Journey into the Cloud


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Cloud technology is prompting a dramatic change in the way businesses operate. Technology innovations have cleared a path for greater efficiencies and brought unprecedented business agility. The question is no longer whether or not to adopt cloud technology, but how? The answer is the SAP® Services organization.

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Journey into the Cloud

  1. 1. Journey into the Cloud WITH SAP SERVICES
  2. 2. Transform your business with the cloud Cloud technology is prompting a dramatic change in the way businesses operate. Technology innovations have cleared a path for greater efficiencies and brought unprecedented business agility. The question is no longer whether or not to adopt cloud technology, but how? The answer is the SAP® Services organization.
  3. 3. The cloud is more than a platform for IT or a tool to support business transactions. You can quickly adopt innovative solutions in the cloud, rethink how you run the business, streamline processes, and invent new business models. But with the cloud comes many questions. What business areas would benefit the most from a cloud-based solution? How will cloud integrate with your existing technology? Is it scalable? Is it secure? Where do you begin? SAP Services can help you realize the full potential of cloud computing. Our team of experts applies deep industry expertise, technical know-how, and proven methodologies to help simplify cloud adoption. We can help you understand what the cloud can offer and identify the areas it will impact the most. We can develop a business-focused transformation road map that makes the most of your current IT landscape. Most important, we can help ensure that the cloud drives competitive advantage by meeting both your IT requirements and business imperatives.
  4. 4. Gain trusted guidance for every phase of cloud computing Whether you want to migrate your entire IT landscape or introduce cloud technology in a specific line of business, SAP Services can support every aspect of your cloud journey (see figure on the next spread). We can help you: Determine your cloud strategy and road map Understand your options for building a solid cloud strategy to enhance your current SAP investments and enable future innovation. Discover the value of cloud solutions or quickly assemble a prototype to move to the next stage. Get ready for your cloud adoption Prepare for the transformation of your IT landscape for the cloud by standardizing legacy software and cleaning up customizations. Execute your transition Move on-premise solutions into a cloud-enabled environment and establish cloud operation and management.
  5. 5. Realize potential value by operating your hybrid cloud Enable agile adoption of innovative technologies with holistic hosting and infrastructure services, application management services, and enterprise support. Maximize value by expanding your enterprise cloud model Adopt industry best practices to extend and expand your solution capabilities – faster. Transform key lines of business by accelerating innovation with industry-leading solutions and applications for procurement, HR, and customer relations.
  6. 6. Advise Prepare Road Map Readiness Business and technology innovation road map Cloud adoption strategy Total cost of ownership and efficiency Change approach Process, data, and system validation, optimization, and harmonization Transformation blueprint IT operations efficiency Change preparation Cloud transformation roadmap from SAP Services
  7. 7. Implement Operate Execution Value Realization Value Growth System and data migration Deployment and integration IT automation Enablement and coaching Quality assurance and safeguarding Cloud-based operation Application management Relationship management IT as a service SAP Enterprise support Cloud-to-cloud integration Integrated real-time operation and analytics Business outcome management SAP® Learning Hub Expand Our value chain of services vary by product solution, therefore not all services above will be applicable to all lines of business
  8. 8. Establish a road map to the cloud Having a business-focused cloud transformation road map is one of the first steps to fully leverage cloud computing. With this road map, you can begin to see new ways to run your business, identify areas where the cloud can streamline processes, and envision new business models to drive revenue.
  9. 9. The value proposition for adopting cloud technology is that it can help you gain more agility and improve business outcomes. But it can also help simplify how you source, operate, and maintain your business software so you can: • Increase flexibility across your IT landscape with on- demand computing • Reduce the total cost of ownership of your SAP landscape • Automate time-consuming IT system administration tasks to reduce total cost of operations • Adapt to ever-changing business requirements – faster • Accelerate time to value for your business users SAP Services can help you understand your options and provide strategy, implementation, change management, and logistics services to ease your transition to the cloud (see table on the next page). Our architects can help you migrate from an established, on-premise architecture to a cloud scenario that’s right for your business. We’ll help you simplify, optimize, and harmonize your IT architecture in a private cloud on premise, a virtual managed private cloud, or through public cloud offerings.
