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Best Practices for Rural Physician Recruitment


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Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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Best Practices for Rural Physician Recruitment

  1. 1. WelcomeBest Practices for Rural Physician Recruitment Elements Management Consulting & Accounting
  2. 2. AgendaDashboardSpeakersQ&AFollow‐Up Elements Management Consulting & Accounting
  3. 3. Tracy Schira‐ParkerB.Comm, CMAElements ManagementConsulting & Accounting Elements ManagementSpiritwood, Saskatchewan Consulting & Accounting
  4. 4. Topics to Cover Where to Start – Accountability, Community, and Attitude Information & Research Goals, Targets & Strategy Attracting the Right Physician Payments, Incentives, Contracts &Guarantees Collaborating & Relationships Financial Requirements & Economics
  5. 5. Background In October 2008 Spiritwood hospital was temporarily shut - lack of physicians for call In January 2010, 2 existing physicians left In May 2010 the health region stated that additional services would be cut
  6. 6. Background In May 2010 - Northern Lakes Health Committee (NLHC) – a group of people from the surrounding communities We said that if we are going to do this, we have to be the smartest, most educated community group that has ever done this In September 2010 we formally started the physician recruitment process Have 1 physician & 2nd will be starting soon
  7. 7. Starting Point
  8. 8. Accountability Nobody is going to have a vested interest in physician recruitment like you Nobody is motivated to fix your situation like you are Petitions are like ‘white noise’ to politicians Pointing fingers shouting ‘fix this for us’ will not work Hard work and dedication will create results
  9. 9. Community Participation Itis a big job - need minimum 15+ people Need a cross section of people with resources – time, money, expertise, skills Commitment Resilience & Determination EVERYONE HAS TO BE WORKING TOGETHER!!!
  10. 10. Selective Listening  More negative than positive messages  Everyone has an opinion  The word ‘never’ overused  Listen with the intention of understanding and not adopting  History,…and more history,…and more history – meant to be a learning tool, not a road bock
  11. 11. Attitude is Everything Physician recruitment is harder than I thought it would be,…and WAY harder than it needs to be Our mantra has always been FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION
  12. 12. Where we started  Health Care System  Political Systems  Communications  PAPHR (Prince Albert Parkland Health Region)  Spiritwood Health Complex  Partnerships and Collaborating  Physician Recruitment  Clinic Models and Options  Demographics
  13. 13. Information You Need Physicians– what resources are available and what is the payment model? What is your population coverage? What affect does industry & tourism have on health care needs? (numbers and data) What health care resources do you have? (primary health care team) You need hard data, opinions do not count
  14. 14. Information on Politics The system is layered with politics – you need to understand where you fit in Provincial healthcare strategy – where are they heading? Where do you (rural) fit in? Health Region strategy – where do you fit in? MLA & MP – how can they lend support? Local municipal politics of the region
  15. 15. The Players in the SystemKnow how the different players will affectyour physician recruitment efforts  Health Region  CPSS – College of Physicians & Surgeons of Saskatchewan  SaskDocs (Physician Recruitment Agency of Saskatchewan)  Ministry of Health
  16. 16. Setting Goals & Targets What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Be VERY specific! Is it all about physician recruitment? Or it that just a part of your strategy? What are your timelines? What financial resources do you have? Create your strategy – be sure that it is in alignment with the provincial and regional strategies
  17. 17. Recruitment Options Recruitment Agencies Referrals from existing physicians Sask Docs (PRAS) Sourcing from health regions Students – future doctors Internal movement (within Canada) Expats – Canadians moving back home
  18. 18. Attracting the right physicianStop apologizing for what you are not!!!Profile your community (write your own)  What are your strengths?  What are the attractions and activities?  What does it feel like to be a part of your community?  Why would a physician be lucky and privileged to be a part of your community? This is not a time to be modest!!
  19. 19. Physician Attributes: What kind of physician would love to be in your community? What are their values?  Safety? Family Friendly?  Community Based?  Outdoors and Active?  Sports and Recreation? Not all physicians are best fit for rural – but we don’t need ‘all’, we just need a few.
  20. 20. Physician Attributes What do you expect from a physician? What values does the community have? What is the community expecting from a physician? Does the physician fit your long term strategy for health care in your community?
  21. 21. Bonus Payments & Incentives We do not pay bonus payments – feel that if the physician is coming just for the bonus payment, then they are coming for the wrong reasons We pay 6 months housing and vehicle Assist with medical licensing for 1 year Community integration (banking, events, clubs, etc)
  22. 22. Contracts & Guarantees Contracts signed from physicians for community guarantee – we did not do. Research found them to be ineffective. Surrender to the fact that there are no guarantees in physician recruitment or any other kind of employee recruitment.
  23. 23. How long are you going tostay? Will you stay?? WILL YOU STAY??? Expect physician turnover – it is normal, natural, and a part of doing ‘business’ It is not an insult, it is an evolution of their career Turnover is decreased by a balanced and enhanced life.
  24. 24. Timelines Be proactive Rules are continually changing – it’s a continual moving target Finding the right candidate, interview & screening, exams, LMO, Visa, into SIPPA process Could be anywhere from 8-20 months (new changes??)
  25. 25. Collaborating Rural communities have to work together With surrounding communities With other communities with physicians Municipalities – towns, villages, RM’s First Nations communities – Federal Community service groups Economic development groups
  26. 26. Building Relationships Relationships are key Existing physicians (if you have) Regional Board Regional Recruitment Staff (if avail) Local Stakeholders Regional Managers (that are involved) Politicians
  27. 27. Financial Requirements Physician recruitment – if you use recruitment agency Physician Placement–house/vehicle/other Clinic & Operations (if you choose to)
  28. 28. Economics of Healthcare –Community Perspective If a physician sees between 30 patients in a day, and each person spends $100 (pharmacy, fuel, groceries, etc) while in the community (region), financial impact is $780,000 per year Without medical services the community will lose that economic basis. Local economy is greatly affected.
  29. 29. Conclusion Physician recruitment takes work and dedication but it is worth it Finding physicians that want to come to rural Saskatchewan was not as hard as getting them through the ‘system’ Be proactive Push status quo to make it work in todays environment Be willing to think outside the box Leave hockey at the rink – join forces with surrounding communities and leverage your power/influence by working together
  30. 30. Conclusion Expect Challenges Celebrate Wins Don’t fight the system, work persistently with it Build relationships Don’t apologize for being rural – be proud of who you are and what you stand for
  31. 31. Q&APlease send your questions via the Chat or Question widget on your dashboard. Elements Management Consulting & Accounting
  32. 32. Stay in TouchThank you for joining us! Elements Management Accounting & Consulting Tracy Schira-Parker, B.Comm, CMA Certified Management Accountant PO Box 662, Spiritwood, SK. S0J 2M0 o. 306.883.2670 c. 306.883.7080