Facebook Promotion Best Practices


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Follow this tutorial for easy and essential Facebook Promotion tips.

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Facebook Promotion Best Practices

  1. 1. acebook PromotionBestPractices
  2. 2. Why We Need Facebook Promotion?Facebook Present Day GlobalAudience: 1,000,000,000Simple Facebook Statistics:
  3. 3. Why We Need Facebook Promotion?Facebook Users Consists 14%Entire Planet’s PopulationSimple Facebook Statistics:
  4. 4. Why We Need Facebook Promotion?Daily Active Facebook Users:655,000,000Simple Facebook Statistics:
  5. 5. Reasons We Need Facebook in Single PointsFacebook can connect with everything and everyone.Tremendous amount of audience and still growing.Facebook ‘Share’ allows to reach more people.Lots of people spend big amount of time on Facebook.
  6. 6. These statistics shows why Facebook promotion isnecessary in today’s world for every onlinebusiness.
  7. 7. Managing a Personal Facebook Profileand managing your Business FacebookPage is different. If you can do yourFacebook promotion properly, than youwill enjoy positive results. But if youdon’t, then all of your efforts will go invain.
  8. 8. WhatToDo?Do not worry,here are someeffective tips onhow you shouldpost on yourBusinessFacebook page.Follow these tipsfor best results.
  9. 9. Promotion Tips :Do your posts regularly yet effectively.Not everything is worth posting. Along withyour business promotion, you can also postyour latest articles, blog posts, pressreleases etc. Do not post promotionalinformation every now and then, your fanswill feel disturbed by that.
  10. 10. Promotion Tips :Be interactive when it comes to posts.Interaction with your fans is a key ingredientto draw their attention. You can dointeractive posts like asking a question,asking your fans opinion about somethingor posting a ‘fill in the blank’ line. Like whensomeone comments on your post, you canalso start a conversation with them. If theygive any compliment for something, do notforget to thank them.
  11. 11. Promotion Tips :When you are posting some informationfrom your website, use eye-candyimages instead of links from your site toattract more viewer.
  12. 12. Promotion Tips :If you have a non-local business Facebookpage, include you website URL into theabout section and it will appear right bellowyour profile picture. This will give yourwebsite more exposure.
  13. 13. Promotion Tips :Keep on changing your cover photoaccording to sessions, occasions andholidays. This will add a refreshing touch toyou Facebook Page.
  14. 14. Promotion Tips :When you have lots of fans, sometimes youcan share an old content from the timewhen you had very less fans. But of course,the old content have to be good enough topost today.
  15. 15. facebookFunFactsThe Facebook population is 3 times that of the USA!Iceland used Facebook to rewrite its constitution!50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given time!
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