  10. 10. Cloud advisory and strategy Value prototyping Value partnership for cloud transformation Discover the best cloud-based option for your company and develop a strategy to accelerate the transition based on your business model and priorities Get tangible examples of what your business will look like or preassemble in the cloud to start innovation projects faster Plan, measure, and improve your business outcomes according to value management and business innovation best practices to make your cloud transformation a long-term success Core services for every phase of your cloud journey
  11. 11. Cloud catalyst for SAP solutions Advisory and design service for SAP on VMware Cloud onboarding and migration services Find the best cloud model for your SAP landscape so you can streamline your IT architecture, reduce costs, and focus on innovation Get a best-in-class private cloud infrastructure to meet your business performance needs Move your SAP applications to a cloud environment with minimal impact on business performance
  12. 12. Lifecycle management for IT operational efficiency in a private cloud Cloud integration services Application management remote operations services Enablement services for SAP HANA® Cloud Platform Deploy IT as a service by centrally managing and automating your SAP landscape and operations running either on premise or in the cloud Integrate public cloud and on-premise legacy applications and processes Outsource day-to-day management of your cloud-based application environment with defined service-level agreements Drive innovation with a platform to build, run, and integrate new applications and customize existing ones Core services for every phase of your cloud journey (continued)
  13. 13. Consulting services for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions Get access to a range of services to move, run, and manage your in-memory applications in a managed cloud Expandyourcloudportfoliowithpreconfigured software that enables fast integration
  14. 14. Technology Case Study How a private cloud is helping an IT service provider respond to business demand An IT service provider was looking to establish an IT-as- a-service-model so they could optimize performance and speed response time to their internal customers and users. IT-as-a-service requires highly automated IT processes, and SAP services helped the customer every step of the way. First, a business-focused cloud transformation road map across existing processes, data, systems, infrastructure, governance and security was developed to help them fully leverage the power of cloud computing. Next, the required services, process automation and landscape design was defined by leveraging SAP’s services for IT operations efficiency. SAP helped the customer virtualize more than 50 systems, integrated them into SAP Landscape and Virtualization Management (SAP LVM) and built the new, automated IT operations on top of SAP Solution Manager and SAP IT Process Automation by Cisco.
  15. 15. Features and benefits of the implemented solution: • Dashboards for landscape diagnostics helped minimize support efforts. • Cloud service catalog accessible through the Intranet enabled the customer to provide a direct shopping experience with the user. • By combining the catalog with automated IT processes, the customer is now able to quickly scale and shift performance as well as trigger requests on demand. Key achievements (could be depicted in pictograms to add more visual interest) • Reduced IT process execution to up to 97% • 30% time savings on Infrastructure maintenance • Improved incidence response by 40% • System refresh reduced from weeks to hours Cloud technology helped the customer streamline their IT operations and better respond to temporary demand by giving them the ability to extend their landscape to third party cloud providers as needed. It has also helped them speed innovation by allowing them to quickly and seamlessly provide their business users with new solutions, such as mobile sales applications. Learn more by reading the full case study CLICK HERE.
  16. 16. Transform key lines of business SAP Services can help you transform key lines of business with innovative cloud-based solutions for procurement, HR, and customer relations. We apply our expertise on your behalf to help you evaluate specific solutions in relation to our full portfolio of on-premise and cloud-based offerings.
  17. 17. Equipped with deep industry and business process expertise derived from years of working with thousands of customers, our consultants focus first on your business needs to help you to select the right solution. We then help you get the solution up and running quickly following best practices, proven methodologies, tools, and implementation accelerators. Integration and data migration between SAP software solutions is critical to ensure unified business processes. SAP Services has the necessary firsthand solution expertise to support these important functions. With SAP Services, you get a business partner dedicated to your success. We continue to support you even after implementation to ensure the solution is helping you meet your business goals. Our optimization and expansion services help you manage change, educate your software users, realize the full value of your solution, and prepare for the future.
  18. 18. Improve procurement processes with cloud solutions from SAP SAP Services can help you accelerate and automate your procurement processes, proactively ensure compliance, and cut costs. Our experts can help you identify opportunities to optimize your procurement processes based on benchmarks from top-performing institutions. We’ll help you choose the right solutions and deployment options and develop a clear solution road map to help yield immediate results and long-term business value. Whether you want to deploy a cloud-based solution from Ariba, an SAP company, enhance your on-premise SAP ERP application, or connect with millions of trading partners by joining the Ariba Network, you can implement and integrate your solutions quickly and reliably with help from SAP Services. Our packaged services offer built-in support for best practices, configuration content, and integration accelerators to speed time to value, reduce risk, and help ensure that all your critical processes and data are connected throughout the enterprise.
