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Hshuey ppt!


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Hshuey ppt!

  1. 1. By: Haley, Riquel, and Ryan
  2. 2. History of alcohol • Historians believed that the first bottle of alcohol was created as far back as 10,000 BC • 6,000 years after Egyptians showed wine and beer as a common part of life • They believed that their god invented beer and made it a part of their daily life • It was used for medication and nutrition • It was drank at funerals • They stored alcohol in a dead man’s tomb to be drank in the after life • It was made in the development of several countries and societies • Muslim scientists were the first to separate ethanol
  3. 3. Classification • What is the drug classification of alcohol? – Considered a ‘downer’ (Depressant)/sedative – Tequila is an ‘upper’ (Stimulant) • It’s made from Mescaline Cactus plant • Classification of alcohol – A drug – Central nervous system depressant – Makes you feel happy (lifted)
  4. 4. Nicknames • Booze • Brew • Cold one • Juice • Sauce • Vino • Hard stuff
  5. 5. How alcohol affect the body • Can cause blood clouts • Cancer in the esophagus and the mouth • Intense vomiting can tear the esophagus • Can cause high blood pressure • Heart disease • Heart failure • Can cause osteoporosis • Muscle atrophy (causes sharp pain and weakness) • Heavy drinking can cause kidney failure • Cirrhosis which is build up of scar tissue that changes the structure of the liver and blocks blood flow • Can cause pneumonia and yours lungs to collapse • Reduces the amount of digestive enzymes • Can damage cells lining the stomach and intestine • Can irritate your stomach
  6. 6. Illegal or legal? Legal • If drank on your property • In designated areas Illegal • Drinking and driving • Parks • walking down the street • If not drank responsibly
  7. 7. Dangers: long and short term affects of alcohol use Short Term • Misjudgment • Throw up • Hangover • Fatigue • Confusion • Behavior change • Slurred speech • Could loose certain parts of your memory • Vulnerable (weak, helpless, defenseless) Long Term • Alcohol poisoning • Coma • Death • Liver damage • Serious injuries • Alcohol relater heart disease • Cancer • Increase of alcohol tolerance
  8. 8. Common treatments for addiction • Go to rehab • Go to therapy • Rely on self-help programs • Most people have friends or family who help them when they are addicted • To stay sober for a long period of time you must identify what caused the addiction in the first place and change what you can • To become completely sober it takes a lot of commitment and support
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