Keep your SAP business suite powered by SAP HANA migration on track


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Read this SAPinsider article to understand why SAP’s content management solutions are critical to success as you keep your SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA migration on Track

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Keep your SAP business suite powered by SAP HANA migration on track

  1. 1. Enterprise Content Management SPOTLIGHTARTICLE 34 Subscribe today. Visit Running SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA means bringing analytics and transactions together on a single in-memory platform. This allows you to achieve smarter business innovation, accelerate processes, and simplify transactions. To meet these goals, however, companies mov- ing to SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA must give due consideration to how they handle their enterprise content. For example, during the migration, organizations must keep existing information, such as transactional data and asso- ciated content, in a legally compliant system of record. In addition, they must also capture the business processes associated with unstructured content to make sure this information remains relevant and valuable to the business. To help, SAP offers several solutions that enable you to manage your content and make the move to SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA smooth and non-disruptive (see Figure 1). Reduce Risks by Properly Maintaining Corporate Records To mitigate the risk of lost or incomplete records, the SAP Extended Enterprise Content Manage- ment (SAP Extended ECM) application by Open- Text applies records management classifications to both structured and unstructured content within the SAP Business Suite, creating one system of record and controlling the content’s entire life cycle from creation, to archiving, to destruction. The application can be configured to apply records management classifications to docu- ments automatically to ensure consistency and accuracy, and can also enable you to track and Keep Your SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA Migration on Track SAP’s Content Management Solutions Are Critical to Success by Bil Khan, SAP manage the life cycle of physical objects, such as boxes of files. In addition, SAP Extended ECM provides business workspaces that make it easy to maintain complex taxonomies for filing content. These taxonomies are synchronized with SAP master data and process structures. Users can easily access the content in the workspaces from SAP applications (using different SAP user inter- face technologies), Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, or WebDAV. When companies use SAP Extended ECM while migrating to SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, they gain many advantages: ■■ User access rights are inherited from the SAP system, which remains the system of record. ■■ Users can easily find all content associated with an SAP object. ■■ Content and collaboration workspaces, which inherit SAP folder structures, are available within the SAP Business Suite user interface. ■■ Events — such as creation of workspaces, notifi- cations, and approvals — in SAP systems trigger events in SAP Extended ECM and vice versa. SAP Extended ECM also has the added ben- efit of being certified for integration with SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management — in fact, it is the preferred archiving solution to complement that particular data extraction method. This means SAP Extended ECM meets SAP’s robust product standards and ensures end-to-end supportability with service-level agreements designed for business-critical and mission-critical applications. Bil Khan ( is a marketing professional with a record of driving prof- itability, expanding market share, and spurring global growth for high-tech compa- nies. He received his MBA in marketing from Pennsylvania State University and earned his bachelor’s degree in elec- trical engineering from the University of Arkansas. This article appeared in the Jul n Aug n Sep 2013 issue of SAPinsider ( and appears here with permission from the publisher,WIS Publishing.
  2. 2. 35Subscribe today. Visit Archive to Lower Database Volumes As you migrate to SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, it is important to reduce database vol- umes and ensure that production data and related content meets all information retention and avail- ability requirements. Establishing an enterprise- wide content management system as you migrate means you can minimize costs and risks while building a strong foundation for your structured and unstructured content management processes. SAP Extended ECM includes archiving capabili- ties to compress content, eliminate duplicates, and reduce storage costs. Also, companies planning to upgrade or decommission SAP applications can use this functionality to archive data and docu- ments from the production SAP database. Using SAP Extended ECM with SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management offers even more ways to reduce database volumes. Together with SAP Extended ECM,SAP NetWeaver Informa- tion Lifecycle Management automatically manages retention policies by setting and enforcing rules for automatic data retention and destruction (based on underlying SAP objects), retaining data accord- ing to set policies, and responsibly destroying data when expiration dates have been reached.All docu- ments attached to a data record inherit the same retention rules,and you can maintain multiple data archives for different expiration dates.This provides a complete audit trail, which minimizes future risk. Decrease Costs by Digitizing Files During your SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA migration,if your company has not already digitized your documents, this could be an ideal time to clean house. By digitizing paper, organiza- tions can eliminate the costs associated with physi- cal storage space, diminish the risk of loss due to fire, flood, or other disasters, and make content available to all users electronically at the same time. SAP Extended ECM enables the digitization of paper through its scanning function, which supports bar code recognition for quick input of paper-based information. Another solution, the SAP Archiving applica- tion by OpenText, also digitizes paper files, offload- ing old data to reduce database size, decrease costs, and increase process efficiencies. And, when companies combine SAP Archiving with the SAP Document Access application by OpenText, they can store, manage, and retrieve SAP and non-SAP documents across SAP transactions and solutions. Documents attached to SAP transactions inherit the same retention rules as the object. Archiving stores both data and content securely and ensures compliance with SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management retention rules. Legal holds originating from SAP NetWeaver Infor- mation Lifecycle Management are executed by SAP Archiving and SAP Document Access. Ensure a Successful Migration As companies harness the power of SAP HANA to make their business processes and reporting faster and simpler, the integration of content as part of the workflows ensures that the speed of execution matches the speed of decision making.With a com- prehensive set of content management solutions from SAP that are now tested and qualified for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, customers can rest assured that their move to one of the most innovative platforms is easy and secure. n User-driven experience SAP Business Suit e Employees C ustomers Resourc es Networks Powered by SAP HANA Real-time interactions Real-time execution Real-time reporting and analysis Real-time platform Real-time content management Real-time planning Archiving|Docu m ent access | Extended ECM | Invo icemanagement FIGURE 1 p SAP’s content management solutions integrate with SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA to support smooth content migration Benefits of Certified and Integrated Content Management Solutions SAP’s enterprise content management solutions provide a solid foundation for cost-effective, simplified, and real-time content management when migrat- ing to SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA. These solutions offer key benefits, including: ■■ Content management, database, and legacy system support cost savings ■■ Information compliance and disaster recovery ■■ Content management process efficiency and productivity