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IoT is Enabling a New Era of Shareholder Value in Energy and Natural Resource Companies


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Learn how to fuel operations with business insights through IoT innovations for Energy and Natural Resource companies.

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IoT is Enabling a New Era of Shareholder Value in Energy and Natural Resource Companies

  1. 1. SAP Leonardo Fueling Operations with Business Insight IoT Innovations for Energy and Natural Resource Companies 1 / 3 ©2017SAPSEoranSAPaffiliatecompany.Allrightsreserved.
  2. 2. For decades, asset and equipment sensor networks have been an integral part of energy and natural resources (ENR) company operations. Drills, pumps, excavators, and other sensor-rich field assets have been generating huge amounts of data to help ENR companies improve operations efficiency. TODAY’S IOT TECHNOLOGY CAN DRIVE EVEN MORE ENR INNOVATION The availability of cost-effective cloud, analytics, and machine-learning technology now makes it possible for ENR companies to do a lot more with the Internet of Things (IoT), according to a new IDC white paper, sponsored by SAP, The IoT Imperative for Energy and Natural Resource Companies.* CONVERGENCE IS KEY While IoT continues to deliver operational benefits for ENR companies, what’s missing is the ability to embed daily operations with in-context, real-time business information. By sharing more business data and insight across operations using enhanced IoT capabilities, people can make better in-the-moment decisions and operations can improve in terms of safety, efficiency, and ROI. 2 / 3 What Is the Role of IoT in Energy and Natural Resources? ENR companies must view the data within their processes, assets, and opera- tions as having value beyond the entity that generated the data. That means breaking down organizational, information, and tech- nology silos.* *IDC white paper, sponsored by SAP, The IoT Imperative for Energy and Natural Resource Companies, May 2017. © 2017 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. 3 / 3 Digital Transformation That Targets ENR Company Priorities IoT-driven transformation can deliver on the following two key ENR priorities. Maximize recovery on leases – Optimize the use of equipment assets in the field to ensure the highest quality and quantity of extracted resources for the dura- tion of the lease Minimize input costs – Use electricity, water, and other inputs at lowest cost by constantly monitoring utility demand signals, vendor cost data, and asset performance metrics Improve workforce safety and performance – Keep people in the field connected with their entire work envi- ronment in real time to better monitor and mitigate risks YOUR PARTNER IN IOT-ENABLED GROWTH Learn more about using SAP Leonardo IoT capabilities to extend and enrich ENR operations with network and edge intelligence. Download the IDC white paper and then come talk to us. © 2017 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. GET THE RESULTS YOU NEED WITH SAP® LEONARDO IOT SAP® Leonardo Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities quickly integrate your core applications with your network of asset and environmental sensors. You can use cloud services that harness artificial intelligence and machine learning to: Getting more business value from current IT investments: •• Scaling quickly as operations grow and flexibly as operating locations change •• Using ready-to-run microservices and APIs that extend business applications •• Keeping IoT and on-premise and cloud business systems on a common platform Accelerating digital transformation: •• Establishing data sharing between IoT- enabled sensors to core applications quickly •• Deploying simple, industry-specific IoT services using a secure, reliable cloud platform •• Demonstrating immediate workforce and operations improvements in the field
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