Migrating from SAP BusinessObjects Desktop Intelligence to Web Intelligence


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http://spr.ly/SBOUC_VP - SAP BusinessObjects announced that SAP BusinessObjects Desktop Intelligence XI 3.1 will be the last commercially-available version. SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence will be the replacement for SAP BusinessObjects Desktop Intelligence. Most SAP BusinessObjects Desktop Intelligence functionality will be directly available in SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence. This presentation will provide you with information on why you should move from Desktop Intelligence to Web Intelligence, Desktop Intelligence features in Web Intelligence, how you can plan the move, and best practices and tips and tricks. Presenters: Oliver Duvelleroy and Thomas B Kuruvilla, SAP

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Migrating from SAP BusinessObjects Desktop Intelligence to Web Intelligence

  1. 1. September 10-13, 2012 Orlando, FloridaMigrating from Desktop Intelligence to Web IntelligenceOlivier Duvelleroy, Solution Management, SAP Business IntelligenceThomas B Kuruvilla, Solution Management, SAP Business Intelligence
  2. 2. Agenda  Benefits of upgrading to Web Intelligence  What’s New in Web Intelligence  Desktop Intelligence feature coverage in Web Intelligence  Remaining features to add to Web Intelligence  What’s coming2
  3. 3. Desktop Intelligence End-of-life announced*  Desktop Intelligence 3.1 is the last commercial version  SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0 does NOT include Desktop Intelligence  Desktop Intelligence will continue to be supported on XI 3.x  Mainstream maintenance: Until 2015  Priority-One support: Until 2017 * The official End-of-Life statement is available on Service Market Place3
  4. 4. Why  Decreasing interest in Desktop Intelligence Question  Web Intelligence covers majority of features Web Intelligence Analyze Consume covers the entire and Story decision-making tell cycle  Web Intelligence provides better value Share 1 2 34
  5. 5. Top reasons to upgrade to Web Intelligence  Web Intelligence has a number of feature not in Desktop Intelligence  Modern User experience and New Charts and visualizations  New semantic layer: Dimensional Semantic layer, Multi-Source  Interoperability with best of breed exploration and analysis tools  Copy and Paste  Tool of choice for BI Mobile  Future investments will be in Web Intelligence5
  6. 6. Examples: User Experience and Charting  New interface based on years of usability testing across difference user types Charting6
  7. 7. Examples: Charting Enhancements  Hierarchical Navigation in Charts  Better Color Management  Zone Formatting  New Waterfall Charts7
  8. 8. Dimensional Data Access and Reporting Navigate directly into the Dimensional concepts report hierarchies to find integrated into rich Dimensional root causes reporting model charting8
  9. 9. Examples: Data Manager  Provide business users a quick way to understand the data behind simple reports  Enable power users to gain a deep understanding of multiple data sources  Provide Desktop Intelligence users with another superior user experience9
  10. 10. Examples: Additional Enhancements  Simplified Sorting  Improved Sorting Menu  Apply Sort directly to Dimension or Measure  Available for Tables and Charts  DHTML Query Panel  100% HTML, No download required  .unv and .unx universes  Allow custom styling in reports  Import/Export CSS style sheet10
  11. 11. Examples: Copy and Paste Reuse report contents across documents (charts, tables, queries, variables) Copy/paste with simple keyboard shortcuts or drag and drop report elements Re-purpose Interactive Analysis tables as editable Office content Copy/paste with simple keyboard shortcuts or drag and drop report elements11
  12. 12. Examples: More…  Track Data Changes  Report to Report and URL Linking Wizard  Input Controls  Which also allows “What if” analysis  Server Side Ranking and Sampling  Custom sorts  Query Stripping (for OLAP data sources via: BICS, OLAP universes)  Improved performance by automatically removing unused objects  Supports non-additive measures  Prompts: Optional, default values, free/constrained  Complex report filters  Improved client-side ranking  Improved alerters  More ‘function’ support (e.g. interpolation)12
  13. 13. SAP BusinessObjects Mobile: Leverage existing tools & skills  Mobilize Crystal and Web Intelligence Content  Platform User & content management  Fast to deploy EASY!13
