PTC 14 O&M Overview Final


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PTC14 Presentation by Dean Veverka, Director Networks, Southern Cross Cables and Vice-Chairman ICPC, on Submarine Cable Operations and Maintenance

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PTC 14 O&M Overview Final

  1. 1. Title Submarine Cables: O&M and Cable Maintenance PTC – 19 January 2014 Dean Veverka Director Networks & Vice President Operations Southern Cross Cables Ltd. ICPC Vice-Chairman © 2006-2014 International Cable Protection Committee Ltd
  2. 2. Protecting Cables During Operation - Best Industry Practice  ICPC Recommendation # 6 provides Best Industry Practice for Protection of Submarine Cables and covers  Dissemination of cable route information  Stakeholder Liaison & Education  Monitoring Security of Cable Routes  Legal
  3. 3. Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) • Local laws may specify the minimum size of vessel that is fitted with VMS • VMS integrates with onboard GPS and relays information to fishing authority Cable damaged by trawling gear Source: TE Subcom • Cable owners may be able to obtain information via court order if a vessel is suspected of damaging a cable
  4. 4. Monitoring Security of Cable Route _______________ Automatic Identification System (AIS)
  5. 5. AIS  Determination of cause of fault can be uncertain  AIS provides conclusive proof for faults caused by anchor  Can protect a cable against a ship dragging it’s anchor whilst at anchor  Cannot protect a cable against a ship dragging it’s anchor whilst underway but can prevent multiple failures  Warnings sent to vessel captain and owner have avoided anchor drag faults on monitored cables.
  6. 6. Air and Sea Patrols AIR PATROL  Air patrol may be cost effective in certain areas or seasons where there is high marine activity  Patrols may be flown all year or just the seasonal peaks  Potential offending vessels can be contacted via VHF or leaflets dropped indicating location of the cable SEA PATROL  Sea patrol is effective because allows direct contact  Sea patrols may again be all year or just when fishing vessels are concentrated during certain season  Always randomise patrols
  7. 7. Terrestrial Patrols  Submerged plant actions need to be complemented with effective monitoring of the land route  Patrols ideally undertaken daily  A cable owners representative should be present during any authorised work in vicinity of the cable with authority to stop work  “Dial-before-you dig” service should be established with local authorities
  8. 8. National Legislation  National legislation could help reduce the risk of cable damage  Australian Government has recognised the strategic importance of submarine cables  Protection zones designated for Southern Cross, Australia-Japan SEA-ME-WE 3 cable systems  High risk operations banned & low risk activities restricted  Criminal penalties up to $A330,000 &/or 10 years prison Source: Australian Communications & Media Authority
  9. 9. Zone Maintenance Agreements Established for repair of cables with dedicated vessels MECMA NAZ Yokohama ACMA SEAIOCMA NAZ – North America Zone ACMA – Atlantic Cable Maintenance Agreement MECMA – Mediterranean Cable Maintenance Agreement SEAIOCMA – South East Asia and Indian Ocean Cable Maintenance Agreement Yokohama Zone
  10. 10. Private Maintenance Agreements Specialized vessels placed strategically around the globe APMA NPMMSA APMMSA APMA E Marine South Africa Zone APMMSA South Pacific Zone APMA – Atlantic Private Maintenance Agreement, including MED – ASN and SubCom APMMSA – Asia Pacific Private Maintenance Agreement - ASN and SubCom NPMMSA – Northern Pacific Zone – SubCom South Pacific Zone - ASN Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Indian Arabian Sea – E Marine South African Agreement - FTM
  11. 11. ICPC Activity Update  ITU – Green Repeater Initiative  ISA – Deep Sea Mining Leases – MOU  APEC – Bali Workshop on Best Practice Guideline  CSCAP – Workshop Cable Security Issues  Publications: Submarine Cables - Handbook on Law and Policy
  12. 12. Sharing the seabed in harmony