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Events to influence 2012 13 trends


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Events to influence 2012 13 trends

  1. 1. Obviously as Trend Forecasters it’s our job to be thinking about the future…we’re Futurologists we are!The major events and happenings over the next few years will help to shape the design trends for bothFashion and Interiors. Everything from sporting events, film releases, elections, exhibitions,commemorations and much more will set the coming styles and define what resonates and reachesconsumers on emotional and motivational levels. Part of our work involves translating all of theinformation we gather on coming events into actual trend forecasts – the colours, patterns, shapes,materials, styles etc… that will be ‘on trend’ in the future. So to give you a heads-up on some of the mostsignificant events of next year, here is our month-by-month breakdown of 2012:January sees the beginning of a year-long celebration of James Bond because it will be 50 years sincethe dashing British agent first appeared on our cinema screens. It’s going to be Bondeverything!…including the release of the Skyfall movie, no end of TV re-runs, new merchandise and aninfluence on men’s fashion & interiors too…check out these fab James Bond bar stools from Hyde House(click link & scroll down the images on the right) if you want to stay ahead of the curve.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Oscars are always a significant indicator of Fashion influences and of course the influence also filtersthrough into Interiors. We keep a keen eye on the nominees and the eventual winners of categories suchas best film and best costume design. So keep your eye on the 84th Academy Awards on February 26th.After Eddie Murphy dropped out Billy Crystal stepped-in as host, making this his 9th innings.
  2. 2. India will host the 2nd summit of the BRICS Trade Ministers in New Delhi in March next year. BRICScomprises of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. BRICS are a bridge between the developedand the developing world and the quality and durability of the global economic recovery process dependsto a great degree on how the BRICS economies perform and the decisions they make. So it’s well worthkeeping abreast of the outcome of the Summit.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Titanic set out on its fateful maiden voyage 100 years ago in April. Expect documentaries and TVdramas (inc. a series for the UK written by Julian Fellowes focusing on the 2nd-class passengers & crew)as well as a re-release of the Titanic movie in 3D! There will also be a poignant memorial service at theexact site and time the Titanic sank. The Titanic Memorial Cruise will depart from Southampton on the8th and the Titanic Anniversary Cruise will depart from New York on the 10th.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The official date of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is actually in February but the main celebrations begintowards the end of May continuing for 3 months across the Summer, with key members of the Royalfamily travelling to 15 countries. The Jubilee celebrates 60 years since her ascension to the thrones of theUK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia & her 60th year as Head of the Commonwealth. Note: It’s alsothe start of the 2012 World Expo in South Korea running until August.
  3. 3. The Rio+20 Earth Summit in Brazil in June marks 20 years since the seminal Earth Summit in 1992, andis regarded as a chance for leaders to put humanity on a sustainable track. Clashes with the Jubileecelebrations might make it a challenge for all the Commonwealth leaders to attend for the full EarthSummit, running from 4th-6th, but the importance of the agenda, including poverty eradication andsustainable development, should encourage most to jet from London to Rio.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Did we mention the 2012 Olympics are in London? The London Olympics 3 hour opening ceremonytakes place on 27th July, making London the 1st city in history to host the games 3 times! FilmmakerDanny Boyle is the Art Director and earlier this month the budget was doubled for the Olympic andParalympic ceremonies to more than £80m. At the closing ceremony there will be the official handover toRio in anticipation of the 2016 Olympics.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------August will mark the anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s untimely death 50 years ago on the 5th August1962 (when she was just 36). Expect documentary tributes, touring exhibitions of photographs &paintings, book releases, recreations of her famous photo-shoots in fashion mags, heaps of merchandisefeaturing the blonde bombshell and fans gathering to pay their respects in Hollywood. Marilyn will alsobe featured on a USA stamp with Billy Wilder celebrating Great Film Directors.
  4. 4. Join us in London in September when hundreds of design shows, exhibitions & events take place acrossthe city. Running from 15th-23rd, this will be the 10th London Design Festival. Some of our favouriteshows include TENT, 100% Design and DesignJunction. With a huge influx of visitors to Londonbecause of the Olympics, the world’s eyes will be on the UK during the summer and the UK’s world-class creative community will be showcased over these 9 days of design events.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As a BIG Beatles fan this might seem a touch biased…but in October it will be 50 years since the fabfour released their first single ‘Love Me Do’. We hear rumours the powers that be are consideringreleasing all of the original UK singles on a once a week basis, but for sure it is the perfect opportunity toflood the market with 50th anniversary offerings, re-releases, documentaries, covers &tributes….especially if the remaining Beatles do reunite (as hinted) at the Olympic opening ceremony.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The United States Presidential Election will be held on November 6th. According to the online WallStreet Journal pages, at the time of writing former House Speaker Newt Gingrich topped the polls (with33%) as the most likely candidate to lead the Republican’s and attempt to snatch a 2nd term away fromthe incumbent Barack Obama (currently at almost 43%). We’d like to think the One World Trade Centerwill be completed in New York by then…come on, get a move on!
  5. 5. December will see the release of the big-screen adaptation of ’The Great Gatsby’ starring LeonardoDiCaprio, Tobey Maguire & Carey Mulligan. The US release is scheduled for Christmas Day. Expect arenaissance of the Jazz Age style in men’s and ladies Fashion as well as a renewed interest in the patterns,furniture and interior styling of the period. I for one will be sporting a cloche hat next winter and I’mcurrently coveting this Art Deco daybed … so stylish!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Special Scarlet Opus 2012 Event!We are thrilled to announce that in the first quarter of 2012 we’ll be launching an all-new Membershiparea on the blog. That’s right, you heard correctly! As a subscriber you’ll have access to all the latestScarlet Opus trend information – from both a design and business perspective; the season’s key colours,Pantone referenced; We’ll be presenting our inspirational design webinars; we’ll be reviewing majorinternational design shows; posting interviews with your favourite Designers; offering free miniconsultations with our Futurologists; PLUS exclusive discounts on our Trend reports and inspirationalvisual boards and much, much more!Have a great year and keep in touch with / / shelley@scarletopus.com