Sub Networks World 2012 SX Upgrade


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Presentation by Dean Veverka, CTO Southern Cross Cable Networks at Submarine Networks World 2012

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  • Upgrades have given us the ability to compete with newer systems by enabling us to provide capacity to the end of the design life and possibly beyond
  • Sub Networks World 2012 SX Upgrade

    1. 1. Case Study – Upgrading of Southern Cross Dean Veverka 1 Director Networks & VP Operations
    2. 2. ObjectiveNetwork OverviewUpgrade DriversUpgrade ProjectBenefitsUpgrade Strategies
    3. 3.  30,500 km 2 cable ring network 99.999%+ availability Constructed 2000-01 Engineered until 2025 Commercial service until 2025+ Cost: US$1.4B 2 cables connect Aust/NZ to the USA
    4. 4. Repeater:- F2 133km Nedonna [X]•Spacing 50-80 km, Depth up to 8 km Hillsboro•Power I/P -0.4 dBm, Power O/P +10 dBm F1 4,538km 23mS E•Wavelengths [ 193.7 THz - 192.2 THz ] 63 Rpt 68km Sp F1+F2 1,593km1547.72 nm 1559.79 nm 16•Supervision by over modulation @ 150 kHZ 8mS KaheCable:- Point [Y]•Resistance:- 1.6 Ohm / km @ 100 C I Morro G1 458km Bay [Y]•Attenuation:- 0.21dB / km 5,828km 7 Rpt D 21mS 93 Rpt 2mS 76km Sp•Delay:- 5uS / km 63km Sp 4,135km 56 RptPower Feed:- Spencer 74km Sp G2 29mS Beach•Voltage up to 10 KV 3,543km Suva [X] [X]•Current 1.02mA 46 Rpt Fuji 78km Sp 40mS 18mS Brookvale [Y] C 8,002km 152 Rpt Fuji H 53km Sp 31km 11mS B 15km Alexandria [Y] 0 Rpt Takapuna [Y] Whenuapai [X] 4
    5. 5. Phase Date Capacity (Gbps) A RFS-1 (15th Nov 2000) 2.5Gλ 25 B RFS-2 (28th Feb 2001) 50 C RFS-3 (Jun 2001) 110 D Nov 2001 160 E April 2002 240 F March 2003 10Gλ 480 G 2009-2010 1,200 H1 Feb 2012 40Gλ 1,600 H2 Apr 2013 100Gλ 2,400 5
    6. 6. 40G Total2.5Gλ 1.5T Total460G Total 40/100Gλ •610Gλ
    7. 7. FTTH 24-100 Mbps 2012+ Hi-Speed 8Mbps Download Growth 2008-2012 2008+ Broadband 250kbps Personal 2005-2008 CloudDial-up Access Speed64Kbps 2005-2008 ContentPre 2004 Online/Streaming Video Subscriber Growth 1TB caps Pre 2005 data $0.18/GB P2P Browsing Pre 2003 Small data caps data $358/GB •7
    8. 8.  Unified Layer 0 and Layer 1 Deployment 6500 Packet-Optical platform provides both Layer 0 (Photonics) and Layer 1 intelligent coherent-based transponders in a single network node ROADMs used to photonically bypass Landing Stations, minimise OEO conversions, significantly reduce latency, lower power/space requirements, and improve end-to-end network availability Combined Subsea and Terrestrial Deployment 6500 Packet-Optical platform provides both Submarine and Terrestrial segments providing seamless integration and wavelength switching – erases traditional submarine/terrestrial demarcation point Seven submarine segments deployed on dark fibre pair with 40G coherent-based wavelengths with the longest segment over 8,000km Five terrestrial segments upgraded on existing photonics system with 40G and 100G coherent-based wavelengths Every segment uses OTN transport from end to end with a total of 2.8T of upgrade capacity Single Service Platform Switching: 1.2T or 3.6T of SDH/OTN intelligent switching capacity and packet switches Unified service platform can efficiently switch, groom, and protect SDH, SONET, OTN, and Packet traffic natively, all within the same node and same switch fabric OneConnect control plane intelligence deployed across all switches for differentiated SLAs, •8 increased network resilience, automated operations, and improved bandwidth utilization
    9. 9. 9
    10. 10.  New Products New Interface Rates: 10G OTU-2, 40G OTU-3 & 40GE. With 100G OTU-4 and 100GE coming New Protection Options: Intelligent resilient mesh and multi-failure restoration New Technology Transport: 40G and 100G coherent-based submarine wavelengths on all seven segments Switching: 1.2T or 3.6T unified SONET/SDH/OTN capacity and Packet switches at all POPs Fully end-to-end OTN network New Flexibility Fully flexible wavelength switches at all sites Single Service platform can efficiently switch, groom and protect SDH, SONET, OTN and Packet traffic natively, all within the same switch fabric Single Management Platform provides consolidated control of Layer 0, Layer 1 and Layer 2 end to end (POP to POP) Intelligent control plane enabling Differentiated Service Level Agreements tailored to customer specific network requirements Capacity Growth Capacity growth with simple cards insertions, in-service. and hitless •10
    11. 11.  Unified Layer 0 and Layer 1 with 40G and 100G Wavelength Switching Trans Pacific Integrated Subsea and Terrestrial Deployment Single Service Platform providing Control Plane and Mesh restoration of SDH, OTN and Packet Integrated Network and Service Management visibility across all layers •11
    12. 12. 400G/1TB+ <STM-4 STM-4 to 64 10/40/100G+ (future) Low Cap High Cap Very High Private Private Cap Private Line Line Line SDH TECHNOLOGY OTN TECHNOLOGY Low Cap High Cap Ethernet Switched Ethernet Ethernet Point to Private Private Ethernet Multipoint Line Line Ethernet ETHERNET OVER SDH TECHNOLOGY ETHERNET MPLS TECHNOLOGY Developments (future) (Basic) CorporatePrivate Line / Web Peer to Peer Video Streaming / Content Futur browsing Voice / email Consolidation e? •12
    13. 13. PLANNING Upgrade strategy Overall O&M lifecycle 5 year planning Infrastructure Future technologies Network Management Customer requirements New products and Business Case Services Network Impacts Customer Impacts •13
    14. 14. 14
    15. 15. Dean Veverka Director Networks & VP OperationsDean has been with Southern Cross for over 10 years holding variousoperational and technical positions in Southern Cross and previously inOptus and OTC Limited. Dean is the current Chairman of theInternational Submarine Cable Protection Committee (ICPC), andTreasurer of the North American Submarine Cable Association (NASCA).