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Overview slides for Business Analytics from SAP. Learn more about business analytics at

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  • Business Analytics Overview

    1. 1. ACHIEVE REMARKABLE RESULTS<br /><ul><li>2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 1</li></li></ul><li>RUN<br />Vision <br />Strategic Direction for 2011<br />Building Momentum NOW<br />BOLDER<br />RUN<br />Business Analytics at SAP<br />SMARTER<br />Redefining Business Analytics<br />The Game Changers <br />RUN<br />BETTER<br />Analytics at Work<br />
    2. 2. The Economy Is Predicated on Innovation <br />Social Media<br />CLOUDACCESS<br />MOBILE ACCESS<br />IN-MEMORY<br />The U.S. economy is predicated on Innovation. It has always been the life blood of this country.”<br />Wall Street Journal <br />“<br />
    3. 3. Primary Research Blind Study Consisting of 100 Role-Specific Interviews<br />New Delhi<br />Chicago / New York<br />Munich / Berlin<br /><ul><li>Access to all relevant information, no matter where it exists
    4. 4. Transparency is critical across lines of business
    5. 5. 360° risk-aware, flexible and inter-departmental planning solution
    6. 6. Deeper and function-specific analytics
    7. 7. Performance monitoring a key element of process improvement</li></li></ul><li>“<br />The ASKs <br />Patternrecognition<br />Push button<br />Collaborate SMS alerts<br />Everything needs to be Real Real Time<br />Unifiedplanning for <br />our subsidiaries<br />Constantmonitoring<br />Manage various compliancemandates<br />Understandsocial media data<br />Improvecustomer satisfaction<br />”<br />Forecastingand capacity allocation<br />24/7 protection<br />Process optimization to reduce cost<br />Predict competitive moves<br />
    9. 9. SENTIMENTANALYSIS<br />What are they talking about?<br />How Do They Feel?<br />
    10. 10. <ul><li>2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 8</li></li></ul><li>Where Is Business Analytics Headed for SAP?<br />DATAEXPLOSION<br />MY INTELLIGENT LENS <br />that recommends,guides, and acts<br />IT-CENTRIC<br />TOOLS<br />BUSINESS-CENTRIC WORKPLACE<br />purpose-built to anticipate, perform, act<br />ONE WAY<br />“MY WAY”<br />with your team, network, marketplace<br />
    11. 11. MY WORK<br />MY NETWORK<br />MY MARKETPLACE<br />
    12. 12. Business AnalyticsMost Complete Offering to Deliver Vision<br />Data Sources/Warehouses<br />Analytic Capabilities<br />Workplace<br />Access<br />Industry & LOB <br />Analytic Applications<br />SAP<br />Services and Best Practices<br />Industry & LOB Analytical Applications<br />Mobile<br />Other Application/ Data Sources<br />Performance Management<br />Performance Management<br />Browsers<br />Risk and Compliance Management<br />Risk and Compliance Management<br />Social Media Content<br />On Demand Services<br />Unstructured Content<br />Business Intelligence<br />Business Intelligence<br />MS Office<br />OLAP Servers, DATA Warehouses & Marts<br />Enterprise Information Management<br />Data Foundation<br />Enterprise Portals<br />
    13. 13. Our Strategy <br />PEOPLE<br />INNOVATION<br />EXPERTISE<br />ECOSYSTEM <br /><ul><li>2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 12</li></li></ul><li>People<br /><ul><li>2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 13</li></li></ul><li>InnovationThe Foundation for Remarkable Results<br />CLOUD/ON DEMAND<br />SOCIAL<br />MOBILITY<br />IN-MEMORY <br />
    14. 14. REAL-TIME<br />In-Memory Computing<br />Event Insight<br />SAP ERP<br />REAL TIME<br />HANA<br />REAL TIME<br />
    15. 15. WHAT IF YOU COULD<br />drastically reduce costs by having real-time price information from different vendors included in the creation of a purchase order?<br />answer within split seconds where medications of a bad batch are stored in a heterogeneous supply chain?<br />simulate the effects, during a meeting, of short campaigns in active pharmaceutical ingredients’ (APIs) production on overall supply chain costs?<br />The Power of In-Memory Computing <br /><ul><li>2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 16</li></li></ul><li>SAP HANA in Action at a CPG Company<br />77 minutes<br />356x<br />154,000<br />faster<br />customers<br />1.8M<br />1,000<br />rows of data<br />70,000<br />B2B customers<br />collection notices<br />13 seconds<br />Standard System<br />In-Memory System<br />
