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A03 benchmarking

  1. 1. A03-Research and analysis into the ways in which your chosen Travel andTourism organisation assesses the effectiveness of the customer service itprovides to its customers.BenchmarkingBenchmarking is used by many organisations to set a series of qualitative criteriaand see how well they are doing against it. Cadbury World might usebenchmarking on their various quality criteria and assess their performance oneach one of those quality criteria.Price and value for moneyPrice and value for money is when organisations want to meet the expectations oftheir customers by providing them with services that are worth the amount ofmoney they paid. The customers are given their money worth. Cadbury Worldlooks at prices charged at other tourist attractions and the experience gained inthese particular attractions. The visitor attraction benchmark itself against otherattraction such as Alton Towers, Drayton Manor, Blenheim palace etc to see howwell they are doing in terms of providing their customers good value for moneyand make sure that the prices that they set to the public aren‟t too expensive andare just right for the services they are offering customers. Mystery Shopperevaluation forms are used by the company to find out if they are giving price andvalue for money to their customers “as a customer, do you feel that you have hadvalue for money”. Cadbury World charges £10.80 per Adult accompanying groupsof more than 15 people whereas Alton Towers charges £19 per adult for a group of10 people or more, by comparing their prices to this organisation Cadbury Worldcan make some changes in order of gaining more customers, their prices are lowerand promote good customer service so many people might see a better value fortheir money at the attraction.Consistency and accuracyTo achieve good customer service, Cadbury World needs to ensure that it isconsistent throughout, this means that the same quality of service should beprovided by all internal customers. The organisation needs to make sure that thelevel of expertise in accuracy and consistency is the same in all departments inorder to please the customers. To measure the consistency and accuracy of servicegiven to customers by their employees, Cadbury World leave some commentforms for customers to have their say on the services they‟ve been offered,questionnaires are used by the organisation as they prove to be more specific andgive them the information they need, they also use mystery shoppers to determinewhich ones of their employees need further training on consistency and accuracy,in the mystery shopper form given out by the organisation, they ask if the
  2. 2. customers think Cadbury World is successful in: telling the story of the history ofchocolate/Cadbury, describing the process of making chocolate, advertising theCadbury name, to find out if they are consistent and accurate in the service thatthey give to their external customers.ReliabilityReliability is a very important factor of quality criteria. Reliability means thecustomer can rely on the organisation for whatever they need to be fulfilled servicewise. Cadbury World aim to meet its customer‟s expectations in terms ofreliability, but this needs to be monitored frequently to assess whether theseexpectations have been met, so the organisation uses training, for instance CadburyWorld have a visitor service code which they call the “6 S‟s” which help monitorhow well they do on reliability as if the customers feel that they could trust theattraction, most of them will come back which will enforce repeat business. Toassess how successful they are on reliability, Cadbury World uses informal videosto ask they‟re customers if they like coming to the attraction, the feedbacks thentell the organisation how reliable they are...Staffing levels/qualities to meet the demands of seasonalityStaffing levels and qualities to meet the demands of seasonality is when anorganisation has to ensure that they are enough staff working to answer tocustomers‟ needs and Cadbury world have 100 employees of whom 65 areexhibition staff, and the remainder back of house, catering, retail andAdministration, “the organisation has 45 permanent staff and around 30-35seasonal staff who are dealing with customers directly, either in the exhibition, inthe chocolate-making demonstration or in the shop and to meet the demands ofseasonality they employ more on the high peak season to avoid excessive delays inproviding information to customers. There are more customers booking andvisiting the organisation in the high peak season so they make sure that they makesure that there is a member of the staff in all area of the building ready to help outcustomers.It is important that the staff employed to help out in high peak season are trained incustomer service practices so that the customer doesn‟t experience a reducedquality of service. They assess the effectiveness of these quality criteria by usingthe Mystery shopper form; have your say website etc…Enjoyment of the experienceWhen a customer is visiting a tourist attraction, a theme park, holiday, business orsporting trip, they want to be able to enjoy themselves. If the customer comes waysfeeling unhappy, it is very unlikely they will repeat the visit/experience. Therefore
