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PartnerIT 2012 - matchmaking B2B event & FundraiseIT - conference and investment evening
15. – 16. November 2012.
Belgrade, Serbia

The PartnerIT is a international B2B matchmaking event organized by Outsourcing Center Serbia, followed by the FundraiseIT conference organized in partnership with Serbian Business Angels Network (SBAN) and other partners.

B2B matchmaking event
On, you have the opportunity to leave your profile and book your face-to-face meetings with other international companies and research institutions. This is a cost and time-effective way to discover new business and cooperation opportunities while expanding your contact network. All profiles will be published online and will be extensively promoted before the event and could still be viewed after the event.

FundraiseIT conference
During the conference you will be involved in the direct communication channel with competent well-known serial entrepreneurs and investors from Silicon Valley and Europe. In the live discussions panels among successful entrepreneurs and investors you will be able to hear some interesting personal stories, information about various investing models, fundraising methods, success stories, experiences and valuable tips.

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Rupesh Chatwani - Technology VC at EBRD Angel/Advisor

  1. 1. Let’s get Serbia rocking! Rupesh Chatwani EBRD Technology Venture @rupechat
  2. 2. This guy has done a pretty good job! @rupechat
  3. 3. And so have these guys (and girls)! @rupechat
  4. 4. But we need to do more…© EVCA Private equity investment in 2011 as % of @rupechat
  5. 5. A lot more!© EVCA Annual PE investments, 2007-2011 (in € million) @rupechat
  6. 6. Why does it matter? One word - Jobs! Not Him (RIP)! But Him (or Her)! @rupechat
  7. 7. Really? Do PE investments help?© IFC Job creation effects of IFC-supported PE @rupechat
  8. 8. What about IT? Let’s look at the US…© Phillip Bond, TechAmerica Each technology job supports 3 jobs in other sectors of the economy The multiplier effect for IT jobs is even higher – nearly 5 to1 >375,000 IT businesses, employing >5.9m workers at an average wage 86% higher that the average private-sector wage  (App Economy alone = ca. 0.5m new jobs) By 2018, IT jobs are projected to grow by 22%, the fastest for all professional @rupechat
  9. 9. So what does it take? 3 ingredients to building a technology ecosystem:  Talent  Access to funding  Culture Also nice to have:  Economic activity  Favourable taxation  Investor protection / corporate @rupechat
  10. 10. There are some very encouraging signs…© AngelList Number of startups listed on AngelList by @rupechat
  11. 11. And already some success stories! © Branko Milutinović, Nordeus  #1 online sports game: 200+ countries, 35 languages  Founded in 2010, bootstrapped, 100% founder owned  15% monthly revenue growth, 80 employees2,000,0001,800,0001,600,0001,400,0001,200,0001,000,000 800,000 600,000 400,000 200,000 - 5/9/10 6/9/10 8/9/10 9/9/10 1/9/11 2/9/11 3/9/11 4/9/11 5/9/11 6/9/11 7/9/11 8/9/11 1/9/12 2/9/12 3/9/12 4/9/12 5/9/12 6/9/12 7/9/12 8/9/12 9/9/12 7/9/10 9/9/11 10/9/10 11/9/10 12/9/10 10/9/11 11/9/11 12/9/11 @rupechat
  12. 12. Plus it has never been easier!© Saul Klein, Index Ventures Tell Stories Sell Work Raise @rupechat
  13. 13. Funding should accelerate your business© Graham O’Keeffe, Joy @rupechat
  14. 14. Sources of business funding© Graham O’Keeffe, Joy @rupechat
  15. 15. How can we help? @rupechat
  16. 16. Who is the EBRD? Largest single investor in the region (29 countries) 3,374 projects (since 1991) €71b (business volume) / €211b (project value) 1,877 staff across 33 regional @rupechat
  17. 17. We are already very active in SerbiaEUR m No. of operations700 35 31600 28 30 24500 25 Serbia 21 Convertible debt and Equity400 20 Euro 7.5 million 15300 15 2009200 10100 5 Serbia 216 127 444 598 526 - - Equity and Debt 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Euro 16 million Annual business volume Number of operations @rupechat
  18. 18. With a wide range of financing sources… Loans Equity  Senior, subordinated, convertible  Common stock or preferred  LT (up to 10y or more) or  Minority position only (up to 35%) ST revolving  Mezzanine  Floating/ Fixed rates  Other  Choice of currencies (€, US$, – guarantees RUB etc.) – currency @rupechat
  19. 19. And other facilities for SMEs Indirect financing instruments  Through banks and microfinance institutions  Through equity funds Direct financing instruments  Local Enterprise Facility  Direct Investment Facility  Direct Lending Facility  Medium-Size Co-financing Facility Non-financial instruments  Turn-Around Management and Business Advisory @rupechat
  20. 20. What is EBRD Venture Capital? Dedicated Team Dedicated To Region Dedicated Facility Dedicated To @rupechat
  21. 21. What do we look for? Early and growth stage technology companies with: An innovative, technology-based solution or business model; A defensible competitive advantage; A large addressable market; The potential for fast growth; An ambitious, motivated and committed management team; and The ability and desire to create value for shareholders We are VERY picky! And NO seed stage! @rupechat
  22. 22. How do we invest? Equity (usually preferred equity) €1-10 million (over the lifetime of the investment) Minority position Syndication Board seat (active hands-on) Standard venture capital rights and terms including:  Anti-dilution protection  Pre-emption, drag, tag and registration @rupechat
  23. 23. How do we help? Strategic advice Recruiting and hiring Introductions to partners Increasing profile and visibility of the company Internationalization of the business Exit planning and optimization And much more… @rupechat
  24. 24. How should you pitch us? Check us out first – is there a fit? SHORT slide deck – with all the key information:  Investment overview  Customer value proposition  Market size and structure  Competition  Differentiation  Route to market  Customers  Management team  @rupechat
  25. 25. Don’t forget - picking winners is hard© Paul Graham, Y Combinator The best startup ideas seem at fist like bad ideas Consider Facebook: How lame. A site for college students to waste time? The perfect bad idea, a site:  For a niche market  With no money  To do something that didn’t matter Even Google seems like a bad idea – lots of search engines already – was there room for one more? When you pick a winner, you won’t know it for 2 years Fundraising is not merely a useless statistic, but positively @rupechat
  26. 26. Thank you! Questions? @rupechat