  14. 14. Key outstanding Desktop Intelligence features  Planned for future releases of Web Intelligence  Free-hand SQL  Custom grouping  Excel DP in Web Intelligence Applet  Schedule with export to TXT  Export to HTML  Schedule with export to HTML  Unplanned features  Visual Basic Data-providers  Export to XML  Multiple VBA macros14
  15. 15. Steps to convert to Web Intelligence: Upgrade Paths Convert .rep on the same stack Use Upgrade Manager 4.0 to move content XI XI Report Conversion Tool XI Report Conversion Upgrade Manager Tool 4.0 4.0 BI 4 Use RCT 4.0 to convert .rep and move directly to 4.015
  16. 16. What’s Coming24
  17. 17. Background  We understand your challenges in migrating  We’ve been working closely with customers in their move to BI 4.0  One of the requests from customers moving is the ability to support their .rep content in BI 4 as they continue to convert25
  18. 18. Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack (DCP)  Will install over latest Desktop Intelligence 3.1 client  Will enable the DeskI client to connect to the BI 4.1 CMS DeskI XI 3.x  Will introduce a Light Schedule DCP functionality using the windows scheduling functionality  DeskI documents will be listed ONLY in the Central Management Console (CMC) for administrative purposes ONLY BI 4  Minimum deprecation of DeskI Client functionality  Only Client side consumption of .rep content26
  19. 19. Updates to BI 4  Upgrade Manager will now Upgrade Manager move selected .rep documents XI 3.x to BI 4  Report Conversion Tool (RCT) will now source .rep BI 4 documents from BI 4 XI R2  DeskI documents displayed in CMC for administrative purposes ONLY Report Conversion Tool 4.027
  20. 20. Benefits DCP is a additional support provided by SAP for DeskI 3.1 users / customers who are moving their current DeskI investments to WebI 4.0 or later The Benefits Reduced TCO: With this solution, DeskI documents that require additional time to convert can be consumed from a BI 4.1 deployment using the DeskI 3.1 Client Can de-commission legacy systems earlier and consolidate on BI 4.1 Better User satisfaction: Users can leverage the latest innovations delivered in BI 4.0 or later, as they convert their DeskI documents Gain additional time to convert their complex DeskI reports28
  21. 21. REMEMBER  DCP is an temporary solution to provide additional time in your DeskI to WebI 4 conversion  DCP will be supported while DeskI 3.1 is supported  Desktop Intelligence is STILL End-of-Life29
  22. 22. Best Practices  Internal usage review of the existing .rep files in the organization  Consider archiving any that haven’t been used or accessed in a long time  Determine the most important reports to upgrade  Education  Inform Desktop Intelligence users of the intent to upgrade to Web Intelligence  Begin training Desktop Intelligence on Web Intelligence usage  Knowledge Accelerator provides an e-learning solution to facilitate user training  Deploy Web Intelligence  Have Desktop Intelligence users begin using Web Intelligence for all NEW reports  Begin upgrade of reports, starting with most important.30
  23. 23. Publishing to BI 4  Document publishing is considered partial, if:  Universe isnt associated with converted .wid in the target system  Open and View of these documents is still possible  Refresh isnt possible  For this it is advisable to move the .rep dependencies to the target system using Upgrade Manager before your commence your conversion activity31
  24. 24. Useful references and Links  Decide if moving to Web Intelligence makes sense for you  Read this whitepaper for more information about the benefits of Web Intelligence.  Begin planning the move to Web Intelligence  This whitepaper explains how to plan the upgrade from Desktop Intelligence to Web Intelligence  Talk to your account manager about licensing options. We want to provide as smooth a transition as possible to our customers and are offering a license upgrade from Desktop Intelligence to the considerably more feature-rich Web Intelligence32
  25. 25. Summary  Desktop Intelligence is STILL End-of-Life  Maintain Maintenance: Until 2015  Priority One Support: Until 2017  Web Intelligence is the future  Has Majority of Desktop Intelligence features  Has modern user experience and features  Continued investment and innovation  Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack:  BI 4.x will enable moving .rep to BI 4.x CMS  RCT 4.x will now also use BI 4.x as source for .rep documents  DCP installed over DeskI 3.1  Connects to BI 4.1 CMS  Consume .rep documents on client only  Conversion and Upgrade Management to support your move33
  26. 26. Thank you for participating.Please provide feedback on this session by completing a short survey via the event mobile application. SESSION CODE: 814Learn more year-round at www.asug.com