Sustainable procurement for residential client Francoise Murat


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Sustainable procurement for residential client Francoise Murat

  1. 1. Sustainable procurement for residential client<br />When sourcing sustainably is a necessity and not a “nice to have”<br />
  2. 2. Necessity V Choice<br /><ul><li>Interested in green issues/products only because of children’s health
  3. 3. Not interested in where it comes from : sourcing sustainably – but WE felt it was important
  4. 4. As local as possible
  5. 5. Does what it says on the tin
  6. 6. We were told Autistic child could die if she is not protected from dust, solvents, etc...
  7. 7. If we can do this within 2 months we have job-we declined not realistic, job took 7 months!
  8. 8. Our purchasing decisions were made on:
  9. 9. Speed of delivery/procurement
  10. 10. Price
  11. 11. Green credentials
  12. 12. Localised sourcing
  13. 13. Fulfils brief
  14. 14. Aesthetics preserved, function, form</li></li></ul><li>Background information on client <br /><ul><li>Family of 3 children:
  15. 15. 1 with Asperger’s Syndrome – repetitive patterns, no social skills
  16. 16. 1 Autistic child with respiratory problems, Asthma, extra-sensory touch, hearing and smell, heavy metal poisoning (existent)
  17. 17. Dust major consideration
  18. 18. Noise and existing toxicity in the house
  19. 19. Autistic child is home schooled and has special therapy programme with gymnastics etc...
  20. 20. Family cannot move out and has already started to unpack
  21. 21. Can go away for 5 weeks for major works +additional 1 week</li></li></ul><li>Brief for late 19th century house refurbishment<br /><ul><li>Extension for therapy area – ground floor
  22. 22. New kitchen + new flooring + small extension
  23. 23. Servants stairs discard
  24. 24. New bathrooms
  25. 25. Re-plaster as required
  26. 26. New flooring 1st floor (hall +bedrooms)
  27. 27. Refurbish staircase (pine)
  28. 28. Paint and decorate
  29. 29. Retain as many period features as possible
  30. 30. No sacrifice to form, function, aesthetics because of green requirements</li></li></ul><li>Client’s imperatives<br /><ul><li>No MDF
  31. 31. VOC free paint
  32. 32. Organic paint
  33. 33. Dust free
  34. 34. No solvents
  35. 35. VOC free varnishes </li></ul>and wood stains<br /><ul><li>No mobile phones, </li></ul>no radios, no excessive<br />noise<br /><ul><li>No smoking on site
  36. 36. Delivery of finished project by Early December</li></li></ul><li>Process of sourcing materials - paint <br />Paint: we took 5 weeks to test ‘Green', ‘eco’, ‘natural’, ‘organic’ paints<br />Researched for veracity of ingredients or claims to green credentials<br />Tested: application, coverage, opacity, texture<br />Cost versus coverage<br />Delivery charges, time<br />Client did not allow for extra cost on any additional time/materials sourcing/procuring<br />Builder also did not make for added costs, although we asked for him to provide 4x costs on materials and ensure he was paid for paint on extra = he did not<br />
  37. 37. Paint sourcing<br /><ul><li>We ordered over 300 litres of paint: colour match cost £30.00 (to Dulux colour) per colour, shipping next day for paint or same day once set up, set up was labour intensive
  38. 38. These companies are set up for small orders: private clients, one room, more a wish to go green and then a must or real willingness</li></li></ul><li>Wood products<br /><ul><li>Eco floor varnish: procurement and application (Auro)
  39. 39. Testing on sample floor in studio = no problem
  40. 40. Application on flooring – 5 weeks
  41. 41. Staircase: sanded whilst family away 1 week, eco wood stain applied, 3 days to dry, matt finish (Auro)
  42. 42. Preparation is everything
  43. 43. Need contractor who will go the extra mile
  44. 44. Different woods = different end results</li></li></ul><li>flooring<br /><ul><li>Lyno
  45. 45. Bamboo
  46. 46. Tiles
  47. 47. Wood
  48. 48. Cork
  49. 49. Samples ordered, colours, form and function, reliability of delivery, maintenance, application for the trades
  50. 50. Cork was only one contractors had never installed – bought engineered boards</li></li></ul><li>Kitchen<br /><ul><li>MDF kitchens – researched bamboo, solid wood, reconstituted, etc...
  51. 51. Reality of time and costs and reliability
  52. 52. Fitted John Lewis kitchen look alike when family away for 5 weeks
  53. 53. Wants over-ride requirements, usual but shocking for us
  54. 54. Cork flooring
  55. 55. We found mould under old floor, black mould
  56. 56. Toxicity
  57. 57. Pressure to clear asap</li></li></ul><li>Conclusion <br />Extremely difficult project for dust, VOC free house, old house, clients living there – found lots of problems<br />Gas boiler not switched off – old boiler removal<br />Water contaminated – we put a whole house water purifier, water decontaminant (heavy metal)<br />Eco/green suppliers : fantastic customer service, detailed knowledge of their products, performance, available at any time, good data sheets on most foreign products (Auro)<br />Delivery of materials via Fedex, courier = v expensive<br />Green – health and safety – spontaneous combustion of eco wood stain/varnish<br />
  58. 58.
  59. 59. More conclusion <br /><ul><li>The Green Shop (Stroud) was speedy in sending samples, data sheets, and had stock (wood stain, varnish, paint Auro)
  60. 60. Individual paint companies who manufactured their own had good turn around1-2 days upon receipt of order for delivery
  61. 61. Cork company, distributors NOT manufacturers = be careful as they had to go to Portugal manufacturer who imports through one distributor who then distributes further= at least 5 days (no stock)
  62. 62. Individual small companies not geared up towards large bulk orders
  63. 63. Also trade price max we found 10% off retail</li></li></ul><li>And finally....<br />Did not always succeed<br />Many untested/unknown variables/science is not exact<br />Clients specifics did not always match real life<br />What clients and says and finally does = pushing the envelope?<br />Be prepared to change schedule on daily basis<br />Think on your feet as most trades have no experience of eco products/materials<br />Solution finding exercise<br />Don’t give up!<br />Great experience in eco materials/ application/ allergy/ health problems –find solution<br />