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Why You Need the Services of a Web and SEO Consulting Firm in Kolkata?


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Online businesses in Kolkata need the services of a professional web and SEO consulting firm to survive in the highly competitive market. This article educates readers about how beneficial these services are.

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Why You Need the Services of a Web and SEO Consulting Firm in Kolkata?

  1. 1. WhyWhyWhyWhy YouYouYouYou NeedNeedNeedNeed thethethethe ServicesServicesServicesServices ofofofof aaaa WebWebWebWeb andandandand SEOSEOSEOSEO ConsultingConsultingConsultingConsulting FirmFirmFirmFirm inininin Kolkata?Kolkata?Kolkata?Kolkata? OnlineOnlineOnlineOnline businessesbusinessesbusinessesbusinesses inininin KolkataKolkataKolkataKolkata needneedneedneed thethethethe servicesservicesservicesservices ofofofof aaaa professionalprofessionalprofessionalprofessional webwebwebweb andandandand SEOSEOSEOSEO consultingconsultingconsultingconsulting firmfirmfirmfirm totototo survivesurvivesurvivesurvive inininin thethethethe highlyhighlyhighlyhighly competitivecompetitivecompetitivecompetitive ThisThisThisThis articlearticlearticlearticle educateseducateseducateseducates readersreadersreadersreaders aboutaboutaboutabout howhowhowhow beneficialbeneficialbeneficialbeneficial thesethesethesethese servicesservicesservicesservices are.are.are.are. Gone are the days when online businesses in Kolkata and neighboring areas succeeded by designing websites using some colors and graphics, some average content, stuffing web copy with keywords and building unnatural links. Businesses that cling to these practices even after Google’s Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates had to bear the brunt of the attack. These companies were seen rapidly disappearing from the search engine results pages (SERPs). This is where the importance of an experienced web and SEO consulting firm like SBRSBRSBRSBR TechnologiesTechnologiesTechnologiesTechnologies KolkataKolkataKolkataKolkata comes into the picture. Why do you need such services? Keep reading this article to get the answers.
  2. 2. FreshFreshFreshFresh andandandand QualityQualityQualityQuality ContentContentContentContent TellingTellingTellingTelling YourYourYourYour BrandBrandBrandBrand’’’’ssss StoryStoryStoryStory When it comes to content, it should be unique, fresh, useful, and solve your customer’s problems. Be it website copy, blog posts, infographics or e-books, they should be valuable to your targeted audience. The content should tell your brand’s story and how it will make your customers lives simpler. If you create fluff content and stuff it with keywords, you will only end up building a negative brand image. So, what is the kind of content that your business needs? Let’s find it out. Informative Articles and Engaging Blog Posts: A professional business consulting firm experienced in digital marketing and search engine optimization will create articles and posts that are useful and worth sharing. Blog posts can be about information related to products/services, industry focused news, and company events. Articles, on the other hand, will be more informative in nature and meant to educate customers. The information is crafted in a manner to make potential customers interested in your offerings and they will start thinking positively about your brand.
  3. 3. SocialSocialSocialSocial Sharing:Sharing:Sharing:Sharing: All contents that are published on your blog are also shared on major social networking sites to ensure that your brand is known. UnderstandingUnderstandingUnderstandingUnderstanding YourYourYourYour BusinessBusinessBusinessBusiness fromfromfromfrom thethethethe SEOSEOSEOSEO PerspectivePerspectivePerspectivePerspective SEO is not just about links, rankings, traffic, and SERPs. It’s beyond that. It’s about understanding your business, products, and your customers. You have a web based business in Kolkata and to survive, you need an influx of customers who would love to buy your products. They would come back to your brand over and over again and also refer your products to their friends, family members and acquaintances. That’s how a professional digital marketing company’s approach to SEO should be. AptAptAptApt WebsiteWebsiteWebsiteWebsite andandandand URLURLURLURL StructureStructureStructureStructure HelpHelpHelpHelp UsersUsersUsersUsers NavigateNavigateNavigateNavigate SmoothlySmoothlySmoothlySmoothly Designing and optimizing your web pages is not simply about adding a few graphics, keywords and links. You should ensure that your website and URL have a proper structure making navigation and browsing super easy. Knowledgeable web and SEO experts will provide you with an impeccable URL structure, user-friendly navigation, and URL mapping to ascertain which of the web pages should be optimized for what keywords.
  4. 4. MetaMetaMetaMeta TagTagTagTag OptimizationOptimizationOptimizationOptimization andandandand BuildingBuildingBuildingBuilding OrganicOrganicOrganicOrganic LinksLinksLinksLinks To ensure that your site performs better in terms of major search engine rankings, optimization of Meta tags, page descriptions, titles, and ALT texts (for images) is imperative. Appropriate coding will also enable Google and other search engines to index your web pages quickly and rank them for the specific keywords. We all know that content is king. And, quality content is bound to attract organic links. Authority websites on web designing and development, search engine optimization and digital marketing will link back to your site if you have quality content. With more quality links, you will get quality traffic. This will eventually result in lead generation or sales. What is your take on this subject? Please share with us. ThanksThanksThanksThanks forforforfor ReadingReadingReadingReading