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2018 - June teacher activities - Cambridge Assessment English activities- number 46


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7th July is World Chocolate Day, and a great excuse to not only eat this popular treat, but also to find out more about its fascinating history! In June’s edition of Cambridge Assessment Teaching Activities you will find a listening activity based on a video about the history of chocolate, which is bound to keep your students motivated before they leave for the summer holidays.

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2018 - June teacher activities - Cambridge Assessment English activities- number 46

  1. 1. 1 Enseñamos Juntos Nº46 June 2018 1. The history of chocolate – Listening / Speaking at B1+ → B2 A. Introductory discussion – warm-up Read the title of the TED-ED1 video to your students. Have them talk to each other about the following:  Do you like chocolate?  Is chocolate popular in your country?  Why do you think chocolate has become such a popular treat? 1 This activity is based on a TED-ED video by Deanna Pucciarelli. For more educational videos, go to the following link:
  2. 2. 2 Enseñamos Juntos Nº46 June 2018 B. Listening activity Have your students read the questions below, then show them the TED-ED video until 03’15’’ and ask them to answer the following questions: 1. Where did chocolate exist before the 16th century and how was it prepared? 2. Mesoamericans believed cacao was ___________________________________________ 3. Name three ways that Aztecs used cacao beans. 4. Hernán Cortez and Montezuma met in ________________________. 5. What did Hernán Cortez say happened during his meeting with Montezuma? 6. Initially, chocolate was used as ____________________________ . However, it became a popular delicacy when ______________________________________ . 7. The world of chocolate changes in 1828 when Coenraad van Houten invents the cocoa press. Describe how this invention worked and what could be created from cacao by using it. 8. What happened in 1875? 9. What was done in the 20th century in order to meet the massive demand for cocoa cultivation? In 1875, a Swiss chocolatier named Daniel Peter added powdered milk to the mix, thus inventing milk chocolate. 10. _________________________________ provides two fifths of the world’s chocolate as of 2015.
  3. 3. 3 Enseñamos Juntos Nº46 June 2018 2. Speaking – Can be adapted to all levels Ask your students to look at the pictures below. In pairs, have them discuss the following topics:  What do you think is the best way to spend your holidays?  What kind of holiday destinations do you see in the pictures below? Which one appeals to you the most?  What means of transport do you prefer: plane, train or bus? Why?  Do you travel often? Why/why not?  Do you like travelling to other countries, or do you prefer staying in your town/city/country?