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Learn more about Mobile BI and SAP's vision for mobile business analytics.

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  • Enterprise Mobility is at Inflection Point. Three key trends are driving future of Mobility that will make the mobile the new desktop.Devices Expand - 7x More Mobile Internet Connections Than Broadband Worldwide Today14.1B phones>4 billion mobile users>1 billion mobile workers touching customers, partners and suppliersTop 10 priorities for 70% of CIOsMobile is the next desktopBRIC – 70%+ will go directly to mobile bypassing traditional computersData Expands- Volume of Data Doubles Every 18 Months2 400m Facebook users15m twitter 1B Meters 10B Readers 1T SensorsData Store is still relevant and extremely important for structured and unstructured data (New Economies, New Users, New Usage & New Intelligent Systems of Record)Action Points Expand - Growth in Corporate Apps Accessed from Smart Phones +43% CAGR from 2008 to 20113Trusted Collaboration, Reliable & Relevant Information
  • How do we achieve this? The customers we referenced earlier were using a combination of a number of key components:Data Warehouse Management A key requirement to better facilitate reporting and analysis – stores volumes of data and serves it up rapidly without impacting operational systemsFor example … 2) Enterprise Information Management The primary focus here is on delivering trusted information to the organization, for consumption by a variety of applications and business users. “Turning data into decision-quality information you can trust.”For example …3) Business Intelligence Delivers a set of tools that can be used by business professionals to have an integrated view of corporate information for decision making. “Turning information into insight for better decision making.”For example …4) Enterprise Performance ManagementIs about delivering an environment where performance is captured, understood and adjusted according to the execution needs of the organization. It builds on the other areas, capturing and sharing information specific to strategy, operational and financial planning and forecasting and reporting. “Using insight and informed decisions to drive strategy and alignment.”For example …5) Governance, Risk, and ComplianceDelivers a comprehensive platform to manage GRC on an ongoing basis, ensures that internal and external rules are followed and enforced, and controls access to systems and information. “Making risk and compliance part of decision-making, strategy, and performance management.”For example …6) Analytic Apps Purpose-built role and industry specific applications that provide information in context with a rapid time to valueFor example …7) CollaborationYou can engage with your team, your organization, or your extended network to collaboratively make decisions and take coordinated action.Do you know why SAP is better placed than any other vendor to do this?
  • Mobile Business Analytics From SAP can accelerate almost every role across all organizations… marketing to execute and then analyze campaigns and promotions; plant operations manages work orders, inventory, assets; field services to fix equipment, manage customer relationships; retailers to place orders, scan inventory, predict stock outs etc….SAP and Sybase have worked with companies like Caterpillar, Halliburton, Dr. Reddy’s, COX, Cintas, Home Depot, Citi, P & G, Tellabs and Rubbermaid to mobilize processes from asset management to mobile marketing covering full value chain of a company. For example The Result:1. Know Your BusinessRubbermaid NewellNewell Rubbermaid has some of the most well-known brands in the home and family, office products and tools categories, including Rubbermaid, Sharpie, Graco, Calphalon and Irwin. ++With Mobile BI employees can quickly explore sales data for any time period in less than a minute. Employees can gather POS data from its various retailers and compare that data to better understand how particular product lines, regions or promotions are performing.With current and historical data from the past three years readily available to them, they can do trending to better understand, for example, why there has been a drop off in sales with retailer X but an increase with retailer Y during the same period.Customer story: Decide With ConfidenceCoca-Cola CompanyThe Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company, marketing four of the world’s top five soft-drink brands to consumers in nearly 200 countries worldwide, who consume more than one billion servings of its products each day.Running this global business is not only a daunting operational task – it also involves a mountain of financial information that must be collected, consolidated, and understood to drive financial reporting, planning, and decision making at the $20 billion company.With Mobile Analytics, Coke extended analytic capabilities to mobile devices to compare, locations, brands, and accounts. Including comparison of one part of the world to another, one brand to another, to answer crucial questions about our business and continually improve their competitive position  3. Act Boldly (need better story)Lionsgate EntertainmentLions Gate Entertainment, the successful studio behind hit movies such as On Golden Pond, Terminator 2, Basic Instinct, and thousands of others, acquired Artisan Entertainment in 2003 to become the leading producer and distributor of independent films, with sales of US$840 million (FY 2005)Lionsgate manages a complex view into the value chain of major motion pictures production and distributionLionsgate uses Business Analytics to gain a detailed view into cost analysis, what-if scenarios for marketing campaigns, and overall impact across a variety of distribution