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Assemble to Order


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Fast. Integrated. Simple.

• FASTER time to value
• A truly INTEGRATED solution that brings together multiple facets of SAP technology
• SIMPLER means to achieve business outcomes

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Assemble to Order

  2. 2. What Do Customers Need? • FASTER time to value • A truly INTEGRATED solution that brings together multiple facets of SAP technology • SIMPLER means to achieve business outcomes Fast. Integrated. Simple.
  3. 3. • Takes the 4 elements of standard implementation and delivers in a faster, pre configured approach • Delivers on customer need without significant new development SAP Assemble to Order Approach is the answer No time is needed to prepare the environment, and templates are ready to use. No waste. Also, by showing the solution to end users, the business is clear about what it will get, and this reduces risks. – Ikuo Hayashi, General Manager, Technology Planning Office at Mitsui & Co “ “ • Modular, Preconfigured • Address the most urgent business needs Software • Proven business value through best practices, implementation accelerators and tools Content • Accelerated solution adoption through guides and educational materials Enablement • Fixed scope and price > maximum predictability and lower risk Services
  4. 4. How Does A2O Work? The Keys Are: • Modularization to provide flexibility • Preassembly on demand to deliver the outcome needed
  5. 5. Start four variants with Modularization two configurable parts (modules) Result any number of variants possible Design Based Tasks RDSs Engineered Services Preassembly On Demand + + = Project • On Cloud • On Premises • Local • Near-shore • Off-shore
  6. 6. How does A20 result in faster implementation? Faster Implementation 0% 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100% Prep Start Deploy Run Business Blueprint Realization Testing Go-liveDesign Based A2O Industrialized 95% 50% 30% Potential Reduction • Up to 40% time and effort reduction compared to ASAP with same scope • Reduced risk based on tested content
  7. 7. IP Re-Use for Industrialized, A2O, Design Based • Rapid Deployment Solutions (World Template) • Engineered Services • Cloud Base Preassembly Solution Validation (A2O) • Pre-Assembled solution validations • Value Prototyping • SAP Application Visualization by iRise Iterative Build (A2O) • Value Based Roadmap and Product Strategy [Program] • Agile – Incremental build and test cycles [Project] Innovations • Value Prototyping Lab • Co-Innovation Lab and Custom Deployment • SAP Personas Faster Time to Value Deliver Quality and Risk Mitigation Deliver Expectations Protect Investments › › › ›
  8. 8. A2O in Action Objective To get the software up and running quickly and accelerate time to value. Solution SAP® ERP for Manufacturing rapid-deployment solution, implemented with a cloud-based quick start by the SAP Services organization. Keeping pace with an accelerated business timeline Benefits The entire project – including the preassembly of content, cloud-based provisioning, fine-tuning, and local installation – was completed in only four months. Organizational scope: Japanese HQs and subsidiaries for Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK, Germany and the US with all integration scenarios.
  9. 9. Project Facts: • 4 Months (Japan) + 2 Months (for the additional 8 countries) • The Quick Start and A2O Approach reduced the time frame from 13 months to 6 months SAP ERP was implemented very quickly and has delivered fast results. – Tomotaka Yano, Senior General Manager, Information Systems, Japan Display Inc “ “
  10. 10. Taking Advantage Customer Background • A Dutch global engineering and electronics conglomerate and SAP business suite customer for many years, decided in the beginning of 2013 to launch a global green-field re-deployment of their corporate template for 13 divisions. Customer’s Goal • Significantly improve TCO while current on the latest available SAP technology by developing simplified fresh corporate templates that leverages their vast experience but leaves the legacy behind. Customer with Similar Challenges
  11. 11. How it was done – SAP Value Prototyping and A2O • Conduct workshops enabling the customer to scope and choose best practice content. • Pre-assemble the new corporate template landscape consisting of 19 SAP system components and almost 30 RDS packages across the whole business suite as well as a ERP localization for 120 countries within less than 4 weeks. • Deploy their landscape in the cloud for validation making it ready for download as a virtualized landscape appliance on DB2/Linux to be then re-deployed on their on-premise infrastructure. How can you take advantage of A2O?
  12. 12. Serving all SAP solutions with no licenses or Ramp-up nomination required 3,000+ prototypes over 12 years for customers from all-over the globe and all industries One-stop Shop with everything needed to run a prototype including Business Specialists, Application and Development Experts, IT infrastructure Flexibility & Speed to jump start a project within 5 days, project durations ranging between 3-8 weeks, and tangible results every 2 weeks Value Prototyping SAP's Standard Solution Accelerator With the Value Prototyping approach, the project was 3 times faster and 5 times cheaper than with the classical approach. – Supply Chain Executive, Lego, Denmark “ “
  13. 13. Imagine Hub Create Hub Deploy Hub Amplify Hub Explore your full success journey with the SAP Services Content Hub or visit one of the four content hubs below. Enables you to implement faster than traditional implementations (up to 40%) Establishes standard baseline that facilitates innovation moving forward Best practice content to harmonize your processes Modular ready to use portfolio solution For more information: rapid-deployment.html The New Normal
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