Unlock the Power of SAP


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When you envision the future of your company, what challenges will you face?

• Will technology help you, or hold you back?
• How will market conditions affect your strategy?
• What role will innovation and your competition play?

How well your company navigates through these business
drivers is often the difference between success and failure.

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Unlock the Power of SAP

  2. 2. Success Journey What does the future hold for your organization? Evolve Your Business In-Step With Success When you envision the future of your company, what challenges will you face? • Will technology help you, or hold you back? • How will market conditions affect your strategy? • What role will innovation and your competition play? How well your company navigates through these business drivers is often the difference between success and failure.
  3. 3. Imagine Your Potential. Align Business and IT. Transform Your Business. Create Your Solution. Innovate With Latest Technology. Tailor To Your Specific Needs. Deploy Your Game Changer. Move to the Cloud. Accelerate Towards Business Outcomes. Amplify Your Impact. Optimize, Support & Maintain Your Solution. Enable Your Work Force. To learn how to unlock the power of SAP, explore the four key stages of your journey with SAP Services below.
  4. 4. Imagine.
  5. 5. Transform Your Business You need experts with proactive marketplace insights, unparalleled technical and industry knowledge, with an exclusive view into the next generation of innovation. Leverage expertise to navigate through your transformation. Tactics are not enough. Successful business executives today are passionate about outcomes. And in a budget constrained environment, demonstrating the impact your investments are having is mission critical. Identify and track business value during transformation. You also need to move more quickly to keep up with innovation and competition, but do that with limited resources and budget. Often your IT organization is simply not capable of responding to your business needs at the pace required for your transformation. A new way to think about your transformation drivers.
  6. 6. Innovate with the Latest Technology Create. Your sales team is in the field, right where you want them. They need up to the minute information on what your customers are doing, delivered remotely and fast. You are current on recent trends in technology, you know there are solutions but which ones are right? How do they work together? And most importantly, how do they work for you? Manage the convergence of analytics, mobile and in-memory technologies.
  7. 7. Tailor Your Unique Solution 100% solution fit with customer- specific solutions. Co-innovate with SAP to develop mobile solutions for the devices you use. High impact custom solutions powered by SAP HANA making your business run in real“real”time. A complete custom solution to fit your unique needs. Fully standardized SAP solutions that help you realize greater value from your core SAP investment. Or, take advantage of previously developed, customer- proven solutions that can be easily used by your organization as a starting point in developing your own solutions. A pre-built solution to accelerate your own custom developed solution.
  8. 8. Deploy. Flexible Deployment Options When considering what makes sense for your organizations in the cloud, there is always a measure of uncertainty, to go in a public cloud versus private? What should remain on-premise based on customization, security and legal implications? And if you are considering a hybrid scenario, how will integration and data quality and consistency be maintained? Move to the Cloud Your business needs are broad, running across multiple lines of business and functional areas, however, you’d like to leverage existing best practices and process know-how to jump start a new solution, delivering a more efficient project, offering faster time to value to your business. AssembleYour Custom Deployment Options.
  9. 9. You have devised a terrific solution to your business challenge. You’ve built the perfect mouse trap. But how many times has that solution not delivered the impact you expected due to weak implementation and deployment? Accelerate Your Deployments.
  10. 10. Optimize Your Solution. Amplify. How can you keep your databases current in a constantly evolving data landscape? And how can you do so while reducing TCO? Rethink Your Data Feeling the pressure to operate your IT environment more efficiently, reduce costs, improve asset utilization, and supercharge responsiveness and change management. Optimize Operations. Specific business needs require you to identify, implement, secure, and test the right technology infrastructure Enable new functionality while protecting value
  11. 11. Support & Maintain Your Solution. Strategic support engagement from SAP Services enables you to accelerate your SAP implementations, optimize IT operations, and innovate business processes faster to become a best-run business. Know about potential challenges before they happen Enable Your Workforce. You suspect that you are not maximizing your SAP software investment. There are untapped capabilities or slower than expected solution adoption. Your people can either be the strongest link in your software chain – or the weakest. The difference is knowledge. Train and certify your employees.
  12. 12. Transforming SAP software and technologies into the solution that addresses your strategic business needs, SAP Services propels your company to best-in-class. With over 15,000 passionately innovative consultants, they are our heroes - and your greatest champions. They immerse themselves in your business, and then leverage SAP’s unparalleled experience with over 200,000 customers, in more than 24 industries, to develop solutions to meet your unique business need. Drawing on breakthrough technologies such as SAP HANA, Mobile, and Analytics, SAP Services helps you run better than ever. Unlock The Power of SAP Imagine. Create. Deploy. Amplify.
  13. 13. Did you Know? Top 10 List of Facts & Figures for SAP Services 6 15,000 number of SAP Services engagements annually 1 200,000 number of SAP customers 7 500,000 number of individuals trained annually by SAP Services 2 54% percent of United Nations governments who are SAP Services customers 3 +225 number of live HANA customers 8 15,000 number of innovative consultants working for SAP Services 4 220,287 number of end users on live HANA systems 9 70% number of SAP consultants with at least 12 years of experience 5 +1,000 number of live Mobile customers 10 1,000,000 number of development days delivered by SAP Services Imagine Hub Create Hub Deploy Hub Amplify Hub Explore your full success journey with the SAP Services content hub or visit one of the four content hubs below.
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