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Predictive Analytics with SAP HANA


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Predictive Analytics Infographic shows the SAP HANA native predictive analysis libraries (PAL), R integration for access to extensive library of statistical and data mining techniques, tools like SAP Predictive Analysis & SAP Lumira and SAP Applications leveraging Predictive capabilities. For more information please visit

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Predictive Analytics with SAP HANA

  1. 1. In-database Predictive Analytics with SAP HANA Transform Your Future with Better Business Insight using Predictive Analytics SAP Industry & LoB Applications Client Tools SAP Predictive Analysis BI clients: - SAP Lumira Rapid-Deployment Solutions (RDS) Partner Tools & Solutions - Predictive Analytics RDS - Demand Signal Management - Fraud Management - Precision Gaming - Audience Discovery & Targeting - Over 20 other Apps SAP HANA In-Memory In-database Predictive Analysis In-Memory Processing Engine Association Analysis Relational Engine Cluster Analysis Text Pre-processing Engine Calculation Engine Classification Analysis PAL 1 Time Series Analysis R-Scripts 2 R-Engine Outlier Detection Link Prediction Data Preparation HANA Studio Predictive Analysis Libraries (PAL) 1 Accelerate predictive analysis and scoring with native in-database algorithms delivered out-of-the-box. Graphical Modeling 2 R Integration HANA Studio for app developers. Pre-built commonly utilized business & predictive algorithms to facilitate a faster and easier development. Execute R scripts via high performing parallelized connection. Embed R scripts as part of overall query plan. The Best-Run Businesses Run SAP © 2013 SAP AG. SAP and the SAP logo are trademarks and registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and several other countries