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About Stratos Wealth Partners


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Our independent financial services firm strives to define our commitment to clients and the community through our actions, and we welcome the opportunity to elevate your financial strategies.

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About Stratos Wealth Partners

  1. 1. Elevating Financial Strategies Elevating Financial Strategies
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  3. 3. Stratos Wealth PartnersA different kind of financial services firmThere is no “right” answer to the financialchallenges of the day, but there is anopportunity to reach beyond the obvious andelevate your perspective. Our clients and theirfamilies challenge us to raise the bar as wehelp them embark on a sustainable coursetoward their financial independence.We embrace their passion for life by sharingour financial knowledge, planning strategiesand years of experience. We understand thatindividual priorities vary, but our desire totirelessly serve clients’ needs never wavers.Our independent financial services firmstrives to define our commitment to clientsand the community through our actions, andwe welcome the opportunity to elevate yourfinancial strategies. 3
  4. 4. Our Mission Stratos Wealth Partners strives to demonstrate our commitment to clients who seek meaningful financial objectivity, open architecture and a wealth of resources to meet any financial challenges that exist in today’s marketplace. Our Firm Stratos Wealth Partners is an independent, partner owned and operated financial services firm built on the premise that our clients are our most valuable asset. We define our success by assisting you in achieving your goals and we strive to elevate the meaning and purpose of planning by affording you the opportunity to experience it on an entirely new level. Headquartered in Solon, Ohio, we have more than 70+ affiliated LPL Financial wealth advisors located throughout the United States. We boast an infrastructure of an additional 30+ executive and support professionals, all of whom assist our advisors in the execution of services and solutions for our clients. Our LPL Financial wealth advisors are experienced and dedicated to the financial services industry. Many hold professional designations and advanced degrees and are sought after to educate the communities we serve about the opportunities and benefits of the financial planning process. Stratos Wealth Partners is excited to announce that they recently registered as an Investment Advisor and although, independently founded and structured, the firm is pleased to be associated with and offer securities through LPL Financial, member FINRA/SIPC. *According to Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2010, based on total revenue.4
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  6. 6. It’s all about expanding your perspective6
  7. 7. Our ServicesOur comprehensive menu of financial planning services is similar inscope to others in the industry, but unique in execution. We know youhave numerous choices when it comes to establishing your plan forfinancial independence, and we focus not only on the products that helpaddress your needs, but also how we can help you expeditiously applythe strategies that can turn a standard plan into a more comprehensiveplan. Our plan is typically broken into four parts, which allows us tocustomize your experience according to your unique needs.1. Investment PlanningIn this focus area, we develop a clear policy of your intentions to addressyour investment goals and objectives regardless of market conditions.Often referred to as an “investment policy statement,” we have foundthat those who clearly define and commit their position to paper havea distinct advantage in weathering the inevitable fluctuations that are areality in a market-based society. We combine your written investmentpolicy statement with a full range of portfolio modeling and analysis toolsavailable on the market today. These two items drive our necessaryadjustments, allocations and new vehicle implementation as they apply toyour investment objectives.We pride ourselves on the depth of our monitoring, research, duediligence and electronic reporting. It is this cohesive platform that helpselevate our investment management experience for our clients to anindustry standard for transparency and ease of use. 7
  8. 8. Your plan is unique, no two are the same8
  9. 9. 2. Retirement & Fringe Benefit PlanningOne of the greatest challenges facing every generation is the increasingcost, complexity and achievability of retirement. Our firm utilizes anexpansive number of available techniques and income modeling toolsthat help you determine how your actions can impact the goals you areattempting to reach during this meaningful phase of your life.Because your investments and retirement are intrinsically related to oneanother, we provide complimentary modeling—similar to our investmentanalysis—to clearly illustrate where you stand, incorporating as manyvariables as you choose. We also address the opportunities of benefitsanalysis and mobility during your working years and how that can impactyour retirement. In addition, we address the required distribution optionsand terms you need to be aware of, as well as the meaningful role thatlong-term planning can play in helping you sustain your income for life.If you are a business owner, during this part of the planning process wewill cover the parameters and opportunities for employee and executivecompensation, deferred compensation plans and key employee incentives.3. Estate Preservation & Distribution PlanningIn this focus area we delve into the opportunities for a diverse arrayof asset ownership structures, all of which can impact your ultimateestate, wealth preservation and transfer. We discuss the state of yourwills, trusts or any other vehicles in use to protect and manage yourestate during your life, and also analyze future scenarios to identifythe potential estate tax liability you and your family could face. Wework in concert with your attorney during these discussions to ensurethe outcome and treatment you desire.*In addition, we review your risk management protection through thelife insurance, disability and long-term care coverage you hold, anddiscuss your qualified plans and how their ultimate distribution couldimpact your overall estate. Family gifting and charitable planningstrategies are also discussed and reviewed.*Stratos Wealth Partners does not provide legal or tax advice. Please consult your legal or tax advisor. 9 10
