammers into shoppers
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  67. 67. INCREASE IN YEAR-ON-YEAR D ECEMBER SALES +35% +4% +94% +2% +10% MQ FLOWERS +9% +4% +9% +29%
  68. 68. Strategic marketing • ‘Pulse’ with original content promoting tenant Westfield, London Building Authority Recently launched: • Downloadable recipe book • Fashion blog brands + links to related social media
  69. 69. Strategic brand positioning Esentai Mall, Almaty, Kazakhstan Keeping the brand fresh Website plays key role in ongoing promotion of image, information, tenant brands, events etc
  70. 70. Delivering the promise OZ - ‘Name power’ Kaleidoscope - ‘Local hub’ Smolenskiy Passage - ‘Reconception’ Festival - ‘Update’ Riviera - ‘Recycling’
  71. 71. Creating places where people want to be... OZ - ‘Name Power’
  72. 72. OZ - ‘Name power’
  73. 73. July 2006 © SCG LONDON “The brand that makes people smile”
  74. 74. OZ - ‘Name power’
  75. 75. OZ - ‘Name power’
  76. 76. OZ - ‘Name power’ - Unique, adaptable, memorable MEET SANTA at OZ MEET SANTA at OZ EASTER at OZ 14
  77. 77.  MEET SANTA at OZ MEET SANTA at OZ .
  79. 79. AIM PD !#$% '()*+,)) - )(-*).)/!)0 B !#, $% %' ($#)* +,- .,'/0 +,- 64(7 +,- 3#%345! +,- +#%#1 +,- 2+' +,- .,'/0 +,- 2+' +,- 3#%345! +,- +#%#1 +,- 64(7 +,- .,'/0 +,- 64(7 +,- 3#%345! +,- +#%#1 +,- 2+' AIM PD : 572 : 3.0.1 : CUSTOMER MINDSETS - IDENTITY B AUGUST 2006 © SCG LONDON
  80. 80. Creating places where people want to be... Kaleidoscope - ‘Local Hub’
  81. 81. Delivering the promise - The Kaleidoscope Experience
  82. 82. “Exceptional place brand experience”
  83. 83. A vision to turn a sterile site into a first choice place to be... Before we started...
  84. 84. The vision realised...
  85. 85. The final logo and message “Always Different, Always Yours”
  86. 86. Creating a community destination hub Обзор местности Site Overview Kaleidoscope, December 2008 5 Центральный тотем Вход в метро Рекламный тотем Пространство для проведения мероприятий
  87. 87. bus stops stage seating raised viewing levels tenant totem 01 tenant totem retail units metro SCG LONDON 8 Plato Place 72-74 St Dionis Road London SW6 4TU t +44 (0) 20 7371 7522 NOTE: DRAWING PROVIDED FOR INFORMATION ONLY Client: Status: INFORMATION AND KALEIDESCOPE SITE LAYOUT PLAN Contract: Drawing: Drawn by: Authorised by: Project No: 01 01 For information only Dimensions to be verified on site All measurements are in millimeters Notes:- 01 This drawing is the copyright of SCG London. Specification:- Figured dimensions to be taken in preference to those scaled. All dimensions to be checked on site before any work proceeds. The contractor is to provide full size setting out drawings based on the information contained in this drawing for the designers approval prior to commencing manufacture. The drawing is issued on the condition that it is not reproduced, retained or disclosed to any unauthourised person either wholly or in part without the consent in writing of A3=1:500 RRH RRH Date: Drawing No: Scale: Print size: A3 Issue: Revision Comment Date Auth. Revision Comment Date Auth. 17-02-09 548 A0-01 548 A5-03 A5-05 A5-02 01 A5-02 A5-01 INFO A EntranceTo the shops Creating effective zoning Pay StaEtnitorannce Please Pay Here. Car Park Tarif: upto 2 hours Free.- 2-3 hours 75.- 3-4 hours 150.- 4-6 hours 500.- 6+ hours 750.- Please pay for parking at Pay Stations before exiting the Centre ELEVATED SECTION A-A A Plan Legend - Car Park Level 2 A B B Thank You. Principles ZONE M ZONE M ZONE M ZONE M ZONE M ZONE M ZONE M ZONE C ZONE C ZONE C - - Длинная Секция Long Section ELEVATED SECTION A-A Plan Legend - Car Park Level 1 A B B A Plan Legend - Car Park Level 2 A B B Парковка Car Park Section, Plan and Entrance Principles Kaleidoscope, December 2008 12
  88. 88. Distinctive architecture - local landmark
  89. 89. Marketing channels synergy
  90. 90. Website Homepage Website Content pages Kaleidoscope project overview Kaleidoscope project overview 42 Newsletter Sign Up Search GO Catwalk Show Catch up on our exclusive winter catwalk show and behind the scenes action from Karen Millen. What’s on Coming Soon Tower Heist At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium volupta-tum occaecati cupiditate provident.Similique sunt in culpa qui. READ MORE Company Information | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | Site Map | Customer Enquiry | Disclaimer © 2009 Kaleidoscope All Rights Reserved. Opening Times Monday 9.30am – 8.00pm Tuesday 9.30am – 8.00pm Wednesday 9.30am – 8.00pm Thursday 9.30am – 8.00pm Friday 9.30am – 8.00pm Saturday 9.00am – 8.00pm Sunday 11.00am – 