channelsLionsgate uses Sybase SUP to mobilize their SAP environment and provide security and mobile device managementCustomer video: a discussion with customer to find out what they have mobilized in their company, what their pain points are with current soln and what there mobility plans are, if any)Note:- Not all the customers mentioned here are using latest mobile applications on Sybase Unwired Platform. Some are using legacy applications. The main point here is that we have lots of experience working with mobilizing business processes and we plan to use this learning to build new mobile applications on modern mobility platform targeting latest devices.Reference:CAT: uses SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) that uses Radio Frequency Framework to work with Mobile Radio Frequency Enabled devices.Halliburton: uses mobile asset management software integrated with the SAP plant maintenance solution that automatically updates SAP ERP. Recently purchased Sybase Unwired Platform and Mobile Worflow for SAP Business Suite application. ( Reddy’s: uses custom mobile CRM app build using SAP Netweaver Mobile 7.1 ( Uses Afaria to manage mobile devices ( Building custom field service app on Sybase Unwired PlatformHome Depot: uses Retail soln. ??Citi: Mobile alerts and banking applications for Citi in Asia, EMEA, and the U.S.P & G: Mobile Marketing, Mobile CouponsTellabs: Mobile Workflows in Supply Chain Management. Custom app on Sybase Unwired PlatformRubbermaid: uses Business Object Explorer on iPad
  • Mobile BI from SAP

    1. 1. Mobile Analytics from SAPInsights like never beforeNic SmithMobile Analytics@nicfish
    2. 2. Agenda• Trends• Mobile BI• Mobility and Business Analytics• Next steps© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 2
    3. 3. Key Trends Shaping Enterprise MobilityDevices Expands Decision Points Expand Data Expands1B+ internet connections 43% annual growth in corporate Data doubles every 16 monthson non-PCs apps accessed from smart phones 826 Million Facebook members7x more mobile internet Collaboration tools at 60% ofconnections than broadband1 Fortune 1000 by 2013Yankee Group – enterprise storage study – 2011, J. Gold Associates, November 2011© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 3
    4. 4. Mobility Is Not in the Future, It Is Now Device ForecastSmartphones & tablets (millions of units)are the dominant 1200computing device 1000 800 600 400 200 0 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Desktop PC Mobile PC Smartphones Media Tablets BusinessWeek, 2011© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 4
    5. 5. Mobility Is Not in the Future, It Is NowSmartphones & tabletsare the dominantcomputing device 45% of companies as a priority will implement mobile enterprise apps in 2011Enterprisesare building mobileapplications today 58% expect to support up to 4 different mobile operating system platforms BusinessWeek, 2011© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 5
    6. 6. CIO’s Top Tech Priorities for 2012Priorities 1. Analytics and Business Intelligence (last year’s rank: 5)are changing 2. Mobile technologies (last year: 3) 3. Cloud computing, including SaaS (last year: 1) 4. Collaboration/workflow technologies (last year: 8) 5. Legacy modernization 6. IT management (last year: 4) 7. CRM 8. ERP applications 9. Security 10. Virtualization (last year: 2) Gartner, 2012© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 6
    7. 7. 33%BI functionality consumed on mobile devices by 2013 Gartner, 2012
    8. 8. 1 in 3US Online Consumers will be using a tablet by 2015 Forrester, 2012
    9. 9. Top Mobile Apps for Business #1: email #2: calendar #3: BI *Howard Dresner, Mobile BI Research 2011© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 9
    10. 10. IMMERSIVE“Viewing features remain the focus of most interactive capabilities.”Howard Dresner, Mobile BI Research 2011
    11. 11. Data doubles every 16-18 months Security TRUST Quality Managed
    12. 12. LIGHTNING BIG Data Google-like response FAST
    13. 13. 826 Million Facebook members Lady Gaga 18 Million Twitter followers SOCIAL Collaboration breaks the top 5 of CIO’s priorities in 2012
    14. 14. Agenda• Trends• Mobile BI• Mobility and Business Analytics• Next steps© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 14
    15. 15. SAP BusinessObjects Business IntelligenceStrategic Focus BI Core Creative Mobile Extreme Social  Core for  For IT and  First experience  Big data  Capture the innovation Department for BI  Real-time decision  Complete BI  Fast time-to-  Content to point  Predictive  Opinion and Suite value of impact Facts  Continued  Connected to  Expand to  Leverage Leadership the Enterprise untapped users the network Innovation without Disruption© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 15
    16. 16. The Mobile Analytics Journey Mobilize existing Answers on the go for Enable strategic use investment more people cases for your people© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 16
    17. 17. Mobilizing the SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite Analyze Visualize Discover Report Collaborate Predict© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 17
    18. 18. SAP Mobile BITop Downloaded Mobile Application for Business SAP BusinessObjects Explorer SAP BusinessObjects Mobile Over 600,000 downloads on iTunes!© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 18
    19. 19. Recent Mobile BI Innovations Support for Android iPhone 5 support 4.1 smartphones and tabletsNew visualizations: bubble chart, waterfall chart, bullet chart Tier 1 language support Support for Windows Mobile © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 19
    20. 20. Reporting
