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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. History • Codeine is a medicine • It is to relieve mild and moderate pains • It is only to be used if prescribed • It should not be used if the person is under the age of 16 • It is a narcotic and antitussive • Codeine is combined with : -acetaminophen (Capital and Codeine, Tylenol with Codeine) -Aspirin -And many cough and cold medicines • Products containing Codeine or Combined
  2. 2. Effects • dizziness • lightheadedness • headache • drowsiness • mood changes • nausea • vomiting • constipation • stomach pain • difficulty urinating • difficulty breathing or swallowing • fast, pounding, or irregular heartbeat • rash • itching • hives • changes in vision • seizures
  3. 3. Nicknames • Lean and syrup were two of the street named for codeine • Syrup codeine was purple • It was used in a rappers song called DJ screw • He died because of codeine at the age of twenty-nine
  4. 4. Treatments • It begins in residential treatment center • The initial phase is called a detox • After about seven days as average in a detox program • The last is going to a residential treatment center