5.00pm Bank Holidays 10.00am – 6.00pm Find out more here Three Musketeers Rated: 12A Release Date: 12/10/11 View Trailer The Lion King 3D Rated: U Release Date: 07/10/11 View Trailer Book Now Book Now Anonymous Rated: 12A Release Date: 28/10/11 View Trailer Rated: TBC Release Date: 04/11/11 View Trailer Book Now Book Now At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium volupta-tum occaecati cupiditate provident.Similique sunt in culpa qui. READ MORE At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium volupta-tum occaecati cupiditate provident.Similique sunt in culpa qui. READ MORE Menu Events Cinema Kaleidoscope Mall Tenants Gallery Brands Services Leisure and Entertainment Photo Gallery Videos Write a letter Getting Here Contact Leisure Ice Skating Bowling Kids Club Marketing channels synergy
  91. 91. Distinctive advertising image Environmental promotion Advertising kiosk Kaleidoscope project overview 56 Kaleidoscope project overview 36 Promotional - seasonal campaigns Autumn осенние открытия в Калейдоскопе Promotional - seasonal campaigns Winter Kaleidoscope project overview 53
  92. 92. € ‚ : The family S Bowling club   ­ Kaleidoscope project overview 69   Bowling club   ­ !
  93. 93. ? « ». Memorable characters
  94. 94. Memorable interiors
  95. 95. Dynamic easy circulation
  96. 96. Simple effective navigation
  97. 97. Creating places where people want to be... Smolenskiy Passage - ‘Reconception’
  98. 98. Reconceiving a centre - making it relevant Image and profile - marketing events and activities Venue environment - Step by step phased investment - Communication, signage, graphics - Decor upgrades - lighting, materials, finishes - Remodelling, extensions Tenants and facilities mix - appropriate brand profiles, zoning and adjacencies Management culture - the best people and services
  99. 99. Smolenskiy Passage Reconception 2009 2009 Challenge - Phased upgrading of a known city centre venue. Re-planning Challenge - Phased upgrading of a well known city centre venue. Replanning tenant space to ‘open up’ complex vertical mall tenant space to ‘open up’ complex vertical mall Strategy - Creating a premium destination for a two stage development programme - phased Strategy - Creating a premium destination for a two stage development programme - phased identity, communications, environments. identity, communications, environments
  100. 100. Smolenskiy Passage - Dull, Cluttered and Confused The ‘Before’ June 2009
  101. 101. Smolenskiy Passage - Build on the name Smolenskiy Passage reflects and communicates the special history and traditions represented in the name.
  102. 102. Smolenskiy Passage - Brand Message
  103. 103. Smolenskiy Passage - Media touchpoints
  104. 104. Smolenskiy Passage - First Impressions
  105. 105. Smolenskiy Passage - Entrance Piazza ПИАЦЦА ‘A vibrant city space – always something happening’
  106. 106. Smolenskiy Passage - New Planning First floor plan option A not to scale Key 1 SCP banquette seating 2 Champagne bar with moveable screen 3 Champagne bar table seating with moveable screen 4 Info reception 5 Advertising 6 Graphic wall treatment 7 ATM 8 Parking ticket machine 9 10 Secondary promotion 11 Segis bench 12 Toilet wall graphic 13 Floor standing lamp 14 Big event / exhibition SPW - 5001 Main totem directory SPW - 5002 Freestanding - floor directory SPW - 5003 Wall mounted - floor directory SPW - 5004 Ceiling sign 1500x300 - directional SPW - 5005 Wall/column 400x300 sign - directional SPW - 5006 Wall / column 200x200 sign - directional SPW - 5010 Info lectern SPW - 5011 Business directory Note All furniture elements (including champagne bar) to be moveable to allow for special events, i.e. fashion show WC cube Info lectern SPW - 5010 SPW - 5004 8 SPW - 5004 SPW - 5004 SPW - 5011 SPW - 5001 SPW - 5001 13 SPW - 5005 door info stickers to toilet doors SPW - 5006 1 1 5 2 14 3 7 4 11 12 6 1 5 5 5 10 10 10 10 10 10
  107. 107. Smolenskiy Passage - Activity Zones 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 +16.800 +16.800 +12.600 +8.400 +16.950 +15.700 +12.600 +21.450 3 4 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000 +2.100 +17.300 +14.200 +8.000 +4.900 +1.800 -2.100 -2.750 +11.100 +4.200 +6.300 +8.400 +10.500 +12.600 +4.200 +4.200 +4.200 +20.400 +12.600 +8.400 +8.400 -4.950 +21.150 1600 +4.200 Piazza ‘a vibrant city space – always something happening’ Mezzanine ‘fashionable place to take a break’ Terrace ‘a special place to eat, drink and socialise’ Fashion Studio ‘Moscow’s premier designer collection’ 1 2 3 4 2 1 4 3
  108. 108. Smolenskiy Passage - Brand Touchpoints .
