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Text Analysis and Full-text Search


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Text Analysis and Full-text Search Infographic shows the SAP HANA Text Analysis capabilities for extracting & classifying unstructured text into entities and domains, full-text search capabilities, Info Access Kit and Sentiment Intelligence rapid deployment solution. For more information please visit

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Text Analysis and Full-text Search

  1. 1. Text Analysis and Full-Text Search with SAP HANA Gain Faster, Broader Insight from Unstructured Textual Sources with SAP HANA HANA Search UI Rapid-Deployment Solution Search UI configured with Info Access toolkit running natively on SAP HANA Sentiment Intelligence RDS HANA Apps Applications and Analytics leveraging Text Search & Text Analysis capabilities Extended Application Service (XS Engine) SAP HANA Text Analysis In-Memory Text Processing Engine Calculation Engine SQL Engine Text Engine Text Processor Column Store (various file formats) Entity & Fact Extraction Text Search Tables Linguistic Processing Modeler Unstructured Text Data - txt - html - xml - pdf - doc - ppt - xls - rtf - msg HANA Studio Native full-text and fuzzy search Text Analysis Info Access Toolkit Exploit full-text search capabilities for exact, freestyle, linguistic, fuzzy and synonym-based search Expose linguistic markup for advanced analytics in 31 languages; classify entities in 13 languages and perform sentiment analysis natively in 7 Rapid development of search-enabled applications through API and reusable UI building blocks The Best-Run Businesses Run SAP © 2013 SAP AG. SAP and the SAP logo are trademarks and registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and several other countries