    21. 21. Interactive Reports & VisualizationsMobilize Crystal Reports and Web Intelligence Content Make informed decisions with instant access to personalized information Leverage existing BI investments & skills to quickly reach mobile users Ensure secure access to information across a range of devices Receive alerts on critical events Investigate problems and opportunities Take immediate action© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 21
    22. 22. Dashboards
    23. 23. Mobile Dashboards are here! Mobile compatibility panel and previews to enable easier design iPad gesture navigation Author once and deliver to both desktop and iPad Support offline usage© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 23
    24. 24. It will be easy to mobilize your Dashboards – simplypublish to iPad from existing Design Time1 Design Time – Dashboard Authoring 2 Save/publish for mobile (HTML5) 2. via BI Platform3 Download with SAP3.BusinessObjects Mobile© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 24
    25. 25. Announcing SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio Easy to design environment Easy to create web applications Access to SAP BW data Mobilize your content Freeform layout© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 25
    26. 26. Discovery
    27. 27. SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for iPhone and iPadTop Downloaded Mobile Application for Business Available on iTunes Today Over 250,000 downloads!© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 27
    28. 28. Explore Your Business at the Speed of Thought Self-service, simple and fast Smart search and explore Augmented reality and location- based analytics Share insights with BI OnDemand Access and explore BIG data© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 28
    29. 29. Location Based Analytics Analytics and GPS technology via Google Maps Visual map overlay on point-of- interest data Data overlay through on-device camera visuals Next step exploration and analysis© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 29
    30. 30. Lightening FAST on BIG Data with SAP HANA© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 30
    31. 31. SAP BusinessObjects Explorer App for iPadSmart visualization with auto adapting viewsOptimize display to device real estateHighly interactive with intuitive gesturesNavigate, zoom in/out, select, filterPersonalized experienceSet current exporation state in FavoritesOffline accessRe-open previous views© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 31
    32. 32. 2-Step Easy Workflow Step 1: Organize views in browser Step 2: Interact on iPad1.Search and explore Infospaces 1.Navigate exploration views2.Organize exploration views 2.Interact with selected content© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 32
    33. 33. Agenda• Trends• Mobile BI• Mobility and Business Analytics• Next steps© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 33
    34. 34. Announcing: Mobile BI SDKAvailable on service marketplace todayCustomize for your Business Customize the app launch screen Customize the app home screen© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 34
    35. 35. Mobile business analytics suite from SAPWhere should you start? Business Intelligence EPM SAP BusinessObjects Mobile SAP Strategy Management SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Planning and Consolidations Report, Explore, Monitor, Consume Manage strategy, plans, forecast GRC Collaboration SAP GRC Access Approver SAP Jam Decide together SAP GRC Process Approver Risk Management, Compliance Monitoring© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 35
    36. 36. Mobile Analytics from SAPAccelerates business Monitor forecasts and manage Adjust sales strategy and plans anytime, anywhere increase customer satisfaction Analyze campaigns and impact on distribution channels Plant Warehouse End ConsumerSuppliers Distributor RetailerFix equipment, manage Provide visibility into profitability, Compare, locations, brands,parts, relationships talent and analytics self-service accounts to manage competitive across the enterprise advantage© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 36
    37. 37. Unwired Platform: Chaos to Order Create Connect heterogeneous Eclipse data sources Consume heterogeneous mobile devices Unwired Platform Container Apps Business Analytics Native Apps Management console Control device and server management and security© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 37
    38. 38. Why Mobile Analytics from SAP? Market Leader in Mobility 1 (Sybase) Market Leader in Business Analytics 2 (SAP BusinessObjects) Market Leader in Business Applications 3 (SAP Business Suite)© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 38
    39. 39. SAP BusinessObjects Mobile Roadmap 2013 H2 2012 Q1 2013 Q2 2013 H2 2013 New Analytics Content: Mobile Analytics SDK: New Analytics Content: Mobile Analytics SDK:  Dashboards  App customization  New Data Discovery  Embedded Analytics  Design Studio and branding on HANA  Extended  CR Interactive  OEM support  Explorer Mobile customization Viewing  3rd party and custom Integration into SAP support BusinessObjects  URL access to any mobile security Mobile Analytics integration Mobile Visualization extensions content  Flexible deployment Single Mobile Analytics and SDK New Web Intelligence option Application for simple Charts: access to all content  Bubble  iOS support  Waterfall SAP Mobile Platform Cloud integration  Bullet  Horizontal Bar SAP Jam integration Tier 1 Language Support© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 39
    40. 40. ActionsDownload from the Apple Apps Store today:  SAP BusinessObjects Explorer  SAP BusinessObjects MobileJoin the discussion: your story for Mobile BIContact: @nicfish© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 40