  109. 109. , 10 , . (). 15 3 21 14-13
  110. 110. 404 EC 402 EC Pantone CMYK 476 EC C 30 M 72 Y 74 K 84 C 20 M 25 Y 29 K 61 C 13 M 17 Y 20 K 36 397 EC C 14 M 2 Y 100 K 16 1100mm 30 720mm 700mm 1200mm 15 3 Basement Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 1 2 4 3 5 6 7 14 1 2 4 5 7 11 10 9 8 12 13 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 25 24 6 26 27 14 1 2 4 5 7 11 10 9 8 12 13 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 25 24 6 26 27 1 2 - 4 5 6 7 8 9 15 16 - 18 19 20 22 11 10 12 23 24 25 26 -28 29 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Info lectern directories Note : All dimensions and details should be crossed referenced and checked with technical drawings supplied to contractors. All details should be confirmed with the client prior to installation.. Info Lectern SPW - 5010
  111. 111. Creating places where people want to be... Festival - ‘Update’
  112. 112. Festival - Concept Reconception 2005 - Challenge Creating a mass market city center ‘for the family’. - differentiating from 70 other centres in Moscow. Transforming a mediocre building development in progress to an international standart retail venue. SCG London Page 37 2012 2011-2012 Refreshing existing brand concept up-to-date. 2005 - Challenge Creating a mass market city center ‘for the family’. - differentiating from 70 other centres in Moscow. Transforming a mediocre building development in progress to an international standard retail venue. 2011-2012 Refreshing existing brand concept up-to-date. Festival - Concept Reconception
  113. 113. Festival, Moscow Festival - Inspiring Name The Identity SCG London Page 38 - Inspiring Name
  114. 114. Festival - Day ADnda Nyi gahnt Idm pnaicgt ht impact SCG London Page 39 - Day and Night Impact
  115. 115. Festival Refreshment 2012 Seasonal Freshness SCG London Page 40 ‘Update’ Refreshment 2012 Seasonal Freshness
  116. 116. Festival Real Estate: Festival: Shopping centre Real Estate – Festival About SCG London | Retail | Financial Services | Real Estate | Corporate and Employer Branding SCG London Page 42 ģŐŀŔňŗŅőŊňʼnŏŀŊŅŒ ĭŀłňŃŀŖňş ØÈ̲ûò ÿòûØвïùÓ¹ØïÐ#ûÈØÓ ØئùØÿïû Festival, Moscow 2005 ØÈ̲ûò Marketing ØÈ̲ûò ÿòûØвïùÓ¹ØïÐ#ûÈØÓ ØئùØÿïû FESTIVAL BRAND REFRESHMENT 2010 ØÈ̲ûò ÿòûØвïùÓ¹ØïÐ#ûÈØÓ ØئùØÿïû ÿòûØвïùÓ¹ØïÐ#ûÈØÓ
  117. 117. Festival Festival, Moscow 2005 Marketing Festival, Moscow 2005 Marketing Festival, Moscow 2005 Marketing Festival, Moscow 2005 Festival, Moscow 2005 Marketing Festival, Moscow 2005 Marketing Marketing
  118. 118. Festival - Graphic Impact Stores Products Seasonal theme Spring at festival Home Offers News Tickets Games Contact SCG London Page 41 Spring +read more Store Search Home Offers News Tickets Contact - Graphic Impact
  119. 119. Festival - Service Impact / Stylish Comfort SCG London Page 42
  120. 120. Festival - New Food Experiences SCG London Page 43
  121. 121. Creating places where people want to be... Riviera - ‘Recycling’
  122. 122. Riviera New Moscow destination 1 -
  123. 123. : VI 2015 Shopping Entertainment Center Opening: Q4 2015 Centre Карта метро Underground map «Ривер Молл» имеет и транспортную доступность расположение сделает шоппинга и проведения многих других транспортных как: улица Велозаводская, Варшавское шоссе и прочие. ТРЦ «Ривер Молл» находится станциями метро: Автозаводская совместный дневной поток более 130 тыс. человек. будут курсировать автобусы Непосредственно перед размещаются две остановки транспорта, где останавливаются автобусов и 4 маршрута Параллельно с реконструкцией территории ЗИЛа намечен станции метро Технопарк а также планируется строительство пересадочного узла Московской железной дороги. Оба пешеходной доступности Выгодное ТРЦ - 6 месторасположение и отличная транспортная доступность Beneficial location and excellent transport accessibility
  124. 124. Riviera Transformation challenge Concrete fortress... Regeneration catalyst
  125. 125. Riviera Creating a special sense of place Optimising the unique river front
  126. 126. Riviera Creating a vision
  127. 127. Brand Guidelines Riviera - Brand guidelines 1
  128. 128. 1. The brand A unique venue Riviera is special. There’s nowhere else like it in Moscow. Riviera is for... shopping, fashion, food, ideas, experiences, leisure, events, entertainment, culture, socialising… A unique venue… for everyone and for all occasions Riviera - Brand guidelines 5
  129. 129. 1. The brand is... A unique venue A place for everday shopping Riviera - Brand guidelines 6
  130. 130. 1. The brand is... A unique venue A premier fashion destination Riviera - Brand guidelines 7
