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Finally Help with Starting your business. Just in time, just right, on your terms, HP Life is a unique program that uses real life examples of business problems, and shows how using technology can help solve those problems, and in turn help small businesses grow and succeed. This program features “hands on” use of computer station, provided through a donation by Hewlett-Packard Corporation, and focuses on the business problem rather than the software. Do you have a business concept that you are ready to turn into a reality? Attend the new Small Business Development Center Start Up Lab. We provide the tools to research and address the challenges that start ups face. Topics include funding, putting together a business plan, marketing and sales. Download in order to access the live links.

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Small Business Start Up Lab

  1. 1. Start Up Presented By:Kristin Slice, MA, Business Analyst
  2. 2. Small Business Development CenterPart of a Nation Wide NetworkOffices Across Arizona with 8 officesin PhoenixBusiness Planning, Funding, Marketing,Technology Start Ups and Financial Analysis3,000 Business Served1,364 Jobs Created in 2011268 Business Starts$45,000,000 Capital Formation$85,000,000 Increased Sales
  3. 3. HP LIFE ProgramLearning Initiative for Entrepreneurs.Hands On, Interactive, Designed to help expand businessesOpen Source Software and Online ResourcesStats:45 countries across the globeHP LIFE has more than 340 partner organizations.Delivered in more than 20 languagesOver 500,000 people have participated world wide
  4. 4. AgendaIntroductionsV.E. Story: Board Context – 5 mins.Business Scenario: Specific Problem- 20 mins.What support are you looking for?Hands on Activity: Open LabDebrief: Business application and Assignments
  5. 5. Forming a Legal Entity - Filling a LLC If you want to move forward with filing your LLC yourself. Here is agood guide that is important to read that might answer yourquestion: this is a step by step process. Also if you want to know about the ARS code that that sectionrefers to here is a good guide. IRS site has some good information also, at:,,id=158625,00.html
  6. 6. Creating a Business PlanWhy create a business plan? •Use the Building Your Winning Business Plan workbook •Use the HP Life Business Plan template •Complete the Financial Projection Excel Sheet All three documents are available on the desktop under a file labels Start Up ToolsRemember to save the documents and email them to yourself.
  7. 7. FundingPrior to starting to look for funding you will need a solid businessplan and financial projections.Articles and Links: Grant and Loan Finder:
  8. 8. Marketing and Sales ToolsCreate a Marketing PlanIn additional you can check out these tools, set up profiles and visittheir training templates to create Collateral and FlyersVistaprint provides cheap printing and template graphicsInternet Marketing: Read the PDF Guide from Hubspot on desktopEmail Marketing: MailChimp.comSelf Website Creation:
  9. 9. ResearchingResearching the statistical feasibility of your business andcompleting Marketing ResearchDemographics and Census: and Housing: packets provide extensive background on your industry.They have vary in content. If you do not see your specific businesstell your business counselor and they can order one for you free ofcharge. Benchmarks and Industry Ratio:
  10. 10. IP and Intellectual Property
  11. 11. Best website for education on business challengesWWW.SBA.ORGWWW.AMEXOPEN.COMWWW.BUZZGATE.COM
  12. 12. Where do we go from here…Complete your goals and email them toKristin in order to sign up for next Start Up Lab.Share what resources you need. Sign up for one-on-one counseling