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Insight-Led Selling: Taking Theory and Making It Reality (Welch Allyn)


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Nowadays, customers identify their own problems, solutions, and requirements before contacting a sales pro, leaving little else to the seller other than sourcing a price quote. Watch Paul Liberatore’s presentation and learn how a sales person can reframe the entire sales conversation using insight-led selling. See how Welch Allyn is using SAVO’s Sales Content Pro and Mobile Sales Pro to help their sales pros reframe the conversation.

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Insight-Led Selling: Taking Theory and Making It Reality (Welch Allyn)

  1. 1. Insight-Led Selling: Taking Theory and Making It Reality Paul Liberatore Senior Manager, Sales Enablement
  2. 2. How much can we accomplish on our own?
  3. 3. What do we gain by forming teams?
  4. 4. How do we improve productivity?
  5. 5. Just Run the Process. LEADS Qualify Demo & Trial CLOSE
  6. 6. Following the Process, Equaled Success.
  7. 7. Welcome to the machine. Adamson, Brent, Matthew Dixon, and Nicholas Toman. "Dismantling the Sales Machine." Harvard Business Review. Nov 2013: Print. For years, tuning this machine has been the primary means of boosting sales productivity. But recently sales has been caught off guard by a dramatic shift in customers’ buying behavior.
  8. 8. So, what’s wrong with that?
  9. 9. So, what’s wrong with that?
  10. 10. It’s like playing a game where the rules have changed… But no one told you!
  11. 11. For nearly 100 years, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers from across the globe have looked to Welch Allyn for products and solutions that help them help others. The Welch Allyn Vision “Healthcare Providers in frontline settings will look to the people of Welch Allyn first for solutions to their patient care problems.”
  12. 12. Change is Needed. Customers are: • Self-diagnosing their issues • Forming buying committees • Benchmarking against competitors
  13. 13. So who does win?
  14. 14. Updating Our Strategy. Increased Revenue 30% 5X Number of large deals Pipeline yielding better results
  15. 15. Sales Enablement Model Identify Competencies Build a selling process based on customer needs Build training and coaching programs
  16. 16. Keys to Our Success • Building competencies required for insight selling • Developing a process around new buying environment • Understanding our customers’ business and their needs • Providing all of this to our sellers – through SAVO • Forging a strong partnership between marketing and sales to continuously deliver on this
  17. 17. But we come back to the question of how much we can do on our own…
  18. 18. “It’s all about appreciating the talents of the people you surround yourself with and knowing you could never have made any of this by yourself.” -Steven Spielberg How does this translate into the world of selling?
  19. 19. How Teams Help Team Culture that Supports Insight Creation “Managing in the Insight Selling Era” June 2013 – Corporate Executive Board Idea Generation and Effective Brainstorming Collaboration on Solution Generation Discussion and Debate
  20. 20. Tribal Knowledge Forums Rep Connect How SAVO Helps Using Sales Content Pro & Mobile Sales Pro to Close the Gaps
  21. 21. How SAVO Helps Collaboration breeds creativity
  22. 22. • Insight is the difference between success and failure • Creativity is essential to insight • Creativity is a human endeavor and is improved through collaboration • SAVO can help drive collaboration
  23. 23. Thank you For more information SAVO Web Site: Sales First Nation: SAVO Products: SAVO Phone: 312-276-7700