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Calculate the Economic Impact of Analytics


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Analytics solutions can reveal answers to important questions about your business. Calculate the economic impact of analytics and learn how SAP BusinessObjects Analytics solutions can help you gain the full value of your business data. For a deeper look, read the October 2016 Forrester Consulting study, “The Total Economic Impact™ of SAP BusinessObjects Analytics: Cost Savings and Business Benefits,” commissioned by SAP. It's available for download at:

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Calculate the Economic Impact of Analytics

  1. 1. Forrester Consulting’s TEI Study Parameters Goal: To better understand the potential ROI that companies may realize after implementing SAP BusinessObjects Analytics Assessment method: Based on interview responses, Forrester Consulting aggregated the results and created a composite organization that employs 10,000 workers including 4,000 data developers, managers, and consumers. Analytics solutions studied: Interviewed: Four companies from around the world with multiple years of experience that use SAP BusinessObjects Analytics Planning Business intelligence Predictive analytics Predictive analytics provided the insight necessary to proactively avoid dangerous incidents and reduce risk, leading to: Risk and Incident Reduction Lower annual costs through risk avoidance Fewer incidents $3.2 million 30% Reduction in employee turnover 5% Calculating the Economic Impact of Analytics SAP® BusinessObjects™ Analytics solutions help customers gain the full value of their business data That’s why SAP offers the SAP® BusinessObjects™ Analytics portfolio. These solutions help you increase your bottom line by: Improving business processes Healthcare Software and services Transportation Consulting services SAP commissioned the independent firm Forrester Consulting to assess the financial impact of our analytics solutions on companies across four different industry segments: Based on in-depth customer interviews, Forrester Consulting produced the study,“The Total Economic Impact™ Of SAP BusinessObjects Analytics,” which detailed how customers are using analytics from SAP to: Enabling predictive scenarios Supporting self-service data discovery Analytics solutions can reveal answers to important questions about your business. Yet, too many tools are slow, inflexible, and difficult to use. What good is a historical view of your business, when you need real-time insight and the ability to model and forecast the future? Self-service visualization for faster insights Save money Reduce risk Gain insight faster Self-service tools made it easier for workers to create and manage reports, delivering benefits of: Rethink Analytics Learn More Your business data contains answers to questions about how you can run your enterprise more effectively, efficiently, and profitably. Deployed on premise or in the cloud, SAP solutions can help you better understand your business, simplify the enterprise, and transform your future. Reimagine your business with SAP BusinessObjects Analytics. Read the full, commissioned October 2016 study, “The Total Economic Impact™ Of SAP BusinessObjects Analytics,” conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SAP, at Time required for report creation Additional annual savings From 65 hours to 1 hour $376,000– $752,400 Savings from ease of report creation Up to 28,800 hours Based on risk-adjusted financial results over a three-year period, measured improvements were as high as US$6.76 million each year, resulting in total benefits of: SAP BusinessObjects Analytics helped identify cost-effective best practices to drive process improvement and standardization, yielding: Net present value ROI Financial Benefits Business Process Improvements $10.24 million 171% Annual savings in process costs Reduction in process or task costs $2.4 million Cost savings for each task $6,000 60% with a Studio SAP | 47819enUS (16/12) ©2016 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. Proven Value, Reported by Forrester Consulting