  19. 19. Packaged enhancement services, value enablement resources, and educational offerings help you get the most out of procurement solutions from SAP.
  20. 20. Procurement solutions implemented by SAP Services have resulted in the following benefits for our customers* • 70% savings by streamlining procure-to pay processes • 4-15% purchase price savings from Strategic Sourcing processes • 1-4% savings from reducing maverick spend and ensuring contract compliance • $2-3M in discount-related savings for every billion of spend • Greater visibility into supplier relationships and performance • Standardization and centralization of procurement processes Drive measurable results
  21. 21. Best in class results** include: 90% 20%75% 50,000+ 10,000 of addressable spend managed strategically * Actual savings may vary ** Based on industry benchmarks % of spend under early payment discount % of PO Invoice lines against item Master/Catalog/ Contract Invoices processed per FTE POs processed per FTE
  22. 22. An Aerospace and Defense Company needs a strategic sourcing solution that enables the negotiation of new discounts and solution for direct spend. SAP’s assessment for procurement helps the customer identify business and procurement processes opportunities for increased savings. Next, the team evaluates the customer’s IT landscape. They were running SAP ERP 6.0 with SRM 5.0 for indirect spend. It’s determined that the Ariba Collaborative Sourcing is the ideal bundle for the customer’s strategic sourcing needs, which includes the Ariba Sourcing Professional solution. Also, since their version of SAP Supplier Relationship Management is out of standard maintenance, the decision is made to replace it with the Procurement On-Demand bundle with Ariba Procure-to-Pay so they can save costs in the long run. To address issues raised around direct spend, the SAP team identifies opportunities for the customer to optimize their processes with SAP ERP, Example Procurement Services Use Case Optimize and extend procurement processes with cloud
  23. 23. so there was no need to rip and replace the entire solution. SAP and Ariba’s Shared Services Center begins the set-up of Sourcing Professional and On- Demand Procure-to-Pay and provides expert implementation services to optimize the use of SAP ERP Materials Management for direct spend. Integration of SAP ERP to the SAP procurement cloud solution helps ensure all of the customer’s processes are connected. After the initial setup and implementation, SAP Services provides additional Value Enablement Services to enhance and extend the solution as needed to ensure the customer’s specific objectives the goals are achieved. The above is just an example of how SAP Services can help you along every stage of your cloud journey. To learn more about our services for procurement, contact your SAP account representative or CLICK HERE.
  24. 24. Unleash the power of your people with SAP Services
  25. 25. In today’s fast-paced and ever- changing business environment, your people make all the difference. But before HR can have a meaningful and measureable impact on the business, you must have the right systems, tools, and processes in place. SAP offers an extensive suite of innovative on-premise and cloud-based applications for human capital management and SAP Services can help you get the greatest value from them all. Our consultants can help you assess your HR needs and goals based on industry standards and best practices. We’ll define a clear solution strategy and road map that takes both your HR imperatives and IT landscape into consideration. We can help you discover ways to optimize your current processes and solutions as well as help you expand in specific areas such as talent management, workforce planning and analytics, or time and attendance.If you decide to run all of your HR operations in the cloud, we can help ensure your data and processes are integrated with your core SAP ERP application. Proven best practices and configuration baselines greatly reduce the time it takes to get your solution up and running and help ensure minimal business disruption.
  26. 26. SAP HR cloud solution implemented by SAP Services have resulted in the following benefits for our customers* Alignment: • 5.5% increase in time spent on strategic initiatives • 13.8% decrease in low performers Optimization: • 15.2% decrease in turnover • 5% increase in high performers • 17% increase in people getting the right training • 13.7% increase in internal job fills Acceleration: • 14% increase in project completion • 5% increase in high end productivity Source: McKinsey Survey of CxO’s at 500+ SuccessFactors Customers Improve business impact
  27. 27. 13.8% 15.2% 14% decrease in low performers increase in project completion decrease in turnover
  28. 28. An SAP ERP HCM customer is looking for a solution to help them to attract and retain top talent while leveraging their existing IT investments as much as possible. They want the solution to be extremely user-friendly and engaging, however they don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort creating and maintaining the user interfaces. Starting with the Advisory and Design Service for HR in the cloud, SAP Services helps the customer find a solution that not only meets their business objectives and IT requirements, but also works with their budget and timeframe. They decide to add SAP HR cloud solutions for recruiting, performance and compensation management so they can benefit from the innovation, speed and agility of a cloud solution while getting the most out of their existing core HR solution. The SAP Services team helps them every step of the way by laying out the project roadmap and quickly implementing their new talent management solution Example HR Services Use Case Quickly improve talent management with cloud-based solutions
  29. 29. with proven best practices, pre- configuration and accelerators. Solution architecture services help ensure integration throughout their entire IT landscape, and packaged rapid-deployment solutions help simplify and speed the process. Once the project is complete, SAP Services provides post-pro- duction services to further optimize the solution and help ensure the customer realizes their goal of increasing internal job fill rate and decreasing turnover. The above is just an example of how SAP Services can help you along every stage of your cloud journey. To learn more about our services for HR, contact your SAP account representative or CLICK HERE.
  30. 30. Find new ways to engage and delight your customers To win and retain today’s empowered customers, businesses today need a customer engagement strategy that goes beyond traditional practices. You need to connect and engage customers in social networks and inform and influence their behavior at the point of decision. You need to execute sales and service processes flawlessly based on information and insight you’ve harnessed from your entire enterprise. SAP Services can help you define a winning strategy and apply innovative customer engagement solutions from SAP to win over your most elusive customers. Our team of experts can help you leverage your existing customer relationship management investments, quickly innovate or extend into the cloud, and help ensure all your software is integrated to keep your critical customer data and information
  31. 31. connected. Our proven methodologies and accelerators speed the implementation and our optimization services help ensure you realize your vision for customer relationship management. Regardless of the SAP solutions or deployment options you choose, our services easily scale to support projects of all types and sizes, making it easier for you to harness the power of the latest customer engagement innovations from SAP.
  32. 32. SAP Customer engagement solutions implemented by SAP Services have resulted in the following benefits for our customers: • 12% increase in productivity improvement across sales* • 20% improved forecasting effectiveness* • 10% reduction in sales cycle times* • 15.3% faster response time where agents have access to service history and other customer information** • Streamline and optimize end-to- end process providing higher productivity with mobile access** * Source: Forrester TEI Case Study SAP Cloud for Sales ** Source: SAP Performance Benchmarking Get results across your customer-facing teams
  33. 33. 20% 15.3% improved forecasting effectiveness* faster response time where agents have access to service history and other customer information
  34. 34. A mid-sized company wants to take on larger rivals by providing their customers with a delightful social media experience.They need a way to effectively collect and analyze social media information so they can better engage with their fans, influencers, customers and prospects and drive more brand awareness and adoption. SAP’s cloud advisory and strategy services helps them discover and understand the best options based on their business goals and current IT landscape, and lays out the initial strategy to accelerate the transition. They decide to add SAP Cloud for Social Engagement and SAP Social Media Analytics by Netbase to their existing SAP CRM solution for service and marketing so they can quickly gain the necessary social media capabilities while maintaining their existing core CRM solution. Next, SAP’s cloud launch services get the solution up and running quickly by following a prescriptive process with predefined accelerators. By also providing the standard integration Example Customer Services Use Case Improve customer engagement through social media
  35. 35. necessary to connect their existing systems to the new solution, they ensure all customer data and processes are integrated. Once the customer goes live, cloud optimization services help them quickly gain value from their solution and help ensure their business requirements are met. The company can now effectively leverage social media – without having to scale their customer service team or replace their existing SAP CRM solution. They also get greater customer insight which helps them provide superior customer service and drive increased customer satisfaction. The above is just an example of how SAP Services can help you along every stage of your cloud journey. To learn more about our services for customer service, contact your SAP account representative or CLICK HERE.
  36. 36. The days of building a business case to move to the cloud based on total cost of ownership and IT efficiencies alone are over. The cloud represents a way to enable new processes and achieve deeper insights that allow you to run your business in an entirely new way. Instead of doing the same things with a different delivery model, the cloud has become a platform for innovation to enable real business transformation. But how do you adopt cloud technology without ripping and replacing the solutions you already run? Can you make the transition quickly, cost-efficiently, and with minimal disruption to your business? If you’ve put the inevitable off due to lack of in-house cloud expertise, you can now move ahead with confidence by partnering with the experts at SAP. Realize the full benefits of the cloud
  37. 37. With SAP Services you gain access to deep solution knowledge, cloud know-how, best-practice support, and the experience you need to take full advantage of cloud computing. Our comprehensive portfolio of services can support you throughout your entire cloud journey. CLOUD UNLOCK THE POWER OF visit
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