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  1. 1. Sunday, 17 July 2011, SMAN 1 PONOROGO have a regular event that is routinely tour.acarastudy is held every school year for students new to the next grade XII.tempat always thepurpose of the study tour to the island of Bali in each year. The event was held from 17 -21 July2011. At 08.00 AM at Jalan Budi Utomo had many students who gathered in preparation fordeparture to Bali. Me and my friends waiting for the bus because the bus was very lamaq datingfrom Apex. About 0830 students gathered in the main square of SMAN 1 PONOROGO to listento messages from the principal. Mr. hastomo instruct the students to maintain health, keep theattitude, and keep current on Bali.Akhirnya tuturkata bus came after waiting more than twohours, we were on the invite to get into the bus. The bus munggil compared other buses outfront. On the way to Nirvana Restourant Nganjuk, I enjoyed the trip perjalanan.Di I see a situation fardifferent from the bustling city Ponorogo.Jalanan, making jams and noisy atmosphere of thevehicle-kendaran.Tetapi together with my friends to change the atmosphere fun. Arriving at theexact hour Nganjuk 1:00 PM we paused for lunch and prayers duhur, ashar.Makanan inNganjuk has a different taste with Ponorogo. We took a break for a walk or bersendagurau.Setelah all finished we continued on to Banyuwangi to cross by boat Ferry inKetapang.Tetapi I accidentally saw the sign on the road again Banyuwangi 200 Km. Yes tuhhangreat distance just to reach the Banyuwanggi. The word people Ponorogo distance-Denpasarone day one night, when it is saturated felt. Hours and hours of sitting, joking to close my eyesall done on a chair. Everything feels old when all asleep, except the driver of course. The sunbegan to break signifies the night will soon arrive, we paused at a gas station somewhere intown who was clearly headed there Banyuwanggi.Di we pray Maghrib and moved on.On arrival in a town that we stopped briefly Situbondo Restourant Son Java 3 to fill a hungrystomach also perform evening prayers. "After that we continued our journey, the tired body andthe time it was night forced me to close my very distant mata.Perjalanan make the neckand sakitr-pain my body. 00:00 hours the bus stopped at Ketapang to cross to Bali. Weawakened to sit on the boat and leave the bus. A dark night and a cold wind accompanied theships departure from the port.The longer the ship left port semaikn now there was only littlelights in the distance.After a long wait finally arrived at Gilimanuk Bali, smile radiated up from my friend she was veryexcited when I first saw Bali. But the pleasure was soon lost because it will be another trip toSanur distance 4 hours .. yes old tuhaaaan sekali.aku continued sleeping on chairs. Monday morning in Bali, Sanur arrival at 6:00 AM we do morning prayers, then went to Sanurweather was a bit mendung.Disana I just saw the dark wind, water droplets from the sky and theexpanse laut.Perjalanan we also continue to Tanjung Benoa beach a facility Modern ie variouswater games are very challenging and we do breakfast here. After playing our satisfied proceedto Ulu Watu, Uluwatu is an old Pure inhabited hundreds monyet.Menjadi karrena touristattraction that resembles their behavior surrounding Uluwatu manusia.Di we do lunch andprayer duhur. Our next goal is to Dream Land a beautiful beach on the barrier reef which hasbeen accompanied cleaved. There we played the water, swimming and surfing but do not forgetshotal Asr. After the late afternoon we headed to the hotel a place that most in the interest of myfriends in our hotel Bali.Di rest and sunset and evening prayers. "Here we can unwind cleanedup and sleep to restore energy depleted.Tuesday morning in Bali, smile sun and senuman my friends to continue perjalanan.Sholat
  2. 2. morning at 06.00 AM where the atmosphere is still dark. The first goal for the day 3 this is wherewe Barong Dance suguhkan attractive appearance in a traditional dance to the snackBali.Slanjutnya Sukawati Bali and there where menghabisakan money, shopping for presentsfor families in rumah.DAN after shopping we stopped for a moment in great mosque for prayersduhur.Selanjutnya us to the beach of Kuta, the beach was beautiful but now polluted by wastefrom people not responsible jawab.Sholat Asr we do in a mosque near Kuta. Kuta sunset wesaw the man said "Bule" beautiful, amazing, miraculous, but ordinary for me because in theState of our beloved INDONESIA matahari.Setelah all day every day to see our streets continueto HOTEL a comfortable place for rest, prayer and sleep .Wednesday morning in Bali, morning prayers a little late because of the drowsiness that stillexists in this mata.Hari our last day in Bali because today we will also menghabisakan remnantsof the trip and returned to Ponorogo, the first goal iyalah Tanah Lot, a Pure on the beach on thebeautiful coral reefs, sandy beaches here but the rocks are not very keras.Di here we only seethe pure from the outside because there was a custom event in the puree. Selanjutna wecontinued our journey to the factory Joger ugly words, a typical souvenir bali. Have not been toBali if not Buy Joger, maybe its the assumption most people about our Joger. Bedugul a lakesimilar to the lake Ngebel in Ponorogo, Bedugul us for lunch and prayers duhur,ashar andfinished in Bedugul.after we say farewell to Bali because we were traveling back toPONOROGO. An experience that made me tired, but the experience is comparable.