  3. 3. Cadbury World need to check that they are providing the quality of experience thecustomer expects so they can hope to achieve repeat business and increased sales.The organisation has buffer zones which ensures that they aren‟t too manycustomers at the area, the more the customers are able to circulate freely thehappier they are and more likely they are to enjoy their visit. Elderly people won‟tnecessarily enjoy similar activities as a school group so Cadbury World offers awide range / variety of things to do such as a special tour around Bourneville forthe elderly and rides and the cafe for teenagers. The only way Cadbury World canmeasure their customer‟s enjoyment is to ask them using questionnaires andsurveys which will determine what the customers enjoy on their trip or what needsthey didn‟t enjoy, rides etc... This gives Cadbury World a chance to improve ontheirHealth and SafetyWhen customers visit a tourist attraction, they want to feel that their health andsafety has been properly considered so organisations need to monitor themaintenance of facilities and equipments. Cadbury World have to have limits tothe amount of people they allow entry into their attraction each day. If theorganisation gets overcrowded, the environment will be unsafe and both customersand employees wouldn‟t have a very pleasant experience. To overcomeovercrowding, visitors can book prior to their visit online or on the phoneespecially if they travelling in a big group such as a school trip.Another way Cadbury World monitors health and safety is to have clear exit signswhich arte international therefore known by everyone so there‟s no confusion topeople whose first language isn‟t English, the organisation makes sure that thecustomers are aware that the toilets have been cleaned by having notices in thereon which the times its been cleaned at are marked; the toilets at Cadbury World arecleaned every 60 minutes this tells the customers that they are in a safe and healthyenvironment. To find out if the organisation is complying with the health andsafety legislation, the attraction bring in health and safety inspectors to make surethat the institution cleanliness and safety is sustained. Cadbury World also assessesthe effectiveness of health and safety by using questionnaires and surveys; theyalso use mystery shopper surveys for example asking whether the customers thinkthat the toilets were clean or ask some general questions about if their customersfeel that the number of visitors in the building is adequate, all these research willconclude how the attraction is doing in terms of health and safety issues.Cleanliness and hygieneThe cleanliness and hygiene of a place is how the place is maintained, the state ofit, it could be either tidy or messy, it is a major factor for Cadbury World, andwhether or not customers want to use the attraction could be down to how clean the
  4. 4. building is. The appearance of the premises of the organisation both inside and outeffect how customers feel, for example families with kids wouldn‟t want to bringtheir children in a dirty environment and might tell other people if the cleanlinessand hygiene there wasn‟t healthy and safe which might lead to less and less visitorsattending the attraction. Cleanliness can be included in the toilets where the floorsshould be kept clean, the toilets should be germ free and sinks, tissue racks shouldbe kept tidy, Cadbury World works hard on their appearances and the firstimpression they give to their customers. Hygiene is another factor which can effectwhether or not customers would want to visit Cadbury World. To assess whethercleanliness and hygiene is established, surveys, comments forms are used to assessit. Comments form are particularly handy for this as the customers can commenton anything they thought needs to be dealt with, e.g.: cleanliness of the toilets. Theorganisation also uses mystery shopper to uncover whether the litter bins wereemptied regularly, all these techniques help the Cadbury World to assess thisquality criteria.Accessibility and availability of the tangible products and servicesJust like Cadbury World, a number of organisation ensure that their products areaccessible by means of offering them through a range of media, for example; on-line, phoning customer, mail order etc. Cadbury World uses different methods tomake sure they are accessible and available; making their opening times moreflexible to attract customers, the organisation makes sure that all members of thepublic can attend it. Customers must be able to access the building and CadburyWorld uses ramps, elevators to ensure that people with disability can move aroundwithin the premises, there are also steps used for little children or adults withheight issues to make sure that they have the same experience as everyone else andthey can still enjoy the experience. Cadbury World is very accessible, they monitorthis by being very well sing posted , easily located which means customers won‟tgo to too much trouble trying to get there, but they also have different meanstransport which could be used to get to the attraction, for example; coach, cars,buses etc. Another way the attraction makes sure they are available is to openweekdays, week-ends as well as on holidays and half term breaks. Theorganisation even has put in place some events customers can attend in the halfterm holidays for example; for this February half term Cadbury World will havevarious acts on site daily which will include Charlie Farley and Rags and MarkTraversoni... The visitor attraction assesses the effectiveness of the accessibilityand availability it provides to its customers by offering them a range of prices, e.g.group booking, school bookings etc. There are also leaflets which would helpcustomers locate and access the attraction, the mystery shopper form is also usedby Cadbury World to access their availability and accessibility, the organisation