  10. 10. Taking a proactive approach to succession planning is invaluable10
  11. 11. 4. Business Succession PlanningThis focus area applies to a very specific group of individuals. It is ofcritical importance to those individuals, as it directly impacts their abilityto not only earn a living, but also maintain a sustainable model forthemselves and those they employ.Here we discuss the challenging world of succession planning, andthe concept of the business continuing by design in the absence of itsfounder. This critical planning decision impacts not only the businessowner’s company, but his or her family and personal estate, as well. Theultimate succession decision will be one of the most important that abusiness owner ever makes.Business planning has traditionally come only out of necessity, but StratosWealth Partners embraces a proactive and participatory approach tosuccession planning that affords business owners opportunities and theflexibility to make sound decisions. 11
  12. 12. Engaging our firm provides a holistic financial experience Our Process Our firm provides a holistic financial planning experience, because no matter what level of service you require, it is our responsibility to understand your course to better map the steps to your ideal future. We will seek to uncover the events and motivations that drove your past actions, and with this knowledge we can begin to capitalize on the financial strategies that will define your next phase of life, whatever that may be. We support a diverse and varied clientele, from business owners and executives to retirees and individual investors. We embrace this diversity because it allows us to continually enhance our skills and depth of knowledge to meet the vast array of needs our clients present. One of our key requirements in engaging new clients is that they possess a willingness to remain open minded and receptive to potential solutions that may be beyond their current scope of consideration. With this caveat, we are able to provide a far greater array of advanced techniques that can deliver a meaningful and distinct outcome to an otherwise challenging circumstance.12
  13. 13. We follow a simple four step process:Step 1: Discovery – The key to the Discovery process comes down to knowing which probingquestions to ask, understanding the correct way to ask these questions, and more importantly,actively listening to you as you answer our questions. Throughout this process we capture objectivedata (legal documents, financial statements, tax returns, etc.) and discuss your goals, dreams andaspirations. Only after we understand the concrete and intrinsic elements of what makes up yourfinancial world can we begin a thorough analysis.Step 2: Analysis – Once we have completed the Discovery process, we analyze the informationand determine where you are today, what planning you have done prior to meeting us, and theobjectives, priorities and expectations you have moving forward. This provides the groundwork toidentify missed opportunities and eliminate potential obstacles that could make it difficult to reachyour ideal financial destination.Step 3: The Plan – After thoughtful discussion regarding your priorities and a detailed analysis ofyour current and future finances, we present our recommendations in an actionable, written plan.Your plan is presented so that you, your family and anyone else important to your financial life willclearly understand your situation and your short and long-term objectives. The plan, in its entirety,will serve as our shared reference to take actions and implement strategies that will help move youtoward your final destination in a prudent and meaningful way.Step 4: Implementation – After the planning process is complete and we have delivered yourfinancial action plan, we move to our final step: Implementation. It is here that our recommendationsare put into place. When necessary, this includes initiation of product strategies and involvementof complementary advisors to create, change or update documents. Clearly, this step is the mostmeaningful in the process, because it is the real payoff to a transparent and succinct effort to makeyour life everything it can and should be. Once Implementation is complete, we monitor your plan onan ongoing basis. 13
  14. 14. We want to hear from you To learn more about Stratos Wealth Partners, our services and how we can assist you and your family as you plan for your financial success, contact us today. On the web: By email: By phone: 866.553.9882 In person: Stratos Wealth Partners (HQ) 30575 Bainbridge Road Suite 100 Solon OH, 4413914
  15. 15. Headquarters 30575 Bainbridge Road, Suite 100 Elevating Financial Strategies Solon OH, 44139 Phone: 866.553.9882 www.stratoswealthpartners.comSecurities offered through LPL Financial, member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advice offered throughStratos Wealth partners, Ltd., registered investment advisor and a separate entity from LPL Financial. MKT-03948-1008