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Japan - Its geography and history

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  1. 1. By: M s. Susan M . Pojerwith contributions by M s. Ahm ed
  2. 2. DAY 1ΠWhat forces shaped early Japanese history? From Feudal Japan to the Meiji Restoration
  3. 3. Japan’s Geography
  4. 4. Japan’s Topography
  5. 5. Mountains and Peaks Mt. Fuji
  6. 6. Bodies Ishikari R. of Water Sea of Japan Shinano R. s Tone R. Strait eanKor Pacific Ocean Inland Sea
  7. 7. Cities Sapporo Kyoto Kobe Tokyo Yokohama Hiroshima Nagoya OsakaNagasaki
  8. 8. Ancestor WorshipPolytheism Hype Natio r- nalism ShintoGreatCreator The W of th orld e kam i Minimize sin & guilt
  9. 9. Shintoism Ca llig ra phy Torii iku Bonzai andHa Tea Ceremony Meditation Gardens Kabuki/Noh Theater Origami
  10. 10. C ultural D iffusion with C hina 600s – 700s 800s 900s – 1200s~ Japanese study ~ Japanese stop ~ Japanese keepChinese Civilization traveling to China some Chinese ways~ Emperor builds but build their owncapital city modeled civilizationon Chinese capital ~ Japanese artists~ Japanese nobles develop their ownadopt Chinese styleslanguage, food, and ~ Japanese changestyle of dress the Chinese system~ Japanese nobles of writingadopt Chinese teaceremony, music,dance, and gardens
  11. 11. Feud alism Emperor Shogun Daimyo SamuraiPeasant Artisan Merchant
  12. 12. Shogun Feud alism Samurai Daimyo
  13. 13. Feud alism ArtisanPeasantWOMEN? Merchant
  14. 14. Feud alism Flocabulary – FEUDALISM I woke up this morning in feudal Japan, The guest of the shogun, that dude was the man. And even though the Emperor ruled the land, Sometimes the shogun bows down to no one, That makes him the guy to know, Elected by the daimyo.They on the farmland, where the poor peasants try to Grow crops and such, but they’re not too tough, So the samurai defend them When the block gets rough. Horses, swords and armor, Bushido, code of honor,Meant the Samurai loves his lord more than his mama. And if there was drama, They did something I’ll never do, To avoid shame or disgrace, they commit seppuku. That’s suicide, maybe not for you and I, But when you don’t fear death, It ain’t much for you to die. Many are Zen Buddhists, They don’t worry about their body; Others are Shinto, they say everything is “kami.”I thanked the shogun, he said, “No prob.” He got me. “Come back anytime for karate and kamikazes, Origami, plum sake in Nagasaki.” That’s Flocabulary, see Bully at the library.
  15. 15. DAY 2What were the effects of the Meiji Restoration, leading to WWII? From the Meiji Restoration to World War II
  16. 16. Tokugawa Shogunate
  17. 17. C om m od ore M atthew Perry
  18. 18. M eij Restoration i
  19. 19. Japan and WWI
  20. 20. Japan and WWIIJapanese CAUSES Rise ofMilitarists Militarists ~Unhappiness over loss of the of traditions in Japan 1930s ~Loss of foreign markets EFFECTS due to Great Depression ~1931 attack on Chinese ~Unemployment province of Manchuria ~Poverty among ~Withdrawals from League of peasants Nations ~Feelings of nationalism ~Anti-Western feelings ~Demand for expansion ~End of many democratic of Japanese Empire freedoms ~Renewed practice of traditions ~Increased honor for emperor ~Renewed expansion and efforts to control China
  21. 21. Japan and WWII
  22. 22. Japan and WWII
  23. 23. DAY 3ˆ How has Japan changed since WWII? From WWII to the Present
  24. 24. Japan since WWII
  25. 25. Japan since WWII
  26. 26. Japan since WWII