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Antonie Greets - CRO Masterclass


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CRO Masterclass Presentation

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Antonie Greets - CRO Masterclass

  1. 1. Testing CRO Changes Using Google Analytics Experiments Tweet @AntonieGeerts on twitter use #SBPCRO
  2. 2. Proper Phone Conduct •Make sure your cell phone is on, and you are tweeting. •@ reply me: @AntonieGeerts •Use the hashtag: #SBPCRO Tweet @AntonieGeerts on twitter use #SBPCRO
  3. 3. •Consultant for many Irish and International firms •Worked for a Digital Agency for many years dealing with enterprise customers •Provide training on Digital Marketing specializing in SEO, CRO , Online Adverting and Analytics •Founder of Seditio, a Digital Consultancy and Training company About Me? My interpretation of CRO “Increasing the number of leads, sales, calls , actions etc. by making changes throughout the conversion funnel to better suit the user” Tweet @AntonieGeerts on twitter use #SBPCRO
  4. 4. How many of you know… The number of conversions you had last month? Tweet @AntonieGeerts on twitter use #SBPCRO
  5. 5. But do you know how many you could have had? •In order to increase your conversions you –Need to know how many customers entered the funnel without buying –Understand where in the funnel they “dropped” out –Make changes to allow them to stay in the funnel –Remarket them with a better offer for the relevant product they are looking for Tweet @AntonieGeerts on twitter use #SBPCRO
  6. 6. GA Experiments Creating your first Experiment Tweet @AntonieGeerts on twitter use #SBPCRO
  7. 7. For this A/B Test example I wanted to show how easy it is to implement A/B Testing on your website using Google Analytics. To keep it simple I’ve decided on a landing page scenario with the following KPI’s –What Advertising network drives the highest quality traffic? –What Layout has the longest session duration? –How many conversions? Tweet @AntonieGeerts on twitter use #SBPCRO
  8. 8. Our Conversion Small sign up form to require call back. With Event Tracking Trust indicator Google Analytics Certification logo‘s linking to the certification result pages. SEO Title For AdWords Quality Score only Dynamic Banner Show casing experience in the various areas Relevant Content For both UX , Information and AdWords Relevancy The Landing page The landing page and all variants have no-index no-follow flag and are not part of main navigation Tweet @AntonieGeerts on twitter use #SBPCRO
  9. 9. Variant 2: Text Block Above Image Variant 4: Side Bar to the Left Variant 3: Side Bar Left + Text above the image The Variations Tweet @AntonieGeerts on twitter use #SBPCRO
  10. 10. Doing your First Experiment Basic Config •What KPI •How much traffic to test •E-Mail Notification Advanced options •Split Traffic even •How long to test for •What % necessary to determine a winner Tweet @AntonieGeerts on twitter use #SBPCRO
  11. 11. Tweet @AntonieGeerts on twitter use #SBPCRO
  12. 12. Tweet @AntonieGeerts on twitter use #SBPCRO The Experiment Code This needs to be loaded in on the Original Page only.
  13. 13. Tweet @AntonieGeerts on twitter use #SBPCRO •All traffic/ads are hitting the Original Landing Page. •The Experiment code then decides the journey
  14. 14. The results Making decisions after you have done your test Tweet @AntonieGeerts on twitter use #SBPCRO
  15. 15. Advertising Stats Google Search: 340 Impressions / 4 Clicks / 0 Conv. / €5 Average Bounce Rate: 50% Average Time on site: 25 Seconds Google Display: 103265 Impressions / 164 Clicks / 0 Conv. / €30 Average Bounce Rate: 92% Average Time on site: 22 Seconds LinkedIn: 45832 Impressions / 8 Clicks / 2 Conv. / €16 Average Bounce Rate: 66% Average Time on site: 28 Seconds Twitter: 56996 Impressions / 58 Link Clicks / 1 Conv. / €107 Average Bounce Rate: 60% Average Time on site: 28 Seconds Tweet @AntonieGeerts on twitter use #SBPCRO
  16. 16. Google Analytics Results Number of Sessions: 234 Number of Conversions: 3 Winning Page: Sidebar Left + Banner Middle Best performing Ad Network: LinkedIn Worst performing Ad Network: Google Display Tweet @AntonieGeerts on twitter use #SBPCRO
  17. 17. Some additional remarks •Google Display uses mobile app games as part of the Display network by default. This causes a high amount of “miss clicks” and low quality visitors. •Twitter claimed to have driven 58 Clicks to my landing page, however analytics only recorded 10 •LinkedIn works well but is expensive and they charge “after” the campaign has stopped and don’t stick to the budget set Tweet @AntonieGeerts on twitter use #SBPCRO
  18. 18. Applied CRO Some best practices Tweet @AntonieGeerts on twitter use #SBPCRO
  19. 19. •Own the Analytics and AdWords accounts •Analytics data is too valuable to outsource •AdWords data is too expensive not to own Ownership •Measure everything! •Advertising platforms measure for them not you •Know and measure the user journey Measurement •Reduce spend on low performing ad platforms •Remarket at certain stages in the sales funnel •Try do changes with A/B tests Optimise •Measurement takes effort and time but it is worth it! Patience Tweet @AntonieGeerts on twitter use #SBPCRO
  20. 20. Thank You! Now are there any questions Direct download link: The PDF version of this presentation is here 2 Day Practical Digital Marketing Course Starting in September Brochure PDF link: Tweet @AntonieGeerts on twitter use #SBPCRO