Tactics to Influence Sales Rep Behavior with Data


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Tactics to Influence Sales Rep Behavior with Data

  1. 1. Revenue Performance Management Driving Pipeline Velocity with Behavior Change A subset of slides originally presented at the 2013 SAVO Sales Enablement Summit Originally Presented by: Phil Nieman Sr. Operations Manager, Revenue Performance Management Bethany Ronchetta Sr. Director of Corporate Strategy
  2. 2. Driving Velocity Goals: › Recognize and react to stalled opportunities early › Reduce friction to improve forecast reliability
  3. 3. Velocity Sales people are expected to focus on short-term goals (closing business), but the business needs to keep focus on the long-term. – Recognize stalls early – Notify sales to take action
  4. 4. Velocity Email notification brings opportunity owner back to Salesforce.com. Leveraging the SAVO integration, we can push coaching directly from the opportunity record.
  5. 5. Velocity SAVO guide based on common stall reasons based on internal research and institutional knowledge.
  6. 6. Velocity Coaching pages built in SAVO, leveraging the best SME coaches from across the company.
  7. 7. Velocity Visibility of stalled pipeline from executive team down to the field helps reinforce behavior change.
  8. 8. Velocity Further reinforcement through weekly reminder emails to opportunity owner and manager.