Top Ten Amazon Drone Threats by SBR-Technologies


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Top Ten Amazon Drone Threats presented by SBR-Technologies

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Top Ten Amazon Drone Threats by SBR-Technologies

  1. 1. Packages Falling From Sky Can Be Fatal Technical glitches are inevitable and may happen anytime. Think what would happen if the batteries run out? Don’t think your packages are 100% secure just because they no longer have to travel through the road. It can be hijacked just like any other aircrafts. Trained techy criminals can remotely monitor and take control of drones easily. Hi! Hi! Hi!..... Anyone Can Steal the Packages Bad Weather Bad weather delays flight timings and also have been a potential cause of many air crashes. So drones cannot be an exception. Bad weather can also ground Amazon drones. NO LANDING zone FOR U.F.O Target Practicing With Amazon Drones What if the Drone gets lost? Drones Can Be Life Threatening Anyone can hone shooting skills using flying Amazon drones. Is there any way to identify the culprit? Will there be any penalty for doing such a thing? How will Amazon handle it? Finding address is a difficult task even for humans, so the Amazon drones too can face such problems. GPS cannot guarantee that packages will be delivered to the right address. Amazon drones can be a danger to human life. Small mistakes or carelessness can even lead to death. U.F.O Hoax Follo w him!! !!!!! You may often hear about UFO’s now. The drones may be mistaken with UFO’s. So don’t panic if you hear someone telling you about seeing such things. Drones Trespassing Restricted Areas From all the above possibilities of drones being a risk to property and life, we can assume that it may not stick to the 10 miles radius limitation. It may go out of control anytime and enter restricted zones. Hot Ammunition for Criminal Minds The Amazon drones can be used by terrorists for harming people. It can be an effective and strong weapon for serving destructive motives. Oopps s!!! It Can Reveal Your Secrets Amazon drones can unearth your secrets through GPRS cameras, capturing images of your hidden truth. It can also take pictures of your special moments with special people, so beware. Design and developed by SBRTechnologies Source: