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Optimize Asset Value and Performance with Enterprise Content Management

  1. SAP Solution Brief SAP Business Suite Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management by OpenText Optimizing Asset Value and Performance with Enterprise Content Management
  2. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts Improving asset management with centralized information Improving asset management When it comes to capital-intensive assets such as power plants and with centralized information manufacturing facilities, you have much to gain by optimizing performance. To do this, you need to manage all the associated content – such as technical specifications, user manuals, maintenance records, service contracts, drawings, and more. But with content spread all over the enterprise, how can you succeed? The fact is that most asset management pro- This reduces your management costs and cesses focus on structured, transactional increases asset value. And with a centralized information. While this data is important, it’s approach for managing asset-related records, only part of the story. Equally important is you can more readily comply with regulations unstructured content – the kind not stored in an affordable manner. in a database. The SAP® Extended Enterprise Content Man- With such content available, it’s a lot easier agement (SAP Extended ECM) application by to make informed decisions and take quick OpenText can help you meet these objectives. action regarding the assets that drive your This software connects enterprise content business. Service technicians can stay busy, and increases collaboration and knowledge and your time-to-repair rates can plummet. management – leading to higher efficiency and improved equipment reliability. 2
  3. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts Connecting content to asset management processes Connecting content to asset Integrated with SAP Business Suite applica- Content is stored with an appropriate struc- management processes tions, SAP Extended ECM provides unified, ture, and key data attributes are associated 360-degree access to transactional and with the documents. This enables the user to Optimizing asset maintenance unstructured content in a choice of inter- navigate or search to readily find the content faces. Users have access via standard SAP associated with a customer, supplier, part, or Internal and external collaboration interfaces, making it easier for them to learn equipment in SAP software. and use the full range of SAP Extended ECM Enterprise record management functionality. You can also extend access via a You can also use the software to support the Web interface – thus including users in the scanning and digitization of paper documen- Archiving enterprise data overall process when relevant, without giving tation, reducing reliance on paper processes and documents them unnecessary or inappropriate access and lowering physical storage needs and to SAP enterprise applications. costs. The software also supports bar-code recognition for quick input of paper-based information. SAP Extended ECM makes access to asset-related content easier – which makes asset management more effective. 3
  4. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts Optimizing asset maintenance Connecting content to asset Asset maintenance activities are content can also more easily analyze information to management processes dependent and, if not managed carefully, can determine what improvements need to occur bottleneck operations. SAP Extended ECM to shorten the duration of outages and Optimizing asset maintenance empowers maintenance workers to find the reduce downtime. information they need to sustain momentum Internal and external collaboration during a shutdown. Beyond data files, you can also leverage the software to manage the lifecycle of items Enterprise record management Engineers and technicians can store and later such as certificates and permits to maintain retrieve data and documents from analysis, tight control of all assets. You can more easily Archiving enterprise data testing, and maintenance work. Maintenance retrieve documentation that tracks root cause and documents planners can collect, organize, and securely analysis to identify patterns, predict potential store information in back-end SAP software, future outcomes, and influence maintenance establishing a clear link to equipment, mate- plans to reduce the number of environmental rial, and transactions in the software. They incidents and production upsets. What good is an asset when it’s offline? SAP Extended ECM helps you keep your assets up and running and delivering value as much as possible. 4
  5. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts Internal and external collaboration Connecting content to asset Business processes can run across depart- team workspaces, discussion forums, and management processes ments, divisions, regions, and even among collaborative approval workflows, tasks, and different organizations outside the physical polls. For projects including external stake- Optimizing asset maintenance boundaries of your facility. SAP Extended holders, SAP Extended ECM extends that ECM allows you to engage and collaborate functionality, allowing you to set up a secure Internal and external collaboration with all of the appropriate stakeholders, both extranet environment and workspaces in within and beyond the organization. which to share documents. Because the Enterprise record management interface is Web based, all your partners need For internal projects, SAP Extended ECM is an Internet connection, a browser, and their Archiving enterprise data enables collaboration among team members user name and password to be integrated and documents with rich functionality that supports project- into your processes. SAP Extended ECM makes collaboration happen. 5
  6. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts Enterprise record management Connecting content to asset Many types of equipment, such as pressure and manage the lifecycle of enterprise content. management processes vessels and valves, furnaces, and heavy Records can be declared in accordance with machinery, come with a risk of injury, fatality, legislative requirements. This approach dem- Optimizing asset maintenance or environmental impact. Private citizens onstrates compliance and shows how your have high expectations for industrial responsi- organization adheres to required records man- Internal and external collaboration bility, while government regulations require agement practices including retention, change increased diligence, testing, and documenta- control, access, and ultimately destruction of Enterprise record management tion. Keeping accurate corporate records is no content at the end of its lifecycle. The software longer optional, but you need the proper tools. can be configured to classify documents auto- Archiving enterprise data matically, thus supporting consistency and and documents SAP Extended ECM meets this challenge. The accuracy, and complies with the U.S. Depart- software provides in-depth records manage- ment of Defense directive 5015.2 for records ment functionality so you can fully document management. Just for the record, SAP Extended ECM makes compliance easier. 6
  7. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts Archiving enterprise data and documents Connecting content to asset IT departments constantly battle with the need Archiving functionality also supports IT management processes for increased storage capacity to manage the efforts by providing a means to archive data huge volume of both structured and unstruc- and documents before a software upgrade or Optimizing asset maintenance tured content generated by users on a daily migration. Archiving minimizes system down- basis. SAP Extended ECM includes archiving time during the upgrade, minimizes the size Internal and external collaboration functionality that allows the offloading of data of the upgraded database, and optimizes the and documents into an archive from within the performance of the upgraded system. SAP Enterprise record management software and from production SAP databases. Extended ECM is integrated with the SAP This functionality significantly reduces content NetWeaver® Information Lifecycle Manage- Archiving enterprise data storage costs, database backup time, and the ment component and is a preferred archiving and documents need for additional hardware, while improving solution to complement that data extraction production-system performance. method. Do you have too much content in your live production environment? Put it in easily accessible archives to reduce costs and improve performance. 7
  8. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts Toward a better asset management future Toward a better asset Ultimately, SAP Extended ECM helps improve SAP Extended ECM also helps reduce risk with management future efficiency and effectiveness related to your in-depth records management functionality asset management processes. With central- that supports the consistency and accuracy of ized, easily accessible maintenance content, information required for compliance purposes. you’ll boost productivity and improve opera- The software delivers significant benefits on tional control while increasing asset reliability the IT front as well. For example, it helps reduce and reducing outages. And with rich function- total cost of ownership because it is powered ality such as project-team workspaces, dis- by the SAP NetWeaver technology platform cussion forums, and collaborative approval and uses SAP user management tools to mini- workflows, you’ll improve internal and exter- mize administrative overhead. It also reduces nal collaboration. IT operating costs through data archiving to compress content, eliminate duplicates, and therefore reduce storage costs. Better asset management processes mean greater asset value. That’s what SAP Extended ECM delivers. 8
  9. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts Summary Benefits The SAP® Extended Enterprise Content Man- •• Increased maintenance productivity and agement application by OpenText bridges improved operational control the gap between SAP structured data and •• Improved asset reliability and reduced unstructured content for asset management outages processes. For capital-intensive industries, •• Better collaboration for asset management this contributes to improved productivity, activities reliability, compliance, and worker safety •• Reduced compliance risks and reduces costs and environmental impact. •• Lower total cost of ownership and reduced IT operating costs Objectives •• Optimize asset value and performance Learn more •• Increase access to information for improved To find out more, call your SAP representative equipment maintenance and reliability today or visit us online at •• Adhere to government regulations for records management /index.epx. Solution •• Easier access to asset management content via a choice of interfaces •• Collaboration tools for managing project teams, discussion forums, and approval workflows •• Enterprise record management for accu- rate compliance •• Archiving tools to minimize demand on production environments CMP17984 (12/02) Copyright/Trademark | Privacy | Impressum 9 ©2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved.