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Sleep Deprivation is a huge problem causes some sleeping disorders and sometimes even death.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. * By: Shelby Hudson, Erin Fields, Cullen Bennett
  2. 2. * Sleep deprivation is the condition of being deprived of sleep either under experiment or under real life conditions, as distinguished from being unable to sleep. * Can cause acne development and bad hair days. *
  3. 3. *More people suffer from sleep deprivation than from the common cold. *40% of adults admit their work suffers when they are tired. *College students suffer the most from sleep deprivation.
  4. 4. *Disruptions of sleep *Diet troubles *Mental state *
  5. 5. *Chamomile *
  6. 6. *Hops *
  7. 7. *Decreased immune system activity *Chronic Fatigue Syndrome *Start or Result of Sleep Disorder *Depression *The main cause of death for those who fall asleep at the wheel *