  131. 131. 1. The brand is... A unique venue An inspiring place to be Riviera - Brand guidelines 8
  132. 132. is... A bustling destination 1. The brand A unique venue Riviera - Brand guidelines 9
  133. 133. A sense of freedom 1. The brand is... A unique venue Riviera - Brand guidelines 10
  134. 134. 1. The brand is... A unique venue A place for friends and family Riviera - Brand guidelines 11
  135. 135. 1. The brand is... A unique venue A place for celebration Riviera - Brand guidelines 12
  136. 136. Our values We create Looking at things differently; imagining ideas and possibilities We achieve Aiming high; planning for success We engage Opening up opportunities; building loyalty; working collaboratively We stimulate Exceeding expectations; creating surprise, delight and interaction We deliver Acting with integrity, reliability and accountability 1. The brand Vision values Riviera - Brand guidelines 14
  137. 137. Creating communities Russian market challenge Meshcherskiy Park ‘Creating spaces as places’ Rublevo - Arkhangelskoe Putting on the map Creating a sense of place and community
  138. 138. Russian market challenge Creating communities not “housing”
  139. 139. Russian market challenge Economic climate
  140. 140. Russian market challenge Creating Communities not ‘ Housing ‘ Successful Placemaking is all about People... the Consumers! Challenge : Creating a sense of place where people feel they belong … where they want to stay … a community they want to engage with Developers need to create the ‘ hardware ‘ - the physical design and attributes of the location, architecture, spaces, infrastructure and facilities that will be a catalyst for activating the ‘ software ‘ - the people, experiences and activities that will define and create an exceptional local culture and sense of identity
  141. 141. Russian market challenge Creating a Sustainable Community ….. A Successful Place Brand Checklist Criteria Local Identity …. Creating a sense of place … narrative …naming / icons - district, streets, buildings ..…signage …. communications... Distinctive Character ….Sense of uniqueness…design personality - architecture, site, landscape and feature treatments Adaptable Public Spaces …Multi functional … accessible … focal points… human scale …. People Friendly Circulation …Priorities for pedestrians… cyclists… walkable …safe… ‘ streets ‘ not roads…footpaths…
  142. 142. Russian market challenge Creating a Sustainable Community ….. A Successful Place Brand Checklist Criteria Cont... Safety and Security …Natural surveillance …interesting populated spaces …. Local Facilities …. For all ages and interests …. social life ….health….education… Resident Integration ….Mix of social groups … activities …sports …shopping … clubs… Proactive Local Management …Community residents and business involved and engaged … Wellbeing and Happiness … Neighbour interaction …social events…activities … day to day contacts...
  143. 143. Russian market challenge Creating a Sustainable Community ….. A Successful Place Creating Spaces as ‘ Places’ Optimising the spaces between buildings to … • enhance the visitor … resident experience • encourage positiive interaction of people … activities …nature … landscape … facilities…. features • to give pleasure … recreation … a sense of well being
  144. 144. Meshcherskiy Park - Creating a sense of place Odinzovo, Russia 1235 C Orange POND AREA CYCLING TRAIL PLAYGROUND BALL GAMES 021 C 485 C Home The Park Sport Nature Contact Search Summer Starts Here... RAL 1003 RAL 2008 RAL 3020 POND AREA CYCLING TRAIL PLAYGROUND BALL GAMES Lorem NATURE TRAIL POND AREA CYCLING TRAIL PLAYGROUND BALL GAMES NATURE TRAIL NATURE TRAIL POND AREA CYCLING TRAIL PLAYGROUND BALL GAMES POND AREA CYCLING TRAIL PLAYGROUND BALL GAMES FOREST AREA TOILETS SKIING PICNIC AREA HORSE RIDING FOREST AREA TOILETS SKIING PICNIC AREA HORSE RIDING POND AREA CYCLING TRAIL PLAYGROUND BALL GAMES NATURE TRAIL NATURE TRAIL POND AREA CYCLING TRAIL PLAYGROUND BALL GAMES POND AREA CYCLING TRAIL PLAYGROUND BALL GAMES summeta et iusto Программы целевого кредитования Москоммерцбанка – удобный и доступный способ придать новый импульс развитию вашего бизнеса. Целевое кредитование может быть предоставлено в виде займа или в форме лизингового финансирования. FOREST AREA TOILETS SKIING Lorem summeta et iusto PICNIC AREA HORSE RIDING FOREST AREA TOILETS SKIING PICNIC AREA HORSE RIDING NATURE TRAIL FOREST AREA TOILETS SKIING PICNIC AREA HORSE RIDING NATURE TRAIL FOREST AREA TOILETS SKIING PICNIC AREA HORSE RIDING NATURE TRAIL FOREST AREA TOILETS SKIING PICNIC AREA HORSE RIDING FOREST AREA TOILETS SKIING PICNIC AREA HORSE RIDING Lorem summeta et iusto Программы целевого кредитования Москоммерцбанка – удобный и доступный способ придать новый импульс развитию вашего бизнеса. Целевое кредитование может быть предоставлено в виде займа или в форме лизингового финансирования. Lorem summeta et iusto Программы целевого кредитования Москоммерцбанка – удобный и доступный 485 C Orange 1235 C 021 C 1800MM 1700MM 1600MM 1400MM 1200MM 1000MM 750MM 500MM 1800MM 1700MM 1600MM 1400MM 1200MM 1000MM 750MM 500MM ЧАСЫ РАБОТЫ Monday 9.30am – 8.00pm Tuesday 9.30am – 8.00pm Wednesday 9.30am – 8.00pm Thursday 9.30am – 8.00pm Friday 9.30am – 8.00pm Saturday 9.00am – 8.00pm Sunday 11.00am – 5.00pm Good Friday 10.00am – 6.00pm Easter Sunday CLOSED Bank Holidays 10.00am – 6.00pm Disclaimer Park Regulations Wbsite Policy Home Whats on Tourists Press Business About Us Details Home Branding
  145. 145. Strategic Development Skolkova Park Page 6 Brand Messages Life’s simple pleasures Our natural heritage Nature for everyone Enjoyment for all Brand Personality Brand Positioning Statement: Brand Attributes A very special place Brand Promise The essence of the brand and the benefits pledged to the visitor The countryside on your doorstep Tangible features that visitors experience. How the brand promise is delivered. Natural woodland Enhanced landscapes Open air recreation Sports and leisure activities Entertainment and relaxation The human characteristics that the brand expresses. The emotional connection between the visitor the brand. Accessible, open, welcoming Friendly, sociable Responsive to different moods Diverse, interesting, exciting Brand Platform
  146. 146. Opportunity Examples - Architecture Wooden structure blends in environment Wood structure viewing platform Skolkova Park Page 17 Unintrusive covering Observation structures/shelters Observation structures/shelters Large scale structures for cafes Modern Viewing tower Pods Small huts or tree houses Modern Cafe Imaginative architectural structures can enhance the environment and make the park a distinctive, memorable place.
  147. 147. Using twigs from the woodland Winter ice sculpture Skolkova Park Page 18 Wooden tree sculptures Using branches Winter ice sculpture Character painted logs Rock Sculptures create impact Colour painted logs Large interactive sculpture Hedge figures Opportunity Examples - Sculpture Trail (Natural) Creating inspiring and organic sculptural features out of the natural elements within the park - wood, snow, ice, stone.
  148. 148. Colourful wind turbines (+sustainable energy source) Interactive for kids With nature Skolkova Park Page 19 Play sculptures Interactive/playful Small but fun Intriguing trail Scattered and random Large Scale impact Opportunity Examples - Sculpture Trail (Man-made) Colourful and bold sculptures create impact, enhance the environment and can be fun
  149. 149. Surreal bench Abstract Seating Skolkova Park Page 20 Changing long bench Natural Wood Playing with scale creating fun Melting structure Stone painted Marble Relaxing Pod Hanging lightweight seating Opportunity Examples - Seating Creating different types of environments and atmospheres through seating – fun, intriguing, visually exciting, unexpected, unusual.
  150. 150. Swings Interactive wall Skolkova Park Page 21 Soft molds in the ground Large wooden playground Small playground Water features Climbing Figure/character playground Opportunity Examples - Playgrounds Playgrounds can add an important imaginative dimension to the space. They should fit well with their surroundings.
  151. 151. Tree top bridges Sculpture trail – traditional, Skolkova Park Page 22 Simple wood trail Pond walkway Viewing platform Rope bridge Woodland trail Rope bridge Opportunity Examples - Pathways Exploring the park can become an adventure through different types of feature pathways which enhance the local topography.
  152. 152. Low maintenance stone work Cafe garden Children’s garden Skolkova Park Page 23 Tree Tunnel Bridge Garden Open Beer garden Rockery / Wildlife garden Stone pound work Japanese Stone garden Opportunity Examples - Gardens Gardens can be manicured or low maintenance, architectural or natural, social places or quiet retreats.
  153. 153. Opportunity Examples - Lights/Projections Small lights wrapped around trees Magical effects Skolkova Park Page 24 Colour projects Sculpture with glow lighting Lights on ground Lights on structures Trail lights Lighting and projections can create enhanced effects and a seasonal atmosphere.
  154. 154. Fretcut signage Woodcut signage Simple but effective Skolkova Park Page 25 Natural rock Hedge signage Message on steps Simple flags can be used for direction Opportunity Examples - Signage (Natural) Using old wood to create sign Use of natural materials to create organic feel to signage that blends with surroundings.
  155. 155. Banner signage Large scale for impact Skolkova Park Page 26 Signage can be used for interesting seating Nature info panel Information on the ground Impactful and playful Small info ground panel Large scale signage Signs that glow at night Simple yet effective Opportunity Examples - Signage Signage can create inspiration as well as communicate information.
  156. 156. Y`[e``ijhWjZ`wXhe[W -)1$.$*)½./-/ 4 Xhe[hkbfYf[ijYf -)$ )/$/40$ '$) .
  157. 157. 1 ВИДЕНИЕ CITY BRAND / THE VISION BRAND VISION STRATEGY 2 Freedom within security A range of lifestyles + work options A vibrant community in a beautiful place A future proof development Long term appeal. A gateway to a better life Relevance + sustainability A FIRST CHOICE LOCATION DESTINATION “THE FUTURE NOW” 5 KEY DEVELOPMENT PRINCIPLES A UNIFIED VISION FOR ACTION THE VISION ЭЛЕМЕНТЫ OPTIMISE KEY ELEMENTS 3 CITY BRAND / ELEMENTS BRAND VISION STRATEGY 4 LOCATION 20 minutes from central Moscow but a world away. ARCHITECTURE Fusion of contemporary, heritage traditional values. Memorable skyline. LANDSCAPE Green, fresh, natural, diverse . Outstanding hard soft landscaping. WATER Surrounded by water; the freshest part of the Moscow river. Water features: fountains, bridges, ice sculptures, skating. Changing character perspectives. Cool, fresh, calm, reflective, inspirational/dynamic, energetic, lively. PLANNING INFRASTRUCTURE Distinct districts. Individual character appeal within an overall coherence. Experience of space and quality. ELEMENTS
  158. 158. ТЕМЫ, ОБРАЗЫ, СООБЩЕНИЯ 9 CITY BRAND / THEMES, IMAGERY, MESSAGING BRAND VISION STRATEGY 10 ‘The future is bright’ Glow, beam, brightness, radiance, luminous, illumination, sunny, sunlit Natural light – day, sun, moon, stars Light creations – light sculptures, floor lighting Night lighting – street lamps, Interior lighting CITY OF LIGHT THEMES, IMAGERY, MESSAGING ТЕМЫ, ОБРАЗЫ, СООБЩЕНИЯ THEMES, IMAGERY, MESSAGING 11 CITY BRAND / THEMES, IMAGERY, MESSAGING BRAND VISION STRATEGY 12 'The way you want to live work’ Variety, multiplicity, mix Different environments providing alternatives, selection, preferences Range of lifestyles and work options Balance between work and play DIVERSITY + CHOICE ‘The best of both worlds’ Close to centre, yet a world away Accessible, convenient Urban vibrancy/rural retreat URBAN / RURAL DYNAMIC
  159. 159. ТЕМЫ, ОБРАЗЫ, СООБЩЕНИЯ THEMES, IMAGERY, MESSAGING 13 CITY BRAND / THEMES, IMAGERY, MESSAGING BRAND VISION STRATEGY 14 ‘New generation experience’ ‘A new way of life’ Responsible, nurture, long term view, preserve, protect and conserve Embracing latest sustainability and environmental values - maximising natural light, materials and green technology Environment, natural materials, greenery, water – Community Future Proofing ‘A Sure Future’ SUSTAINABILITY ‘An oasis of freedom’ ‘In safe hands’ Safe, protected, watched over, cared for Comfort, confidence, calm, seclusion, Privacy assured, no worries/carefree Openness, freedom, liberty, unrestricted Oasis, haven Like minded community SECURITY ТЕМЫ, ОБРАЗЫ, СООБЩЕНИЯ DESCRIPTIVE THEMES, IMAGERY, SENTENCE MESSAGING FITS IN THIS SPACE 15 CITY BRAND / THEMES, IMAGERY, MESSAGING BRAND VISION STRATEGY 16 ‘The future now’ ‘Enter into a new world’ Realisation of the dream, Idyllic, ultimate, best Opportunity beckons DREAM GATEWAY ‘A vibrant community’ Pulse, buzz Spirituality, shared beliefs and values Community hub/amenities, traditional core, central focus HEART
  160. 160. СТРАТЕГИЯ БРЕНДА 17 CITY BRAND The brand concept for the original scheme was based on the bird of paradise, drawing on the bird’s mythical status as divine, never needing to land and coming from a terrestrial paradise – heaven on earth. The bird of paradise image was accompanied by the name Рублево-Архангельское signifying the location. This single image identity was however limited in scope, application and appeal. There was a need therefore to develop the identity to create a new concept to meet new challenges and criteria. The new identity brings together the key elements which make this a vibrant and exceptional development. It reflects the scale and diversity of the project, signals a new management approach and communicates a modern ethos, appealing to a range of different audiences. The distinctive use of imagery within the name initials achieves a strongly differentiated approach that reflects the variety and complexity of the city concept. It is a unique, memorable and contemporary mark that creates a multi-layered approach, allowing positive flexibility of application and usage in keeping with the diversity of communication requirements. DEVELOPER BRAND The Developer Brand takes the unifying and dynamic graphic symbol at the heart of the City Brand as a single branding device. A clear synergy and relationship is therefore established between the two. The Developer Brand has strength, integrity and authority. It acts as an endorsement to the City Brand and as a corporate brand in its own right aimed at relevant business audiences and stakeholders. CITY DEVELOPER BRANDS / STRATEGY CITY BRAND BRAND VISION STRATEGY 18 NEW DEVELOPER BRAND OLD CITY BRAND/ OLD DEVELOPER BRAND BRAND STRATEGY 21 CITY BRAND STRATEGY DEVELOPER BRAND CITY BRAND CITY DEVELOPER BRANDS / THE MARKS 19 BBRRAANNDD VVIISSIIOONN SSTTRRAATTEEGGYY 2202
  161. 161. eE8R@HI?BS=?D? ( ‚ ‚( ‚) ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ‚‚ ‚ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ‚+ ‚+ ‚ i8E7E:68R7EG6 ( ‚ ‚( ‚) ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ‚‚ ‚ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ‚+ ‚+ ‚ ZEGE:7J:JP;9E ( ‚ ‚ ( ‚) ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ‚‚ ‚ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ‚+ ‚+ ‚ МАРКЕТИНГОВЫЕ МАТЕРИАЛЫ 53 CITY BRAND / MARKETING MATERIALS Marketing materials will be produced to a high specification to reflect the premium offer and maximise the creative opportunities that all of the different brand elements provide. There will be both consistency in look, feel and quality, along with versatility in interpretation and application of the brand. Some typical examples of marketing materials such as a special presentation pack, brochure, invitation, magazine/newsletter, billboard and DVD are shown on the following pages. BRAND IDENTITY GUIDELINES 54 Inner page examples MARKETING MATERIALS RESIDENTIAL SALES BOOK efYsaZfhf[‚ efYWw^`_et ПРИМЕНЕНИЕ БРЕНДА DESCRIPTIVE SENTENCE FITS IN THIS SPACE 59 CITY BRAND / MARKETING APPLICATIONS BRAND IDENTITY GUIDELINES 60 Seasonal publication Promotional billboards Promotional DVD MARKETING APPLICATIONS
  162. 162. 0) -*)./-0/$*) ‚› ‚ 1 '*+( )/2$/# 4*0-!0/0- $)($) ПРИМЕРЫ ПРИМЕНЕНИЯ 69 DEVELOPER BRAND / APPLICATION EXAMPLES BRAND IDENTITY GUIDELINES 70 Sustainability literature Workwear Billboard Construction hoarding APPLICATION EXAMPLES СИМВОЛ ГОРОДА КАК ЗНАК БРЕНДА CITY ICON BRANDS 71 CITY ICONS / BRAND EXAMPLE BRAND IDENTITY GUIDELINES 72 Within the umbrella concept of the City Brand are destination features that have icon branding status. These can be used to put the development on the map, reinforce a sense of place and give a unique personality to all aspects of the city in a coherent and integrated way. The first of these is for one of the bridges. This icon brand reflects the dynamic bridge structure and image. It is a distinctive and memorable mark that has potential for a wide variety of different uses and applications
  164. 164. ЭТАП 1A ЗАПУСК КОНЦЕПЦИИ: СОЗДАНИЕ ОСВЕДОМЛЕННОСТИ - ВОСХОД ГОРОДА 19 КОНЦЕПЦИЯ Стратегические цели Анонсировать проект широкой общественности Создать осведомленность Передать видение проекта Вызвать интерес к проекту Креативные цели Привлечь внимание/Быть замеченными Донести основные сообщения. Креативная стратегия Визуальная привлекательность Сильное, простое, прямолинейное сообщение Легко понятное Восход города в руках человека PHASE 1: AWARENESS CAMPAIGN ФАЗА 1: КАМПАНИЯ ПО СОЗДАНИЮ ОСВЕДОМЛЕННОСТИ СТРАТЕГИЯ МАРКЕТИНГОВЫХ КОММУНИКАЦИЙ 20 Основное сообщение Целый город для меня Второстепенные сообщения Город будущего – город света Идеальное место – то, о котором мечтают Город, ориентированный на тех, кто в нем живет Долгосрочная ценность Простая, сильная идея, которая имеет потенциал стать основным визуальным символом маркетинговых коммуникаций Ожидаемая реакция «Это выглядит красиво» «Было бы здорово» «Как узнать об этом больше» Где безопасно припарковать мой Ferarri? ЭТО ГОРОД ДЛЯ МЕНЯ WWW.RA-CITY.RU Где купить самые модные аксессуары? ЭТО ГОРОД ДЛЯ МЕНЯ WWW.RA-CITY.RU где лучшее место для моего скутера? ЭТО ГОРОД ДЛЯ МЕНЯ WWW.RA-CITY.RU ЭТО ГОРОД ДЛЯ МЕНЯ ?* WWW.RA-CITY.RU ЭТАП 1B СОЗДАНИЕ ИНТЕРЕСА К ПРОЕКТУ: НЕОБЫЧНЫЕ ЛЮДИ, ЖИВУЩИЕ В ГОРОДЕ 23 PHASE 1: AWARENESS CAMPAIGN ФАЗА 1: КАМПАНИЯ ПО СОЗДАНИЮ ОСВЕДОМЛЕННОСТИ СТРАТЕГИЯ МАРКЕТИНГОВЫХ КОММУНИКАЦИЙ 24 Стратегические цели Основывается на базе существующей осведомленности о проекте Создание интриги через рекламу Апеллирование к чувству юмора Стимулирование дальнейшего интереса Креативные цели Использование остроумия, чтобы вызвать любопытство, создать различные вариации на данную тематику Заставить людей говорить о проекте Донести до аудитории основные послания в необычной форме Креативная стратегия Интригующая концепция Необычный поворот к изображению различных потребностей целевой аудитории. «Понимаю» «Как узнать больше о проекте?” Ожидаемая реакция Основное сообщение Город для тебя Второстепенные сообщения Какими бы не были мои потребности и приоритеты, это – город, в котором есть все, что мне нужно Город, который соответствует самым высоким ожиданиям (даже самые требовательные останутся довольны) Долгосрочная выгода Потенциал для развития идеи в различных формах и для различных целевых аудиторий как часть продолжающихся маркетинговых коммуникаций БИЛБОРД 1 Серия БИЛБОРД, демонстрирующая будущих обитателей города. Билборды 2, 3, 4 показывают развитие “истории” и подводят к объединяющему билборду 1. Количество изображений будет больше трех. Сообщения желательно остроумные, по принципу “вопрос-ответ”. БИЛБОРД 3 БИЛБОРД 2 БИЛБОРД 4 - Концепции текущих кампаний КОНЦЕПЦИЯ
  165. 165. WWW.RA-CITY.RU ПРИРОДА WWW.RA-CITY.RU СООБЩЕСТВО WWW.RA-CITY.RU СВОБОДА 27 PHASE 1: AWARENESS CAMPAIGN ФАЗА 1: КАМПАНИЯ ПО СОЗДАНИЮ ОСВЕДОМЛЕННОСТИ СТРАТЕГИЯ МАРКЕТИНГОВЫХ КОММУНИКАЦИЙ 28 ЭТАП 1C УВЕЛИЧЕНИЕ ОСВЕДОМЛЕННОСТИ: ВИЗУАЛИЗАЦИЯ АТРИБУТОВ БРЕНДА Стратегические цели Создание более широко осведомленности о городе и его преимуществах. Развитие ключевых сообщений и тем. Поддержка и развитие интереса. Креативные цели Создание простых, притягивающих внимание сообщений через правильное использование графики, фотографий и текстов. Постоянное обновление (фотография, текст) и, в то же время, постоянство (графические коммуникации) сообщений, чтобы поддерживать интерес к проекту. Креативная стратегия Использовать основные составляющие идентификации для того, чтобы визуализировать ценности бренда Ожидаемая реакция Основные сообщения Рублево-Архангельское – город на природе, город, который предлагает свободу выбора, который несет сильное чувство общности. Создание трамплина для перехода на следующий этап коммуникаций Второстепенные сообщения Рублево-Архангельское – идеальный город, который соответствует разным ценностями и удовлетворяет различные потребности. Долгосрочная выгода Эта концепция завязана на идентификацию и фотостиль Рублево-Архангельского Помимо ее ценности как хорошей рекламной идеи, долгосрочная выгода концепции – использование дизайн языка бренда, который будет применяться в последствии в печатных, электронных материалах на следующих этапах. “Это - ценности, которые для меня важны” “Это – идеальное место для меня” “Я хочу здесь жить и работать” БИЛБОРД 1 БИЛБОРД 2 БИЛБОРД 3 КОНЦЕПЦИЯ 31 CONCEPT ENGLISH OVERVIEW HEADER ОБЩИЙ ОБЗОР RUSSIAN HEADER СТРАТЕГИЯ МАРКЕТИНГОВЫХ КОММУНИКАЦИЙ 32 КОНЦЕПЦИИ, ЭТАПЫ И КАНАЛЫ КОММУНИКАЦИИ Необходимо: Согласовать концепции и доработать их. Отобрать фотографии и получить права на их использование. Разработать и приступить к реализации медиаплана.
  167. 167. The Art of Placemaking... Creating Places where people want to be Brand Synergy™