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SAP HANA – The Heart and Soul of a Digital Business


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This infographic depicts the role played by SAP HANA in innovating, accelerating, and simplifying business.

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SAP HANA – The Heart and Soul of a Digital Business

  1. 1. SAP HANA 10K + 1,500 SAP HANA customers Start Ups and ISVs* developing on HANA (independent software vendor) “We have built a highly innovative and scalable platform for the future. We really see this solution as a game-changer for the automotive industry.” Dirk Zeller, Head of IT Consulting, Mercedes-AMG GmbH “Great people become exceptional at what they do because of the speed that they can interact with the data. That is where I think the world is headed.” David Schwarzbach, VP & CFO eBay North America DRIVING performance and growth “I see a great oportunity for IT to build a different type of relationship between doctors and patients to the one we have today” Prof. Christof Sohn, Heidelberg University Hospital the doctor-patient relationship CHANGING REVOLUTIONIZING business management ACCELERATE GET IMMEDIATE MAXIMIZE Processes Answers Times An 80% reduction in backup and restoration requirements Achieved 98% faster report generation 2-seconds invoice reports instead of 4 hours SAP HANA accelerates everything you do. SAP HANA dramatically simplifies IT and delivers dramatic cost savings. SAP HANA helps you innovate new biz models. The platform can save an organization 37% across hardware, software, and labor costs. It removes previous technical and cost barriers so you can innovate like never before. We have an easy search experience, so it can answer any questions you may have. SAP HANA: Beyond the Status Quo Innovate. Accelerate. Simply. With SAP HANA Why Are Customers Choosing SAP HANA to Run Their Business? the heart and soul of a digital business + 1,300S/4 HANA customers Approaching