Sap HANA Presentation to SAPnsight Dallas Breakfast Huddle in June 2014


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SAP HANA presentation to SAP Super Users at the SAPinsight June Breakfast Huddle in Dallas.

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  • Cloud is one of the cornerstones of the SAP strategy. For the time being and even in the future, SAP believes in a hybrid cloud world and SAP is therefore supporting all deployment scenarios from On-Premise to Cloud and Hybrid in-between.

    Additionally, we are offering cloud services for early prototyping of solutions and POCs as well as productive systems. We truly believe that SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is the fastest way of starting any SAP HANA related project, independent of the final deployment mode of a customers productive system.

    So jumpstart you HANA project quickly with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and then choose your preferred productive scenario.

    The power of real time plus the simplicity of the cloud for a faster innovation adoption and reduced IT cost

    Before: Only on-premise deployment was possible for Suite on HANA applications

    Technology innovation with SoH: On-premise, on the cloud (HANA Enterprise Cloud) or hybrid deployment options available

    Result: Choice of deployment for customers, on-premise, cloud, hybrid

    Business impact:
    Faster time to value with innovations deployed as business requires
    Avoid capital expenditures for running mission-critical processes
    Non-disruptive approach with easy migration and deployment

    IT impact:
    - Accelerate deployment of new solutions and shorten innovation cycles
    - Allow smart IT investments for high value innovations delivered quicker to the business
    - Reduce total cost of ownership with the simplicity of the cloud (e.g. no need to wait for hardware, implementation)

  • The key requirement here is the responsiveness of the system. Business users need immediate answers to very precise questions - otherwise they simply skip. By
    combining analytics with transactions, business users can now get a unified access to information within context – at finger tip – 360° views of real-time
    information - on any device - across all SAP Business Suite applications and even beyond, like information from sensors and social media.
    Suite on HANA returns both structured data (business objects) and unstructured data (HTML files, presentations, documents) from SAP systems and other search
    providers. It also allows direct access to associated applications and actions. Combined with people-centric interfaces and ‘Google like’ search functionality, this
    new approach brings much more flexibility, speed and powerful information to users.

    As an example, business users usually only enter data when finally required at the latest point in time in the system to avoid repeated waiting times. This drives
    wrong decisions as data can be required by other departments sooner. Suite on HANA means less waiting times and higher user satisfaction through the use of
    interactive dashboards as an example, leading to higher responsiveness and process compliance.

    This is the beauty of SAP Fiori.
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  • The latest installment has 190+ apps supporting a large variety of roles in more lines of business, including HR, finance, manufacturing, procurement and sales.
    The apps offer users the ability to conduct transactions, get insight and take action as well as view factsheets and contextual information.

    Enhanced Look and Feel, including:
    SAP Fiori Launchpad – a single entry point for SAP business functions – contextual, role-based, personalized, and search enabled.
    SAP Fiori Active Tiles – provides the most impactful real-time information and KPIs at a glance
  • Sap HANA Presentation to SAPnsight Dallas Breakfast Huddle in June 2014

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    14. 14. 16© 2014 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Personalized User Experience with SAP Fiori Today Functional-based applications Fiori & Smart Business Role-based applications To: One entry point for the user and UX following common design directions From: Multiple entry points for the user and inconsistent user experience From: One transaction for multiple roles exposing all data and functions to all users To: Decomposed apps for each role exposing only relevant data & functions Transactional Search Analytical
    15. 15. 18© 2014 SAP AG. All rights reserved.© 2014 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 18 SAP Fiori app types +190 apps covering most typical usage Transactional Insights Get a visual overview of a complex topic for monitoring or tracking purposes Search and Explore View essential information about an object with contextual navigation between related objects Analytical Factsheet Task-based Access Access to tasks like change, create or approve processes with guided navigation runs on SAP HANAruns on any DB and SAP HANA 18© 2014 SAP AG. All rights reserved.
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    17. 17. 22© 2014 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Smart Accounting, SAP’s Next Gen Accounting Solution Logistics Document CO Document FI Document Totals & Indices Financial Accounting Totals & Indices Management Account. From … Stability Processing Analytics CO Document FI Document Flexibility HANA views on the fly Pre-Defined Aggregates Flexibility Stability Processing Analytics Logical document Logistics Document … To Customer benefits • Harmonized internal and external reporting • Account driven data model • Significantly reduced reconciliation effort • Higher flexibility in reporting and data customization • Significantly reduced memory consumption
    18. 18. 23© 2014 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Significantly Reduced Memory Consumption  No more persistent indices and aggregates/totals  HANA data base compression  No replication to OLAP system for operational reporting  Lower TCO and higher through-put 18,5x Smaller data footprint observed based on real customer data
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    21. 21. 28© 2014 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Where and How to Start? Business Scenario Recommendation, value discovery workshop, …  SAP offers a proven methodology and approach to discover the customer-specific business improvement areas and quantify value potential.  Business Scenario Recommendation (BSR): tailored recommendations based on customer’s current usage of production system Get your own report:  Value Discovery Workshops: proven methodology to discover customer specific business improvement areas and quantify value potential
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