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Mexico science 2 (1)


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Mexico science 2 (1)

  1. 1. POPULATION-High population density-There are twenty millionpeople.-Mexico is the richest andmore populated city of thecountry.-The density of Mexico is of5920 inhabitants persquare km and in the restof the country of 57inhabitants per squarekm.- Natality rate very high
  2. 2. HISTORY OF THE POPULATION-During all the 19th and in the begining of the20th century the population didnt duplicate.-In 1920 Mexico had 2 million people less dueto the Mexican Revolution.-After the Mexican Revolution the populationduplicate in 20 years. Due to this situation theymade the (CONAPO) to control the natality andto made investigations of the population of thecountry,and this medidas resulted exitous sothe population decreased.The life expectancyincreased from 36 years to 72.
  3. 3. -The economy of Mexico fall again in the 1994 due tothe change of president,that produced another crisisthat wasn’t suppered until three years later.-Then the economy doesn’t cahnge a lot until 2006.Inthis year the jobs increase and there were about 900new works.But however the economyc situation ofMexico was about 20 million people employed and 2million of the employed population was inactive.-Now the economic situation of Mexico is very pourdue to the debts that are about 512.174 million $.
  4. 4. 1700 1800 1850 1900 1950 2000 2010 2025020406080100120140160INCREASEGRAFIC OF THE POPULATIONINCREASE
  5. 5. DEMOGRAPHY OF MEXICO·Population:113,724,226.·Male population:54,855,231.·Female population57,481,307.·Population growth:1,82%.·Birth rate:19/1,000.·Mortality rate:4,9/1,000.·Infant mortality rate:18.1/1,000.·Life expectancy:75.6 years.
  6. 6. THE NATALITY IN MEXICO·The natality in 2011 in Mexico was113,724,226.·The most populated city in the country is thecapital city, Mexico city.·50% of the population lives in one of the 55large metropolitan areas.
  7. 7. GRAFIC OF NATALITY ANDMORTALITY2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 20120510152025NATALITYMORTALITY
  8. 8. MigrationImmigration: Immigration in Mexico, isn´t very high, but it´sincreasing little by little.• The main reasons of immigration at national territory in Mexico are:-Familiary Educative Economic Climatologic Cultural
  9. 9. Society in MexicoDuring the history, the country hasn´t searched for a lotof immigration, but a few years ago, society startedsearching for specific immigration, consequently, theyhad:-Intellectuals -Scientists -ArtistsThey contribute developing the country.