The Future of Data in a Connected World


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Steve Lucas presentation on #BigData at the SAP & Intel 2013 Forum on Big Data, August 27, 2013. @nstevenlucas
Big data is changing the world. With more information available than ever before, we can gain insights to grow, produce, and advance in real-time.

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The Future of Data in a Connected World

  1. 1. THE FUTURE OF DATA IN A CONNECTED WORLD Steve Lucas President, SAP Platform Solutions
  2. 2. Big Data Has Changed the World FOREVER 2 Years to Reach 50 millions Users 0 10 20 30 40 Radio TV Internet iPod Facebook 38 13 4 4 100M users in 9 months If Facebook were a country it would be the world’s 3rd largest between India and the U.S (China is #1) 313.9M U.S.India Facebook 1.11B1.23B Number of Internet users worldwide 2.2B Number of Google searches 2012 1.2T Number of electronic business and consumer transactions per DAY by 2020 450B More mobile phones have been manufactured than there are people on earth. 5 Billion are in use today. v.
  3. 3. What’s Driving This? The Internet of Everything 3 *IDC Big Data Market Share report, 2011 – 2016. Revenue refers to 2014 projection
  4. 4. The Future With Big Data 4 “If executives don’t find a way to trap, tame, and train their data monsters, they’ll be extinct in 2 years” Big Data: Getting Ready for the 2013 Big Bang How does a phone call turn into a predictor for global oil futures? Integrated conversations between people and things! Things “Talk” to Other Things…People “Talk” to Things
  5. 5. eBay – finding a needle in a billion, billion haystacks 5 Massive real-time “Signals” app for eBay MEN’S 50% SNEAKERS 35% COLLECTIBLES 20% BASKETBALL 10%
  6. 6. Grabbing the Big Data Opportunity 6 ACQUIRE ACTBIG DATA ANALYZE SAP: Real-time, with real results REAL RESULTS REAL TIME
  7. 7. Accelerate how you acquire, analyze, act on insights 7 SAP HANA BIG DATA PLATFORM Analytics & Reporting Predictive Modeling Text Mining Spatial Processing Petabyte Storage Data Acquisition In-memory Processing Hadoop ACQUIRE ACCELERATE BIG DATA
  8. 8. Uncover insights that drive measurable results 8 25 industries, 12 lines of business Predict Segment Optimize Text Mining Simulate ACQUIRE ACCELERATE BIG DATA DATA SCIENTISTS WITH INDUSTRY & LINE OF BUSINESS EXPERTISE
  9. 9. Infuse insights into processes, people & things 9 Customers Partners EmployeesProcesses ACQUIRE ACCELERATE BIG DATA BIG DATA APPS & ANALYTICS
  10. 10. SAP HANA Big Data Apps TODAY Fraud Detection Demand Signal Management Sentiment Intelligence Manufacturing & Maintenance :-) FUTURE* Personalized Healthcare Product Recommendation Predictive Maintenance Asset Tracking Network Optimization Propensity to Churn 360° Customer View Distribution Network Optimization Supply Chain Risk Sphere of Influence Genomic Research Employee Abuse *For illustrative purposes only. Specific applications to be finalized. 10
  11. 11. Making Big Data Make Sense Data Tools, Data Scientists, Data Applications Tools to extract and analyze data SAP and many others Experts to refine data into industry insights SAP and a select few Apps to infuse data into your people & processes Only SAP
  12. 12. THANK YOU 12 Steve Lucas President, SAP Platform & Solutions @nstevenlucas