Bd dev sc event and festival conf


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Bd dev sc event and festival conf

  1. 1. Board DevelopmentCreating the Board of Your Dreams Madeleine McGee, President SC Association of Nonprofit Organizations January 20, 2013
  2. 2. Today’s Objectives Hear What You Seek From Your Board and This Session Introduce SCANPO and Guiding Principles, 3rd edition Share Ideas for Developing Boards Preview Together. For Good. Nonprofit Summit
  3. 3. Introductions First Name, Organization Describe Your Board in Three Words One Question You’d Like Answered An Ideal Board Would ……
  4. 4. 21 Board Members from Across SC Upstate (4) Midlands (8) Coastal (6) PeeDee (3)
  5. 5. • SCANPO is a statewide membership organization that supports its members and SC nonprofits by: 1. Building the knowledge network 2. Promoting collaboration 3. Strengthening our collective voice• We believe well-managed and responsibly- governed nonprofits help build strong, healthy communities.
  6. 6. SCANPO Nonprofit Member Benefits Training Calendar SC Compensation Report Purchasing Power Vendors Advocacy Nonprofit Summit Guiding Principles
  7. 7. Purchasing Power Vendors
  8. 8. Make Nonprofit Raffles Legal Ask Your Reps to Support Sen. Ray Cleary, George town
  9. 9. GP&BP Overview  Third Edition!  Rooted in years of work by respected nonprofit leaders, advisors and volunteers  Today’s Best Thinking  Seeking input on changes for 4th edition
  10. 10. GP&BP Overview Designed for nonprofits large and small Adherence is not mandatory More about the process than completion Takes years to achieve
  11. 11. Ideas for Using GP&BP Self-assessment Strategic decision-making Stimulate conversation Clarify roles and responsibilities Measure progress Celebrate accomplishments
  12. 12. Organizing Structure 9 Guiding Principle: the standard 29 Core Elements: essential areas of work 131 Best Practices: recommended methods – activities, processes and structures Order reflects general priority or sequencing of work.
  13. 13. Nine Focus Areas Mission & Strategic  Operations & Evaluation Direction  Human Resources Governance  Fundraising Legal & Ethical Accountability  Marketing Communications Financial Management & Stewardship  Information Management
  14. 14. Mission &Strategic Direction1. Defines and uses its mission, vision & values2. Uses strategic thinking3. Engages in strategic planning
  15. 15. Governance1. Works as a unit2. Sets high ethical standards3. Appoints and empowers executive4. Regularly grades own performance5. Recruits and trains board members
  16. 16. Ideas for Implementing1. Have ED and Chair-elect /Chair to assess together and identify focus.2. Ask committee chairs to tackles specific sections sections3. Use for board retreat4. Cover one Core Element at each board meeting
  17. 17. Remember how to eat an elephant?
  18. 18. Ideas forDeveloping Boards
  19. 19. Why Nonprofits Have Boards 501(c)(3) nonprofits are corporations with tax- exempt status  don’t pay corporate income tax – federal, state  donations are tax deductable to the donors BoardSource estimates @ $30B a year in foregone taxes
  20. 20. For-Profit vs. Nonprofits Boards Boards of For-Profit Corporations  Protect interests of shareholders / owners  Objective: to earn a profit Boards of Nonprofit Corporations  Protect interests of community, clients, and donors  Objective: to ensure funds are spent properly and to achieve maximum impact
  21. 21. A Productive Board Knows it is accountable and governs Knows when to be “hands off” and when to be “hands on” Pays attention to governance issues Follows basic boardroom etiquette Makes board training a priority at every meeting
  22. 22. Tools to Promote Governance as Leadership Well run meetings Focus on strategic issues and solving problems. Conflict of Interest Policy – Real / Perceived Governance Committee – not just nominating Orientation Process Use of Executive Sessions 100% Board Giving
  23. 23. Running an Effective Meeting Send agenda out before meeting – consider a consent agenda Stay on topic – allocate time Focus on decision making – give-and-take, not show- and-tell Involve all board members Chair remains neutral Have a good time
  24. 24. Ways To Confirm Your Fit  Ask for Board Member Responsibility Statement - $ / meeting dates / term  Budget / Get the real story  Read the Bylaws  Meet with the Executive Director  Determine role you they want you to play – time, talent, treasure  Talk to Board members  Experience program workSCANPO - together. for good.
  25. 25. Summit Highlights• 3 Pre-Summit Workshops - $30 ea. mbrs• Movie Night – free• 3 Plenary Sessions• 25+ Sessions over 2 days• Reception• $185 mbrs
  26. 26. Summit Highlights* Wednesday is Movie Night* Thursday Lunch Roundtables* Thursday Night is GoogleReception
  27. 27. Summit Keynote Kivi Leroux Miller
  28. 28. Keynote and WorkshopBob Lupton, author Toxic Charities Pictured with Cookie Sprouse and Tom Keith
  29. 29. SCANPO Rates Nonprofit Members Number NPs with budgets NPs with budgets under $750,000 $751,000+ of FTES Up to 2 $100 $200 3 to 15 $200 $400 16-50 $800 51+ $1,000Associate Members - $50 - for a single userFor Individuals and nonprofit organizations who do not need use of the job center, training orpreferred vendor discounts, or other services.