  5. 5. ask general questions as followed “ do you agree with the opening dates/times”,the answers help them obtain feedback.Provision for individual needsProvision for individual needs is when organisations make sure that they supplyservices that will suit every type of customers they have. Cadbury World have avariety of services available for different customers, for example they have specialtours for the elderly, ramps, elevators and spare wheelchairs are available fordisable customers, there have also a playground for children along with rides“Cadabra”, audio tours in French, Spanish and German for foreign customers etc...The visitor attraction identify the needs of their different customers as they want tosatisfy them and experience repeat business; school visits can be educational aswell as fun, Cadbury World offers educational talks to school kids on specificsubjects like Aztecs, Victorians, Design and technology. There are also differentmeals available at the attraction‟s restaurants, like halal, special meals forvegetarians, children etc...If a customer feels as his needs are being taken account by the organisation, hemight come back. Cadbury World uses questionnaires, comment forms andmystery shopper forms to evaluate how effective they are on providing for theirdifferent customers. An example of questions they ask on the mystery shopperform is there are sufficient facilities for people with visual impairment the results,feedback they get from these will help them determine whether they are providingall their customer‟s needs or if they need to improve their facilities/services...another way Cadbury word assess this quality criteria is by simply asking theircustomers if they have everything they need...Methods of obtaining customers feedbackMystery shopperCadbury World mystery shoppers are independent people hired by the organisationto undertake shopping exercise; they act as potential customers and then reportback to the organisation on their findings. It could occasionally by an employeefrom another part of the organisation not known by the employees in the facilitybeing surveyed. Usually there are about 4 mystery shoppers visiting the visitorattraction each month but Cadbury World has had about 80 visits in 2009.QuestionnairesAnother method Cadbury World obtains feedback is through the use ofquestionnaires. The questionnaires are made by Oxford research agency thatcarries out 300 visitor questionnaires on mainly week-ends; they cover a variety of
  6. 6. questions which might include the accessibility of the attraction and many othercustomer service areas; it gives Cadbury World the chance to ask their customersquestions in various depths. For educational talks Cadbury World uses theHamilton House to produce their leaflets and questionnaires. The organisation alsocarries out their own „in house questionnaires‟ which especially focus on newsections and different department, access etc… for example rides like essence, theattraction makes sure that the ride is safe and enjoyed by the customers.Comments forumsThere are comments forms available from reception in which both internal andexternal customers can comment on services and facilities. It could be for eithermaking a negative or positive comment which gives Cadbury World theopportunity to receive development feedback or compliments.Letters, emails phone calls are also made to customer houses to get importantfeedback. The organisation has a „Have your say‟ website which customers canvisit in the comfort of their home to make any comment they wish to.Informal feedbackAt the start of our visit to the attraction we had a talk on which we saw theorganisation undertake some informal feedback method, Cadbury World has amade a video asking their customers who visits ( families with kids, couples etc…)and also why they are visiting the organisation. Customers are also stopped andasked questions in the building; it‟s another informal way of finding out what theirtarget audiences are.How do they make improvements?Cadbury World gains customer feedback through Viewpoint and they have alreadybegun to look at changes they can make based on the survey results, such as whereand how they advertise. It‟s a more efficient and cost effective way of gettingfeedback from their customers. There are Log complaints areas for improvementsat Cadbury World, customers are free to make any complaints they like usingtechnology, the managers then draw a plan of action and work on the situation;How they respond to those complaints depends on nature of it.BIBLIOGRAPHY Visit and talk class visit to the attractionWe went to Cadbury world for a talk which was about customer service and theorganisation met the needs of their different customers (26th of January 2011) Heinemann text bookAs level for OCR Travel and tourism
  7. 7. Publisher: Heinemann educational publishersPublished in 2005Authors: Hilary Blackman, Anne Rove, John D, Smith and Sue Stewart Collins Travel and Tourism text bookIt was used to find information on principles of the quality criteria, although old,the book is very usefulCollins –Travel and Tourism bookAdvanced vocational T&T by Tony Outhart and TaylorDate: 2000 Cadbury World websiteI used the website to find information on travel, meals, and facilities for specialneed people. Customer satisfaction survey softwareTo get information on viewpoint and new technology used by Cadbury World.http://www.customersatisfactionsurveysoftware.co.uk/Case_Studies/cadbury-world-visitor-attraction-survey
