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final power point for internet marketing.

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In the Game of Love Power Point

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Winter 2011By: Sattie Rampersaud
  2. 2. IntroductionDate: October 3rd 2011Blog Title: In the Game of LoveBlog Link:
  3. 3. Importance of Internet MarketingInternet marketing is important because of the following:• is becoming more popular• is more convenient & reaches a broader customer base.• is cheaper & has more social outlets.
  4. 4. Perspective
  5. 5. Perspective Cont’d
  6. 6. Overview
  7. 7. Blog Topic• The blog topic I choose was to write a blog about love.• My blog consists of advice, tips & my personal opinion on topics that relate to having a love life. Or in other words being a player “In the Game of Love.”
  8. 8. PersonaName: Jasmine KhanAge: 25Family: Jasmine lives by herself and is currently single, but has been going out on dates.Job: She works as a marketing assistant for Rogers in Toronto.
  9. 9. Persona Cont’dEducation: She has a business administration diploma, and also a marketing certificate from Humber College and a Bachelor of Commerce with a focus on marketing from York University.Vehicle: She drives a red 2010 Volkswagen Beetle, with and ohm sign ornament/key chain hanging from her rearview mirror.
  10. 10. Persona Cont’dConcerns: She is concerned with paying back her school loans and paying for her new Beetle. She is also concerned with trying to find someone marry and spend her life with, in addition she is also concerned with saving enough down payments to purchase a condo by the time she is 30.Goal: Her goal is to become a marketing manager within the next year for her current department that she is working in.
  11. 11. Blog Post1. The Perfect Mate 6. Keeping the Romance2. First Date Alive3. Long Distance Love 7. The Blame Game4. Internet Love 8. Different Colors of Love5. Intimacy 9. Arranged Marriages 10. How to Deal with a Break Up 11. Why Do People Play with Each Other’s Emotions?
  12. 12. Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube Pages
  13. 13. Blog Performance• In terms of my blog performance, my blog was doing well in the beginning of the semester, but towards the end.• My blog visits began to decline due to the fact that was not driving enough traffic to my site, due to the lack of use of the social sites such as Facebook & Twitter.
  14. 14. Blog Performance Cont’d• The main problem for me was being able to be consistent with my twits on Twitter, & being able to find followers, that would relate to my blog topic.• Other than that my Facebook page for my blog did well with 78 likes, and having consistant visitors visiting the Facebook page, and going to my blog page from my Facebook page.
  15. 15. Business Review
  16. 16. In the Game of Love Blog
  17. 17. In the Game of Love BlogKey Learnings Indicated Actions• Post regularly • Post often to keep your visitors coming back.• Use keywords in writing people will search when • Write keywords in blog post looking for my blog post. people will most likely use to search for blog• Drive traffic to my blog & encourage comment and feed.
  18. 18. In the Game of Love Facebook
  19. 19. In the Game of Love FacebookKey Learnings Indicated Actions• Be frequent with your • Post blog post on Facebook post page• Easy way to drive traffic • Inform friends on other to blog networks to pass the message on about your blog• Promote page by on your to generate traffic to your own page, and Facebook blog. groups relating to your blog topic.
  20. 20. In the Game of Love Twitter
  21. 21. In the Game of Love TwitterKey Learnings Indicated Actions• Follow more people to get • Follow accounts related more followers. (target audience or similar accounts) to blog• Need to tweet regularly, like • Tweet frequently every hour or once a day.• Tweet links to your blog post to • Use hash tags so your drive traffic to the blog. twits reach more followers• Re-tweet and use hash tag.
  22. 22. In the Game of Love Youtube
  23. 23. In the Game of Love YoutubeKey Learnings Indicated Actions • Subscribe to users that• Adds credibility to the have related videos to get blog people to subscribe to your channel.• Showcased Related • This can also be a useful videos way to drive traffic to the site.
  24. 24. Recommendations
  25. 25. How to monetize your blog ?• The key go to monetize your blog is to be consistent with everything on all media sites• Consistency is key. Post regularly, tweet regularly to engage your users.
  26. 26. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)• Use descriptive titles• Relevant tags• Use key words that people would search
  27. 27. Blog • Need more interaction and feedback • Need to stay consistent with updating social media site. (Facebook & Twitter)
  28. 28. Advertisments
  29. 29. E-Mail MarketingInform subscribersand followers aboutcurrent trends andwhat’s next.
  30. 30. Social Media• Link all the social media pages to the blog website• Use social media sites to drive traffic to blog website.• Social media is also great for interacting with your subscribers .
  31. 31. Thank You for Listening Don`t forget to visit my blog at: