SAP Big Data Forum 2013 T1 Fujitsu


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SAP Big Data Forum 2013 T1 Fujitsu

  1. 1. FlexFrame Orchestrator Modernizing SAP Software Landscapes – Driving SAP Applications and SAP HANA Smarter Copyright 2013 FUJITSU
  2. 2. SAP Real-Time Data Platform FTS PUBLIC 1 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU
  3. 3. Existing SAP landscape ERP CRM SRM … BW Databases Integrated in existing Data Center process OS Server Virtualisation Server Network Storage FTS PUBLIC 2 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU
  4. 4. Existing SAP landscape ERP CRM SRM … BW Databases Integrated in existing Data Center process OS Server Virtualisation Server Network Storage FTS PUBLIC 3 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU
  5. 5. Existing SAP landscape SRM CRM Databases OS Server Virtualisation Server … BW Integrated in existing Data Center process ERP … How to integrate SAP HANA Appliance in existing Data Center process? SAP HANA OS Paradigm Shift! Server Network Network Storage Storage SAP HANA Appliance FTS PUBLIC 4 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU
  6. 6. The Challenge: Paradigm Shift in the Data Center  SAP HANA needs special “in-memory” hardware and architectures  Need to manage the co-existence of traditional SAP ERP landscapes and new SAP HANA infrastructure  Increased complexity and TCO have to be managed  SAP HANA will be the foundation for most of SAP’s applications Operating Traditional SAP landscapes together with SAP HANA in a Data Center is not trivial We turn our 10-year FlexFrame Experience into Reality for HANA FTS PUBLIC 5 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU
  7. 7. The Solution: Fujitsu FlexFrame Orchestrator NonSAP Oracle/ DB2/ SAP MaxDB/ SAP Sybase ASE& IQ  Delivers Data Center Readiness  Infrastructure Management  Dynamic Resource Orchestration  N+M High Availability  Disaster Recovery  All Deployment Models of SAP  Supports 3rd party hardware  License model for Industry Standard HW SAP HANA Software Virtualization Layer SAP LVM Managed by FlexFrame Orchestrator VM OS VM Server Network Storage Innovate your Business with SAP HANA and FlexFrame Orchestrator FTS PUBLIC 6 Copyright 2013 FUJITSU
  8. 8. Big Data Platform Data Sources Analytics Platform Map Reduce IMDB DB / DW IMDG IMDG Un- / Semi-/ Polystructured data CEP IMDS Various data Extract, Collect Queries … IMDB Distributed Data Store DB / DW Access Visualization Reporting Notification IMDG Consolidated data Distilled essence Clean, Transform Analyze, Visualize 7 Applied knowledge Decide, Act Copyright 2013 FUJITSU
  9. 9. Overview of Fujitsu’s Big Data Services 2 SPATIOWL 1 Data Analysis Retail Machinery Agriculture Healthcare/Wellness Automotive Transport Customers’ Application Industry Framework (SaaS) 3 Data Curation Service ・・・ FGDP Services (PaaS) Information management and integration service 4 Fujitsu Big Data Infrastructures Information management and integration solution Cloud Platform (FGCP/S5) On Premise Platform Network Sensors and other input devices – Various Data Sources 8 CopyrightCopyright 2013 FUJITSU 2012 FUJITSU LIMITED 2013
  10. 10. Contact  Wouter de Geus  +31652034378  9 CopyrightCopyright 2013 FUJITSU 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED
  11. 11. FTS PUBLIC 10