  8. 8. AO4- An evaluation of the customer service principles underlying the serviceprovided to different types of customer by Cadbury World withrecommendations for improvement to meet the organisation values andattitudesCadbury‟s World set objectives and work towards meeting them, their currentvision is to concentrate on delivering Cadbury values, the organisation want to berecognised for the services that they offer their customers, along with their currentvision are some other mission statement, for example giving customers a uniquememorable and enjoyable chocolate experience which will assure customersatisfaction and make sure that they get repeat business, another way CadburyWorld tries to provide for their customers is by Offering them a value for theirmoney .This is an evaluation of how Cadbury World meets its mission statement.In order to see what people‟s opinions were to the customer services at CadburyWorld, I decided to make a questionnaire which my classmates were to fill in asthey‟ve experienced how good or bad the customer service was at the organisation.I asked eleven different people then made a tally which I then used to make thefollowing graphs and came out with these results.Price and value for moneyThe feedbacks I got from the questionnaires I made shows that more than half thepeople I questioned thought that they got value for money, and 5 out of 11customers preferred to pay a sum of £16 - £20 instead of £5-£10 0r £21-£25. Theyseemed to have received excellent customer care and service on our trip. The factthat we only paid £20 for a day trip in Cadbury World with transport includedseems like a fair price, the experience was definitely worth the money. CadburyWorld provided good price and value for money for their customers and made surethey had a good experience. How much were you prepared to pay 6 5 4number of people (11) 3 2 1 0 £5-£10 £11-£15 £16-£20 £21-£25 amount of money customers are prepared to pay
  9. 9. Was the experience worth the money? 10 8Numberof people 6asked 4(11) 2 0 Very Expensive Average Cheap Very cheap expensive Consistency From the responses I obtained from my questionnaires, about 40% of my 11 customers thought that the Cadbury World‟s staff were helpful and knew a lot about the organisation, the external customers found that all their questions were answered during their visit. The majority of people I asked thought the staffs were very consistent, they all seemed to have received correct information but 5 out of 11 of them disagreed as the Cadabra ride was closed along with some other exhibit, this is an example of bad consistency as the customers expected some services which weren‟t delivered. All of the people who took part in answering my questionnaires were satisfied with the level of confidence the employees had, they found that the staff enjoyed it and followed the 6‟S rules. How accurate were the answers to your questions during your visit? 6 5 4Numberof people 3asked(11) 2 1 0 Very poor Poor Satisfactory Good Very Good
  10. 10. Reliability 90% of 11 customers thought that the organisation‟s employees were approchable, they got help when they needed some and the staff‟s body languages were good enough to feel at eased and as if they wanted to help. All my respondents thought that Cadbury World wasn‟t at all reliable in having all their expected attractions open. Most students on the trip were looking forward to getting on the Cadabra ride so it was a massive disappointment to find it closed. Although 11 out of 11 customers found Cadbury World to be what they expeceted, the organisation needs to make some improvement in this quality criteria as this could not only cause them a decrease in visitor numbers but also less and less repeat business will occur if the customers‟s expectations arent met. Staffing Levels Cadbury World employ many people to make sure theirs customers get the services and help they deserved so on our trip, it was very obvious that the visitor attraction works hard on having staff all around the premises. The feedbacks I got from my questionnaires were positive. The staff were in uniforms and looked presentable, I asked my respondents “did you think they was enough staff working” and they all replied “yes”. Cadbury World is doing well assuring that they are enough staff working in the premises. My studies show that the external customers are pleased with the appearance, staffing levels and quality that Cadbury World offers them. About 70% of the people I asked experienced good product knowledge from the employees, this means that all the training the Cadbury World‟s staff goes through does pay off. Their product knowledge is not at all limited and they seem confident when giving out information. How would you rate their product knowledge? PoorNumber Satisfactoryof peopleasked Good(11) Very good
  11. 11. Enjoyment 9 out of 11 of the people I asked did enjoy the trip, the main reasons given was “the chocolate”. The day was both enjoyable and educational. Cadbury World presents different services to different customers, for example college students. We took part in different activities and learned a lot about customer service, it was enjoyable. All of my respondents decided that to recommend Cadbury World to other people, this might ensure repeat business and customer satisfaction. How did you find your day? 7 6Number 5of people 4asked 3(11) 2 1 0 Boring Average Enjoyable Very enjoyable Health and safety The organisation has clear signs for first aid and fire exits, this shows that Cadbury World cares about both their external and internal customers welfare and security. I asked 11 people how they would arte Cadbury World in terms of health and safety and the results have been really positive, 8 out of them thought of it to be good and the rest thought it was very good. The visitor attraction is rated high in this quality criteria, customers feel that they are in a healthy and secure environment, they could decide to come back or even recommend it to some relatives/ acquaintances… How would you rate Cadbury World in terms of health and safety? 9 8Number 7of people 6asked 5(11) 4 3 2 1 0 Very poor Poor Average Good Very Good
  12. 12. Cleanliness and HygieneAfter observing the cleanliness of Cadbury World‟s premises on our day trip, Imade a questionnaires asking 11 people if they thought the organisation was clean,on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, Cadbury World got rated very high asthey‟ve all seen evidence of the toilets being cleaned and were all able to use cleanutensils from the café and the kitchen. The feedbacks I got were very optimistic;we all experienced good hygiene from the staff‟s and the premises, and we hadaccess to clean facilities. This graph represents the Were the premises clean? feedbacks I got from asking a number of students who went to Cadbury World if the premisesNumber were clean; as the answers were toof people Clean be rated from the scale of 1-10, 10asked Average being the highest and I had a lot of(11) people answering 6-10, I decided to put these findings into a graph and show the percentage of people who thought the premises were clean or simply average.Accessibility and availabilityI asked 11 of my fellow class mates if they thought the visitor attraction was wellsign posted and near a bus or train station, they all replied “yes”. On our way toCadbury World, there were clear signs indicating the way to the attraction. Manybus stops were in site but Bourneville being only 5 miles away from the City centremeans that it‟s easily accessible. The majority of my respondents (8 out of 11 ofthem) felt that they could move easily and safely around the attraction, CadburyWorld allows its customers to move freely around the attraction, they trust theircustomers; they also let them visit and join the tours they want; this could bring theorganisation positive outcomes i.e.: increase the level of repeat business they get.Provision for individual needsCadbury World has won many awards for the different services they offer theircustomers with individual needs so after I asked 11 students on the trip to rate thequality of Cadbury World‟s provision for foreign customers that can‟t speakEnglish, it didn‟t come as a shock that 9 out of them rated it as being more thanacceptable. 99% of the people I asked thought that Cadbury World gave goodquality provision for wheelchair users, they have ramps, lifts etc… to ensure thatall the facilities and services they offer can be used by disabled people as well.Cadbury World does provide for all types of customers they receive every day; the
  13. 13. visitor attraction even make questionnaires and surveys to make sure that they are doing the very best they can to welcome more customers. Quality of provision for foreign customers that can‟t speak English Quality of provision for foreign customers that can‟t speak English 6 5Number 4of people 3asked(11) 2 1 0 Acceptable Good Very Good Quality of provision for wheelchair users (question 22) Very bad Number of people Bad asked Good (11) Excellent Recommendations for improvement Reliability and consistency seems to be one the major quality criterias in which Cadbury World need to improve. Firstly the organisation needs to provide exactly what they were supposed to on the brochures, websites etc…although we enjoyed ourselves on the trip, having closed some rides and exhibitions came as a bit of a surprise because we expected it to be open. I asked 11 people what they thought Cadbury World needed to improve on and 4 people answered “attractions should
  14. 14. be open”, the organisation needs to take account as it might stop them from losingcustomers or potential customers through words of mouth, no one wouldrecommend it if it wasn‟t reliable. Out of 11 people, 3 of them thought thatCadbury World should appeal to teenagers, it‟s very true that they have educationaltalks and other things for young people but it‟s not enough to get us interested,maybe the attraction could look into building a new “play centre” for teenagerswhere young people would go to socialise and play games such as darts, pool etc…2 out of the 11 people who took part in filling in my questionnaire thought that theorganisation needed more staff and better provision for special needs people,Cadbury World can improve this by maybe employing more bilingual staff ,having employees that speak Italian, Chinese, Greek, Korean, Arabic, Polish oreven having audio tours in those languages might broaden their customers, and themore visitors they get, the more recognition and profit they‟ll make. From thefeedbacks that I got from my questionnaire, it is very clear to me that CadburyWorld is in fact meeting its mission statement. The visitors who took part in fillingin the questionnaires did actually say that the trip was enjoyable, it seems as ifCadbury World is giving its customers a unique and memorable chocolateexperience, I asked 11 people what they enjoyed about their day and about 80%answered “the chocolate” so the organization is satisfying its customer‟s needs andmeeting its mission statement.