Agile Data Visualization from SAP


Published on - Our brain is wired for visuals. With SAP data visualization and data discovery solutions, users intuitively explore and visualize data to reveal new insights at-a-glance, without complex training or analysis. SAP Lumira delivers agile visualizations that enable real-time understanding of data both big and small. Download the free personal edition today!

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Agile Data Visualization from SAP

  1. 1. Agile Visualization from SAP @SAPAnalytics
  2. 2. Agile Visualization Agile Visualization Advanced Analytics Enterprise Business Intelligence
  3. 3. Your Brain is Wired for Visuals 65% of information is 100101 011010 Understanding available data – big or small Finding answers to questions in no time – using iterative data exploration remembered by people 72 hours after exposure when a picture is added 30% of the cortex is devoted to neurons processing visuals 150ms It takes only for the human visual system to process a complex natural image
  4. 4. Agile Visualization Intuitively explore and present data to reveal new insights at-a-glance Discover hidden patterns in information Increase understanding and use of data for better decisions VISUALIZE Analytics reach the fringes of the organizations
  5. 5. Unlock hidden patterns in information Latest visualization technologies HTML5 Library of visuals On any data volume Seamless integration with SAP HANA Across all data assets From spreadsheets to databases to big data
  6. 6. Increase understanding and use of data Tell your story with data Combine visualizations in storyboards Automate data preparation Point-and-click preparation and enrichment Power of Internet search on your data Start your investigation with search
  7. 7. Reach the fringes of the organizations Self-service user experience No need for IT to create predefined content Universal data access On web, mobile, and desktop – online and offline Easy to get and deploy Cloud and on-premise options
  8. 8. Agile Visualization Innovations Crisp HTML5 user experience Storytelling with data Free personal edition
  9. 9. Agile visualization: The results Reduced the time spent by project managers, administrators, and controllers on reporting by 50% “ “ Very Cool! With a product like SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, we can make decisions on the spot in meetings. Todd Campbell, Director, Supply Chain Planning and Scheduling, Molson Coors Brewing Company ” “ It changes users’ perception when we can take 500 million rows of data and render it graphically in less than three seconds. Mike Walsh, Associate Director of Business Intelligence, Kraft Foods SAP’s software has enabled us to realize our business intelligence strategy with dashboards that transform raw data into actionable information, delivering it as shared knowledge across our organization. ” Kurt Holst, IT and Business Architect, ”
  10. 10. Download FREE Lumira Personal Edition: