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How to Administer a Performance Improvement Plan


Performance Improvement Plans

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Performance Improvement Plans

  1. 1. “Every administrator committed totaking his or her school to the nextlevel of excellence should provideassistance to struggling teachers.” - P.D. Tucker (2001)
  2. 2. 5% 2.63% Tucker, P.D. (1997)”Lake Wobegon: Where are all…”VDOE Survey of Principals Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education
  3. 3. “Every administratorcommitted to taking hisor her school to the nextlevel of excellence shouldprovide assistance tostruggling teachers.” - P.D. Tucker (2001)
  4. 4. PurposePerformance Improvement Plans are developed …To give a teacher written notice of his/her performance areas in need of improvement,To give a teacher or other licensed instructional personnel an appropriate amount of time within which to improve performance, andTo offer a teacher guidance and/or assistance with improving his/her performance.
  5. 5. When?A Performance Improvement Plan will be developedwhen:• A teacher receives a rating of Developing/Needs Improvement on 3 or more Standards or,• A teacher receives a rating of Unacceptable in 1 or more Standards
  6. 6. Develop a PlanA Performance Improvement Plan covers one or moreperformance areas in need of improvement. The Planincludes information regarding how the administrator willmonitor the teacher’s progress, how the administratorwill provide feedback, activities for the teacher tocomplete, and a timeline for completion.
  7. 7. Performance Improvement PlanProcess • Identify Deficiencies • Rate on Evaluation Instrument as Developing/Needs Improvement orObservation Unacceptable • Performance Standard(s) to be Addressed • Performance Deficiencies Within the Standard to be Corrected (be specific) • Expectation(s) for Acceptable Performance PIP • Resources/Assistance Provided; Activities to be Completed by the Employee • Target Date for Completion • Monitor Progress Through Continued Observations • Document Progress via web-based Performance Improvement Plan Meetings Follow-up • Complete, Modify, or Recommend for Dismissal
  8. 8. Example
  9. 9. Area(s) of Deficiency
  10. 10. Date started From Drop Down MenuBe Specific … Focus on Observable Behavior Hook
  11. 11. Assistance / Teacher Activities
  12. 12. Follow-Up
  13. 13. Auto-PopulateProgress towardimprovement
  14. 14. Documentation
  15. 15. Thank you for attending.If you need additional information ondeveloping, implementing, or monitoring aPerformance Improvement Plan pleasecontact your Employee Relations Specialist.
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