    16. 16. Strategic Workforce Planning For In MemoryAlign Workforce to Business Goals…<br />Strategic Workforce Planning includes the set of processes, people and tools to ensure that organizations always have:<br />the right people<br />with the right skills<br />in the right job<br />at the right moment<br />in the right quantity<br />in the right place<br />at the right price<br />to execute the business strategy<br />Strategic Workforce Planning is the business process for ensuring that an organization has suitable access to talent to achieve future business success <br />
    17. 17. THE 1st SAP HANA APPLICATION<br />Strategic Workforce Planning<br />Version for in-memory computing<br />
    18. 18. How It Works<br />Strategic Workforce Planning<br />HTML Client<br />MS OfficeAdd-in<br />New Applications & New Exeriences<br />In-memory Computing Platform<br />Why HANA?<br />Huge amounts of data <br />Complex, interdependent calculations<br />Dynamic and real-time<br />Semantics, Models, …<br />SAP In-memory Computing Engine<br />Business Function Library<br />
    19. 19. INDUSTRY & LOB<br />Expertise: SAP BusinessObjects Analytic Applications, Embedded Analytics<br />
    20. 20. Industry and Line of BusinessAnalytic and Embedded Applications*<br />LINE OF BUSINESS*<br />INDUSTRY*<br />Data Sources/Warehouses<br />Analytic Capabilities<br />Workplace<br />Access<br />OPERATIONS<br /><ul><li>Sales & Operations Planning
    21. 21. Global Trade Services
    22. 22. Supply Chain Performance
    23. 23. Spend Performance
    24. 24. Data Enrichment & Classification
    25. 25. Manufacturing & Supply Chain Analytics</li></ul>FINANCE<br /><ul><li>Strategy Management
    26. 26. Profitability & Cost Mgt
    27. 27. Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting
    28. 28. Consolidations
    29. 29. IFRS / XBRL
    30. 30. Liquidity Planning, CapEx Planning</li></ul>IT<br /><ul><li>IT Budgeting & Financial Performance
    31. 31. IT GRC
    32. 32. IT Service Levels</li></ul>HR & ASSETS<br /><ul><li>Strategic Workforce Planning
    33. 33. Asset Visibility & Analytics
    34. 34. HR Analytics</li></ul>SALES & SERVICE<br /><ul><li>Sales & Revenue Planning
    35. 35. Interaction Center
    36. 36. Customer Data Integration
    37. 37. Customer Profitability
    38. 38. CRM Analytics</li></ul>MARKETING<br /><ul><li>Segment Manager
    39. 39. Marketing Analytics
    40. 40. Price Optimization
    41. 41. Healthcare Quality Management
    42. 42. Planning and Consolidation for Healthcare
    43. 43. Staff Productivity Management for Healthcare
    44. 44. Healthcare  Practitioner Spend Anal& Reporting
    45. 45. Customer Analysis and Retention for Telecom
    46. 46. Trade Promotion Effectiveness Analysis
    47. 47. On-Shelf Availability Insight
    48. 48. Planning and Consolidation for Banking
    49. 49. Enterprise Risk Reporting for Banking
    50. 50. Enterprise Risk and Solvency Mgmt for Insurance
    51. 51. Rapid Readiness Assessment for Defense
    52. 52. Planning and Consolidation for Public Sector
    53. 53. Planning for Public Sector (LATAM version)
    54. 54. Sales Analysis for Retail
    55. 55. IP Rights Analysis
    56. 56. Upstream  Operations Performance Analysis
    57. 57. Reporting and Analytics for Private Equity
    58. 58. City Management Analytics
    59. 59. Program Mgr’s Cockpit
    60. 60. Claim Optimization 2.0
    61. 61. Smart Grid Analytics
    62. 62. Labor and Store Planning
    63. 63. Commodity Analytics
    64. 64. Profitability for Banking
    65. 65. Research Visibility
    66. 66. Planning for P&C Insurance
    67. 67. Multi-Channel Analysis For Retail</li></ul>Industry & LOB <br />Analytic Applications<br />Services and Best Practices<br />Industry & LOB Analytical Applications<br />SAP<br />Mobile<br />Performance Management<br />Other Application/ Data Sources<br />Performance Management<br />Browsers<br />Risk and Compliance Management<br />Risk and Compliance Management<br />Social Media Content<br />On Demand Services<br />Business Intelligence<br />Unstructured Content<br />Business Intelligence<br />MS Office<br />Data Foundation<br />Enterprise Information Management<br />OLAP Servers, DATA Warehouses & Marts<br />Enterprise Portals<br />*Planned through mid 2011<br />
    68. 68. 3<br />1+1=<br />SAP EcosystemTogether Delivering Remarkable Results <br />1,200+ Global Service and Technology Partners<br />800+ OEM Partners<br />7,000+ SAP Business Objects Partners<br />2Million+Community Subscribers<br />and 100,000+ Customers<br /><ul><li>2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 23</li></li></ul><li>Introducing….<br />BUSINESS ANALYTICSAt SAP EcoHub<br /><br />